Vermont Mom
Vermont Mom 11 soat oldin
Grilled cheese with jelly on top and doritos dipped in yellow mustard...
lulu brasil
lulu brasil 11 soat oldin
When I was little my mom was going to woop my ass, (don't remember why) so she went out to cut a vine from the tree to use, when she was coming back she saw my aunt laughing her butt off. She looked to see what it was, and it was little 9 year old me, I had put on over 5 different shirts and pants. I was wearing so much clothes I couldn't move my arms or walk straight, when I saw her I smiled and said " okay mom, you can hit me now, I'm ready." My mom laughed so hard she didn't have the courage to beat me. Lol So I won that battle. 😂😂😂
Sophie Di Regolo
Sophie Di Regolo 11 soat oldin
I was laughing so hard this whole time! Thank you!
Isabella Bisesti
Isabella Bisesti 11 soat oldin
Alonzo - *Comment if you now the time you were born* Me - I was born at 11:13am on a Tuesday morning in late October of 2006
Isabella Bisesti
Isabella Bisesti 11 soat oldin
Am I the only one who was laughing throughout the entire video? I think I need therapy.
Brian Poe
Brian Poe 12 soat oldin
You are hilarious, loved the video.
Amber Tighe
Amber Tighe 12 soat oldin
I love dumbest things I did as a kid .😂
lulu brasil
lulu brasil 12 soat oldin
When I was a kid my mom took me and my brother to the grocery store, everything was fine until afterwards when we got back to the car, I started eating bubblegum and my mom was like, Where the heck did you get that gum!!?? And I was like, I got it from the store. She was like , how did you pay for it. I just tilted my head and said what does pay mean. And that was how I learned what money was and that people didn't really just walk into store's and take what they wanted.
Rebekah Sharpe
Rebekah Sharpe 12 soat oldin
Make that 4 ads in 9 and a half minutes ...
Rebekah Sharpe
Rebekah Sharpe 13 soat oldin
Rewatching old Alonzo vids, 3 adverts in 7 minutes....
Filipp Lindholm
Filipp Lindholm 13 soat oldin
Well... this video was not what i expected, kinda disappointed, funny, but still disappointing
-nayamell 13 soat oldin
you should try hot cheetos and vanilla ice scream, I PROMISE YOU YOU'LL LIKKE IT!!! i'll join your channel and buy your merchandise if you do it
Renee Lewis
Renee Lewis 13 soat oldin
I have been binge watching your videos all week. Laughter is truly good for the soul. Thank you.
Shelbi Palesse
Shelbi Palesse 13 soat oldin
Spaghetti and applesauce is a combo my family eats and loves Applesauce would be on the side on the same plate and when you get a fork full of spaghetti just dip it in the applesauce it's so good
Andrew North
Andrew North 13 soat oldin
Where did he get his "Its Morphin Time T-Shirt"?
MetaGiga 14 soat oldin
Hot Cheeto, Goldfish, and peanut butter tortilla wrap I had it as a dare in high school and it was actually pretty good
Kathryne Matos
Kathryne Matos 14 soat oldin
Wendy’s should spend more time getting customer orders correct and on a corporate level taking care of their employees rather than roasting people. 🙄
christopher sean
christopher sean 14 soat oldin
Hervey aint do nothing wrong, the teacher could get in trouble or fired for having the cigarettes near the kids because they could take it from her
christopher sean
christopher sean 14 soat oldin
Hervey aint do nothing wrong, the teacher could get in trouble or fired for having the cigarettes near the kids because they could take it from her
TheStarJasmin *
TheStarJasmin * 14 soat oldin
Anything chocolate mint flavored 🤢👎
X 14 soat oldin
I remember seeing on "World's Dumbest Criminals" a few years back that some fool was in a convenience store filling out an application for a job, but what he was really doing was pretending to do that so he could rob the place. He did it and got away but what makes it so funny is that he actually filled out the application with his real name and address and everything. The police came to his crib and scooped him up. 😂😂😂
ThePurplePunster 15 soat oldin
8:45 someone plays a pally in WoW.
Savvy 15 soat oldin
Me: *sees the word gag* My emetophobia: anddddd lets just turn down the volume and cover our eyes
Jami Loy
Jami Loy 15 soat oldin
Wow, I barely understood any of that.? Lol
brandon campbell
brandon campbell 15 soat oldin
coconut almond soy oat rice and cashew milk you can have
Chibi Gengar
Chibi Gengar 15 soat oldin
Alonzo I had a fly problem a few years ago. I found the best and easiest way is to get a Venus Flytrap plant. They have sweet sap that will attract the flies to their mouth and they will eat them for you. Hope this helps
NonChalant Rebel
NonChalant Rebel 15 soat oldin
Dudeee you have my ringtone lol
Dark Strife
Dark Strife 16 soat oldin
I can't figure out where the video starts, looks like a fucking whole video of a sponsorship
Paris France
Paris France 16 soat oldin
You should try Daritos wrapped in ham, dipped in milk. Or Fish and peanut butter.
Wame Tembwe
Wame Tembwe 16 soat oldin
We want to hear your laughter😂😂😂😂
Taylor Youmell
Taylor Youmell 16 soat oldin
Lays potato chips and Nutella is amazingggggg
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 16 soat oldin
Oreo+ peanut butter 🤤
Planet Sidewinder
Planet Sidewinder 17 soat oldin
Holy crap... I watch your channel religiously and I've never seen this video... or that hair for that matter. Now I'm craving Frosted Mini Wheats.
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 17 soat oldin
Avocado + sugar Cottage cheese + grape or strawberry jelly ( I prefer grape)
JoseBarney Rodriguez
JoseBarney Rodriguez 17 soat oldin
griz kreeper
griz kreeper 17 soat oldin
Well paul died because he tried to get the maid to sleep between them and know the police can know who killed paul
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 17 soat oldin
I mean you cover the whole carrot with whip cream 😭😭
Idae Davis
Idae Davis 17 soat oldin
1:09 60 adults
サラ姫 17 soat oldin
Rather curious if you know what the C# code on your hoodie is for. I'm a nerd
Bridgett McLellan
Bridgett McLellan 17 soat oldin
Use apple cider vinigar in a bowl with plastic wrap iver the top.
MichaelVicks DogPark
MichaelVicks DogPark 17 soat oldin
bertalot17 17 soat oldin
That Ghostbusters shirt is awesome, Alonzo! Any memory of where you got it from?
Lydia Reeger
Lydia Reeger 17 soat oldin
my school doesn’t do senior quotes sadly
Ivy Commer-Freeland
Ivy Commer-Freeland 17 soat oldin
How you get mad over some action figures? Then use an 🪓 out of all things. Yes im late commenting. Sue me. Lol
Lara Bradley
Lara Bradley 18 soat oldin
My Step Dad's Father would be super old. My Step Dad is 75(?) so his dad would be well over 100
Joaris Montanez
Joaris Montanez 18 soat oldin
For the weird food combos, pork rinds and hot Cheetos are really good (warning gets a little dry do drink water if trying).
Kim Mestisa
Kim Mestisa 18 soat oldin
On my 4th grade, I encountered *the most horrible teacher ever.* She insisted that I stolen the five peso change of my classmate just because I was set up by my bullies *(them finding my classmate's wallet on my bag which I didn't even know until someone pointed it out and I don't even know where my classmate bag was 'cause I'm at the back and answering math and only few people left at the classroom since it's time to go home).* However she still insisted to took off my skirt, which so offending, and search on my bag, which violated me, and they didn't even find a single penny in me because *I didn't took it.* The classmate was claiming she still got it in her wallet two hours ago *(after lunch and recess time so we never had a break going to canteen to buy food)* , so if I really stolen it then they should have found it on my bag because *WHERE AM I GONNA PUT IT THEN?* I CAN'T BUY ANYTHING AS IT PASS LUNCH AND RECESS, & I'M ALMOST NAKED BECAUSE They FORCED ME TO TAKE OFF EVERYTHING (MY SKIRT, MY SHOES AND SOCKS, AND MY BAG) just to find a fricking 5 PESO. Did they expect me to swallow it? Anyway, the teacher and I had a bad blood since I reported her wild behaviour to my aunt *(she actually threw eraser at my direction during our speech practice just because some of my classmates were not listening to her and the eraser hit a mirror somewhere near me and it was broken, so it's very dangerous)* My aunt talked to a town official about my teacher's behaviour. Whether it was good or bad. Unfortunately, that official has a *granddaughter that was my classmate* and she heard everything and told my teacher about what I told my aunt, so that *TEACHER HATED ME TO THE CORE.* When the frame-up happened, *SHE SPREAD TO THE Whole SCHOOL* that I AM a THIEF, embarrassed me infront of everyone, and THE REASON I'd BEEN HEAVILY BULLIED THROUGHOUT ELEMENTARY YEARS was because of HER. Also, despite doing great in her class, she always gave me LOWER GRADES -75, 76, 78, 81. I hate her and I still hate her to this day. I hope SHE GOT HER KARMA ONE DAY.
teamtrouble2003 18 soat oldin
For the fruit flies. Fill a cereal bowl half way with apple cider vinegar. Then add a little Dawn dish soap. They will land in the mixture and drown and be collected at the bottom of the bowl.
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan 18 soat oldin
I am so sorry for your loss. I can't believe ppl had the nerve do dislike this and he's literally crying his heart out 💔😭
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan 18 soat oldin
Kash is a whole mood. 🤣
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan 18 soat oldin
I've been on Twitter reading the roasts and I know I'm late but I just can't. 😂😂
Sainaa_ shdee
Sainaa_ shdee 19 soat oldin
When I was 4 or 5 I ate a child's tooth thought it was a candy but I knew I gave that girl a bless bcuz now she's a model now
Michelle Serenade
Michelle Serenade 19 soat oldin
"Make it make sense!" My autistic ass has been screaming that for 29 years. I don't think it's gonna happen.
Katie Giles
Katie Giles 19 soat oldin
Am I the only one that wonders how they ain’t related? They favor slightly in facial features and they act so much alike lol.
Melissa Pena
Melissa Pena 19 soat oldin
This dude is Lil James as a grown up!!
randomness unleashed
randomness unleashed 20 soat oldin
You should see the videos used in worlds dumbest. Would love to see you react to those.
Dawnie to the Max
Dawnie to the Max 20 soat oldin
Did you say get rid of mint thins? Don't they dare. Those are some of my favorites.
SamuraiMist 20 soat oldin
"I just came back from London." That's how i knew this video was uploaded 2 years ago 😂
Ebony Xo
Ebony Xo 20 soat oldin
He’s from Guyana?
Bhabani Bhattacharjee
Bhabani Bhattacharjee 21 soat oldin
Alonzo : It's bringing out the evil in me. Y'all smell that?! Me : All I smell is burnt molasses and I don't know where the HELL it's coming from.
Tatianna Damon
Tatianna Damon 21 soat oldin
LMAO when peeling around the lip portion, you kind of looked like Day Day from Next Friday getting his lip sucked up by that vacuum 😅🥳
lol lol
lol lol 21 soat oldin
I love cheese toasties dipped in thick chicken gravey!
Ambar Mababzi
Ambar Mababzi 21 soat oldin
When I was like 1 my mum would help me wipe my ass after I pooped because I didn’t know how to do it so one time we had a guest over and I took a poop so I took my pants up walked up to my mum bent down but naked with my but in her face holding toilet paper and said mummy wipe me ...
Seraph of Eden
Seraph of Eden 21 soat oldin
If a country can't figure it out, how can I?! Most epic answer ever!!
Seraph of Eden
Seraph of Eden 22 soat oldin
I want your couches. Love your living room. Sorry, just being a girl.
Jules Saunders
Jules Saunders 22 soat oldin
The astronaut was probably on Sprint
Addicted to Kpop
Addicted to Kpop 22 soat oldin
I just realized Alonzo threw his chair 😂
Queen Gemini
Queen Gemini 22 soat oldin
They're about to ask for that hundred back 🤣
A P O L L O 23 soat oldin
* iisxnflowxrii *
* iisxnflowxrii * 23 soat oldin
Alright, my mom loves telling this one to people, so I’ll put it on here too: When I was 1 or 2, I used to LOVE playing with the squishy things on the earphones. On one of those days, I don’t know WHAT THE HECK I was doing, but I managed to get one of the squishy earphone things STUCK IN MY THROAT. My mom found out like a couple mins later, cuz I was choking like crazy, and she was FREAKING OUT, and she TOOK THE THING OUT WITH HER FINGERS DOWN MY THROAT!! My mom had super long nails btw. So right after my mom took the thing out, I started throwing up blood everywhere LITERALLY EVERYWHERE, and I don’t think I had to go to the hospital, but it was funny asf (for her at least, cuz I can’t remember anything from when I was 1/2).
Cedric Silang
Cedric Silang 23 soat oldin
Banana,Nutella And Vanilla Ice Cream
that girl
that girl 23 soat oldin
I going to say I " just want to say thank you to quizlet , brainly, photomath because ya always got your girl back "
laura-may jenkins
laura-may jenkins 23 soat oldin
*English people (from South England) be like...
【Mocha tea】
【Mocha tea】 23 soat oldin
When I was 5 year old my brother said a goats shit is clean so I licked and ate the goats shit 😭
Jace Gatsby
Jace Gatsby Kun oldin
Put a match between your teeth (NOT lit) when cutting onions. It helps prevent the tears and stinging of the eyes. Works for me
The A&A Sisters
The A&A Sisters Kun oldin
U should try lemon with suger on it, it's a soild lemonade. 😄🍋 15:40 when u haven't ate in a while and all u feel is tingles. 17:02 u look like a Baptist dancer at church.🤣🤣🤣
Aussie Mamma
Aussie Mamma Kun oldin
I'm 12 hrs late lmao
Gacha-Galaxy Kun oldin
The iron one was Minecraft u obviously don't know video games