Brandon Gayhart
Brandon Gayhart Soat oldin
Lol I actually work at papa john's in Kentucky
taneis addenne
taneis addenne Soat oldin
I was literally having a bad day !!! Crying and all but I swear this video and you literally made my day better!!! Thank you Alonzo 😊 I needed this
Sol 2 soat oldin
It's the only way I've ever eaten hotdogs, (as a child) I only eaten hotdogs with just mayo and ketchup
WitchesWithAB ok
WitchesWithAB ok 2 soat oldin
The kilometer teacher would get told off, and my kid would be moved to a new class.
J Wolfe
J Wolfe 3 soat oldin
Pretty sure the headphones and charger the guy was trying to sell for $20 were actually the PetSmart Christmas employee gift from a year or two ago... I'm still using the case to hold headphones even though the rest broke fairly quickly
Roxanne Roxanne
Roxanne Roxanne 3 soat oldin
My parents didn’t give me the birds and bees talk either. I found Pitt by playing catch a girl get a girl 🥴🤷🏽‍♀️
Robert Fitzpatrick
Robert Fitzpatrick 4 soat oldin
Peanut Butter and vlasic hamburger dill chips an tartar sauce sandwich
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
Technically pickles and cheese aren't a weird combo because people do it on hamburgers
suzanna Lytle
suzanna Lytle 4 soat oldin
HEY Raisins are great in cookies dont listen to what Wendys said Sun-maid.
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
Never had a sardine. Can someone please tell me what it taste like? I'm curious
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
Do the lemon and salt again. I think you put on too much salt.
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
WHO ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH thought of spaghetti and lemonade
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
Who ever thought of pickles and pineapple juice
jennifer cox
jennifer cox 4 soat oldin
This video was HILARIOUS 😂😂😂😂😂😂. I swear to God he is so funny
musiclover me
musiclover me 5 soat oldin
7:36 So the safe is actually un-safe!
Hasani Tempest
Hasani Tempest 6 soat oldin
The sexual assault kid should have been suspended. Maybe even expelled. This shit has to be taken seriously.
Faith Terrell
Faith Terrell 6 soat oldin
You should do weird food combos & try the pickled garlic thing from TikTok where you drain the vinegar out put in sriracha,chili flakes/powder,and thyme seasoning. You don’t have to I just want to see if it’s good and for some reason I trust u when you say something is good or not lol 😂
Mr. E
Mr. E 7 soat oldin
Shortage of toilet paper, physical currency, ketchup, and now gas. America’s currently experiencing a reboot. Please wait while each resource is reloaded.
suzanna Lytle
suzanna Lytle 7 soat oldin
In regards to the thog comment, I have two possible answers. The first one is "thot" however I think thats less likely because thots are typically very bougie. The second one is "hog" since pigs are not picky eaters.
Naomi Beacham
Naomi Beacham 7 soat oldin
Lauren Barbosa
Lauren Barbosa 7 soat oldin
Oh meh gawd these kids are 15 and 19 now that’s so weird!
C Stone
C Stone 7 soat oldin
Tom Waters
Tom Waters 8 soat oldin
Look at bobby he is literally a head on a pair of pants
C Stone
C Stone 8 soat oldin
None of these people were not properly educated...😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🙄🙄🙄🙄🤮🤮🤮😒😒🤔🤔🤔🤔🥴🥴🥴😤😤😤
wolfang firestorm
wolfang firestorm 8 soat oldin
Omg at 4:00 he was talking about minecraft duh!
ClashWithBoss YT
ClashWithBoss YT 8 soat oldin
me watching this when the gas prices in my state and town is $2.23 for the past 6 months
Chloe Griffith
Chloe Griffith 8 soat oldin
Did any one see the subtitle it said “sandwish
C Stone
C Stone 8 soat oldin
These comments have to be satire ????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shanelle Biddle
Shanelle Biddle 9 soat oldin
Stephanie Mellor
Stephanie Mellor 9 soat oldin
The trainers are heelys
Gigi Oatmeal
Gigi Oatmeal 9 soat oldin
sulli Roberts
sulli Roberts 9 soat oldin
Alonzo... 93 is premium GAS. Diesel is a completely different fuel than gas.
Keisha Hooper
Keisha Hooper 9 soat oldin
When I was about 12, I was trying to kill my 7 year old brother. I'm sure he had it coming. I was running after him with a combination lock on my middle finger and I was going to beat him to death. I ran past the 10 gallon fish tank and took it out by accident. It exploded into the living room. When my mom came in I totally freaked out. I was crying that I was just running by the fish tank and I must have bumped it or something and that I didn't know how it happened. My brother was saved and I didn't get in trouble. Two years later I told my older brother the truth of the fish murder. Would you believe he went and ratted me out to my mom. Still didn't get in trouble.
Holly dolly
Holly dolly 10 soat oldin
A few years ago I was driving home from work on night shift when a friend texted me and told me a gas station was selling premium gas for $0.35. The inside of the gas station was closed overnight and the person who put in the price forgot a number. I came home and woke up other people so they can get the discount and when we were out there I saw people filling up garbage bags full of gas.
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 10 soat oldin
2:54 the science that deals with the earth's physical structure and substance, its history, and the processes that act on it.
Blurred Mirrors
Blurred Mirrors 10 soat oldin
6:26 those are pictures of Wheel-ezs😂😂😂 a.k.a. Lambor-feeties😂😂
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 10 soat oldin
It's pronounced come-boo-cha, not come-ba-cha and it's fermented tea (nasty)
Chase Ransom
Chase Ransom 10 soat oldin
Eat Doritos cool ranch with a glass of milk really good
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
10:22 I would have went to order and been like, my first sandwish is for a million dollars, my second sandwish is for 5 sandwiches. LMFAO
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
8:19 Reply to Jack Y-O-U-R N-U-M-B-E-R-S LMFAO
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
5:51 Halloween Town Gort's House
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
13:07, that says 3 feet. ' = ft, " = inch
BrownEyedGirl 11 soat oldin
When I was 5 my parents moved us to a new city. My mum got me some library books to keep busy. The city we moved to had a zoo and one of the books she got for me was about a little girl who wrote to her zoo for a pet and she got one! So I did the same thing and the zoo actually wrote back to me 😂😂
Amber Van Brogen
Amber Van Brogen 11 soat oldin
Please don't apologize for laughing at your own jokes. I honestly think it makes it even better!
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
6:35 Wheelies
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
5:57 That is the stupidest thing I have EVER seen in my life!
Sam Superman
Sam Superman 11 soat oldin
1:16 Price gouging, and it's illegal during a crisis. I lived through Katrina.
Umber56Art DenieseMLopez
Umber56Art DenieseMLopez 12 soat oldin
Poor Alonzo 😥
Kim Osterhout
Kim Osterhout 12 soat oldin
Maine Coon cats are, indeed, a breed of cat. They are known for their large size and long, thick fur. They used to be commonly used on ships as mousers and ratters (meaning they hunt mice and rats respectively).
nasir McGill
nasir McGill 12 soat oldin
This is too good XD
Kayla Richardson
Kayla Richardson 12 soat oldin
Did anybody notice how when we got to the part of the Northface sweater he read that like he was the British project Pat
O_wsp plays 2
O_wsp plays 2 12 soat oldin
nasir McGill
nasir McGill 13 soat oldin
This is freaking hilarious 🤣
BAM •_•
BAM •_• 13 soat oldin
uhm, i don’t know if you meant to or not but you put sweat potato not sweet potato
Artemischo2011 13 soat oldin
You starting to be red pilled? You know we don't believe a pandemic if 'elites' get to break the rules whenever they want. (includes politicians and public officials). That's a clear sign it's being used as a manipulation and control tactic. If it were that severe, they would be following all their laws too. Glad you are seeing that now.
Copblock312 13 soat oldin
i used to sit in bathtub as a kid and pour water in my ears because it tickled i ended up having surgery for tubes to put in my ears to drain water
Stevie Dane
Stevie Dane 13 soat oldin
0% off?
Ganja Queen
Ganja Queen 14 soat oldin
Benita Ruiz
Benita Ruiz 14 soat oldin
"Who was the President" me screaming, Read a History Book! 😂
Alien That Raves And Games
Alien That Raves And Games 15 soat oldin
Oh wow your from North Carolina too!!!
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez 15 soat oldin
Ya no, I would use oat milk rather than Coconut milk. Coconut is a strong flavor and tends to wash out all other flavors.
Baddie boss Lai
Baddie boss Lai 15 soat oldin
“POPEYES AND KFC (cut because it was editing wrong)ARE THE TOP THREE RESTAURANTS “ Me:didn’t he only say two
Rachael Thomas
Rachael Thomas 16 soat oldin
Gas gouging. It is illegal.
Jessica Widow
Jessica Widow 16 soat oldin
Kids do get the stimulus
Apofisu 17 soat oldin
What I love about these videos is that Alonzo is only just barely more intelligent than the people he laughs at.
Markchan 17 soat oldin
Your you're High hi To two too Write wright right They're there there Here hear Know no Not knot Bow beau Read reed Reid Read red Flower flour
NAcHO1713 17 soat oldin
“You stupid, but not that stupid”... story of my life.
Alex The Fangirl
Alex The Fangirl 17 soat oldin
I saw Cats in theaters. Tbh it was so bad but it was a guilty pleasure movie for me. Lol
Chardeya Green
Chardeya Green 17 soat oldin
Why lorenzo using the wrong knife to chop and cut lol
Love Squad
Love Squad 17 soat oldin
When your name is keshauna
BrotherGrimmy 17 soat oldin
"Write a radical expression" Me: SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS
Waterpassion 17 soat oldin
Whoever these dumbasses were that allowed these people to put gasoline into plastic bags must be begging for a job now cuz that is illegal and unsafe as hell. I worked in a gas station for years, if I saw anyone even attempt to add gas to a non-fuel container, I stopped the pump. I wasn't about to lose my job for these people, whether they had a good reason or not. It's against regulations.
Sebastian Butler II
Sebastian Butler II 17 soat oldin
You mean Price Gouging or inflation?
Fred Murtz
Fred Murtz 18 soat oldin
93 octane is not diesel my guy, still love the video!
monaca morgan
monaca morgan 18 soat oldin
Omg...worried that his bro wouldn't has period... 😂
you're local dumpster
you're local dumpster 18 soat oldin
I was driving down a street and all the car lots had barely any cars. Looks like there also a car shortage in North Carolina 💀💀💀
Elia Sánchez
Elia Sánchez 18 soat oldin
when i was 4 i thought it would be fun to put my arm floaties on my feet. It wasn´t fun. Shoutout to Leyre, she took them off, thanks gurl
BATMANandSUPERMAN4EVER22 DC 19 soat oldin
Mine is gonna be “Don’t trust that teacher she’s a liar”
Kathy Brundidge
Kathy Brundidge 19 soat oldin
My middle son got suspended from school for saying that he was going to beat up another boy in his class. A little backstory: my son is autistic, the other boy is not. My son used to have little scabs all around his mouth as a child because he hated to brush his teeth, so the other kid was teasing him about it. The school called to tell me what had happened, what was said, and who said what, and I said that I hoped the other boy was also being suspended, as it's not fair that only one child should be suspended. The school said they were suspending both boys for two days. I also had to explain that my son didn't mean what he had said, he had less than zero intention of killing or hurting anyone. With my son being autistic, at that time, he had no concept of how words are taken by other people. I explained that my son saying the words, "I'm going to kill you" is the same as me saying, "I'm going to the grocery store." The school understood and his suspension was enforced, along with the other boy. My son is 25 now.
Elia Sánchez
Elia Sánchez 19 soat oldin
Oh i have a photo of this. When i was 4 i had this weird adiction, it was to stick ma head up the washing machine hole to see if i could spin. The worst part is, i did it 6 months ago again, shoving ma whole body in, and i am 13. Still dont know why i did that.