20 Weird Food Combos That Made Me GAG !! (2021) | SUPERBOWL EDIGION | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

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I asked people to give me their SuperBowl LV weird food combinations ..
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not talking about the superbowl performances during the weeknd #PepsiHalftime but what people are trying or tried during super bowl sunday . and I just found out its the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers lol #weirdfoodcombos

Jonna Pinto
Jonna Pinto 2 soat oldin
Alonzo you had me dying when it came to the sardines My weird food combo is chicken cup of noodles with most of the water drained out of it with (chicken ramen with peanut butter with sriracha sauce) I love your weird food combo videos : )
Austin Girard
Austin Girard 3 soat oldin
Chicken ramen with ranch and Sriracha and jalapeño crunchy Cheetos
Donne van der Merwe
Donne van der Merwe 3 soat oldin
Please try baked beans on buttered toast with a little bit of sugar. I've been eating it this way since i was 5 years old and absolutely love it. Also wanted to know what weird food combos do you still enjoy every now and then? Love and support from South Africa.
Sarah Acuff
Sarah Acuff 3 soat oldin
I use to LOVE Raman noodles with nacho cheese Doritos mixed together! & when I did keto I CONSTANTLY ate dill pickle, pepperoni& cream cheese 😁
Madie Schmidt
Madie Schmidt 5 soat oldin
i just spent 3 months in mississippi with my souther godparents and boy every time they said pecan(they LOVE pecans there) me: " i don't like pecans, they don't taste good them: HOW DO U NOT LIKE PECOOOOOOOONS! (btw, it pecAn no pecOn)
Kimberly Kelly
Kimberly Kelly 6 soat oldin
We're just gonna "respectfully" ignore Alonzo sucking pickle juice off that pickle the way he did 🤣🤣🤣
youtube addict 101
youtube addict 101 6 soat oldin
Tell me why right before he said "its an avacado thanks" i did in my head we love that kind of energy 😂😂
Tazz Toxic
Tazz Toxic 7 soat oldin
Please try Marshmellow fluff and peanut butter sandwich OR Twix and Pepperoni
Emily Hill
Emily Hill 7 soat oldin
I always love having spaghetti with ranch and people always say it’s gross without trying it...
Shannon Moriarty
Shannon Moriarty 9 soat oldin
Shrimp and scallops are known to go with chocolate better than any other sea food especially fish if you ever want to try another combo like the fish sticks and chocolate pudding again
Vermont Mom
Vermont Mom 11 soat oldin
Grilled cheese with jelly on top and doritos dipped in yellow mustard...
-nayamell 13 soat oldin
you should try hot cheetos and vanilla ice scream, I PROMISE YOU YOU'LL LIKKE IT!!! i'll join your channel and buy your merchandise if you do it
Shelbi Palesse
Shelbi Palesse 13 soat oldin
Spaghetti and applesauce is a combo my family eats and loves Applesauce would be on the side on the same plate and when you get a fork full of spaghetti just dip it in the applesauce it's so good
Savvy 14 soat oldin
Me: *sees the word gag* My emetophobia: anddddd lets just turn down the volume and cover our eyes
Paris France
Paris France 16 soat oldin
You should try Daritos wrapped in ham, dipped in milk. Or Fish and peanut butter.
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 16 soat oldin
Oreo+ peanut butter 🤤
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 16 soat oldin
Avocado + sugar Cottage cheese + grape or strawberry jelly ( I prefer grape)
0g Neknek
0g Neknek 16 soat oldin
I mean you cover the whole carrot with whip cream 😭😭
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan 18 soat oldin
Kash is a whole mood. 🤣
Cedric Silang
Cedric Silang 22 soat oldin
Banana,Nutella And Vanilla Ice Cream
The A&A Sisters
The A&A Sisters Kun oldin
U should try lemon with suger on it, it's a soild lemonade. 😄🍋 15:40 when u haven't ate in a while and all u feel is tingles. 17:02 u look like a Baptist dancer at church.🤣🤣🤣
You have to try pizza crust (ONLY THE CRUST) dipped in cranberry juice.
selena badzic
selena badzic Kun oldin
Alright you have to try chicken nuggets and sour cream! In your next video please
songheebear Kun oldin
these are literally all a pregnant women's cravings i swear
Stephanie Morrow
Stephanie Morrow Kun oldin
brooo your house is haunted. at 7:20 you see a ghost orb in the bottom left.
Ryknow Kun oldin
Barbeque sauce and jelly sandwich is genuinely good
SuicidelSmokey Kun oldin
You should try hot fries and ranch,I hate ranch n that combo tastes good,I was high when I tryed it so idk if it's good sober
alexa Abreu
alexa Abreu Kun oldin
I COMBINED SOMETHING AMAZING the other night. The new Parmesan garlic Pringles dipped in garlic butter & Pizza Pringles dipped in marinara sauce of your liking (not all marinara sauce is good)
picknbeansmamma Kun oldin
Daaannng... Nutella is racist! 🤣 They better change the label! 😂 "Did someone just bite my *pickle!!* ?" Alonzo having convulsions...looks like he's trying to do the Robot 🤣
Loving Paws
Loving Paws Kun oldin
Pickles and bacon bits!! Amazing!
Raquel Bailey
Raquel Bailey Kun oldin
omg you need to try pepperoni slices with strawberry cream cheese it's so good please ill buy your merch!!!!
el CamaN
el CamaN Kun oldin
Banana and tajin.. its really good 👍
Nini J
Nini J Kun oldin
Try peanut butter & jelly bell pepper😋
S Jones
S Jones Kun oldin
Popcorn pickles and tequila
Brittany Cardin
Brittany Cardin Kun oldin
Idk if you'll see this or when the next time you'll be doing a food combo video but I got one for ya, 1 can of Tuna, drain it and then add mayonnaise, mustard, and barbecue sauce.
Doughboy C
Doughboy C Kun oldin
Nacho Cheese Doritos and cottage cheese. It’s low key fire.🔥
alex franta
alex franta Kun oldin
Do white rice and a can of sweetened condensed milk
Kaylee Waldrep
Kaylee Waldrep Kun oldin
A weird food combo: chicken nuggets and chocolate pudding
Chassidy Morriel
Chassidy Morriel Kun oldin
LMAO!! You did the lemon and salt one wrong my brotha, you’re supposed to cut the lemon in slices, peel off the skin and then pour salt on it 😂 My Mom and I used to do that!
Keagan Long
Keagan Long Kun oldin
Fishsticks + Mayo
cheneb09 Kun oldin
The dorito's didn't deserve that
Alisha Miller
Alisha Miller Kun oldin
Lemon and salt helped my nausea soooooo much
Jeremy baber
Jeremy baber Kun oldin
Try a cooked hotdog with a twinkies as the bun.
Nhuterri Le
Nhuterri Le Kun oldin
Pizza and soy sauce + Louisiana hot sauce.
Minelle Sarfoadu
Minelle Sarfoadu Kun oldin
Graham crackers and ice cream Oreos and ice cream
TheRealSloof III
TheRealSloof III Kun oldin
so we gonna ignore the whole in his shirt
Andrea Corder
Andrea Corder Kun oldin
Alonzooooooooo are you single???
Mariah Lynn
Mariah Lynn Kun oldin
Nacho Doritos and cream cheese!! So good
dametra velma
dametra velma Kun oldin
Best way to open the pickles is hit the bottom of the jar with the palm of your hand and you'll hear a little pop so easy to open
Kadeisha Carty
Kadeisha Carty Kun oldin
Pringles flavour :chedder and sour with welechers
Scotlin Rizor
Scotlin Rizor Kun oldin
Gold fish and lime sherbert
Crystal Harmony Production
Crystal Harmony Production Kun oldin
the cream will overpower the carrot because you put WAY to much cream on it
Rachel S
Rachel S Kun oldin
Fish sticks?? Is that what we call 'Fish Fingers' here in uk?
Rachel S
Rachel S Kun oldin
Was the carrots and broccoli meant to have been cooked I wonder?!
crystal schz
crystal schz Kun oldin
the sardines twitch!!!!
Matthew Crimmins
Matthew Crimmins Kun oldin
@AlonzoLerone. A weird food combo to try is deep fried potato gems (tater tots) or hot chips and Nutella. Would like to see you try it.
Milan Melton
Milan Melton Kun oldin
It’s not pee-can😢 A pee can is a portable toilet
Kaitlin Brooks
Kaitlin Brooks 2 kun oldin
You should try pickles with goldfish * chef kisses *
Kaitlin Brooks
Kaitlin Brooks 2 kun oldin
When he sucked that pickle I said “oh he’s done that before” lmao my mind I swear
tim walker
tim walker 2 kun oldin
I like how he jests yeets the Sardines
janae alexis .
janae alexis . 2 kun oldin
you should collab with iamzoie :)))
Rochelle b
Rochelle b 2 kun oldin
Try deep fried battered mars bar drizzled in balsamic dressing
Sophia Turner
Sophia Turner 2 kun oldin
You should try strawberries with hot cheeto puffs
COD DEALINGS 2 kun oldin
When he ate the lemon i cringed too😂😬
Emily Burks
Emily Burks 2 kun oldin
do a pickle, cottage cheese with bugles on top It is awesome
ramariea mcclure
ramariea mcclure 2 kun oldin
PLEASE!!! Spaghetti, ranch and lettuce!!!!
ramariea mcclure
ramariea mcclure 2 kun oldin
PLEASE!!!! Chicken ramen noodles with chopped up dill pickles.
Ansley Goodwin
Ansley Goodwin 2 kun oldin
Slim Jim or pepperonis and pickles !!!! Best thing ever
Sara Neal
Sara Neal 2 kun oldin
lmao next time hit the edges on top of the pickles with a butter knife xD it does help, a paint brush wont do it for ya lol
Aubrie Williams
Aubrie Williams 2 kun oldin
Honey bun Nd Doritos
Torina Hendershott
Torina Hendershott 2 kun oldin
Currently pregnant....craving plain potato chips dipped in cheesecake
Miranda Conti
Miranda Conti 2 kun oldin
Pickle juice in Chicken Flavor Ramon Noodles!!!
Kuma Cla
Kuma Cla 2 kun oldin
when you open a jar you take a butter knife and hit it right on the corner/curve of the lid, it pops right off
HellStorm 2 kun oldin
11:22 Best Crow Impression I ever heard and saw 😂...that fucking face I'm dying...jesus is he part crow?😂
Splxtz Ψ
Splxtz Ψ 2 kun oldin
you should try hot cheetos and philadelphia cream cheese honey pecan
Sacha Moses
Sacha Moses 2 kun oldin
12:47 - 12:50 lyrics: Crk oOOoo MmT Mmt Mmmmmmm By Alonzo
Madison Malet
Madison Malet 2 kun oldin
Chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup milk mix with milk together 🤤🤤
Chrissy L. Thomas
Chrissy L. Thomas 2 kun oldin
Try Spaghetti.. then mix mayo, baked beans, and a little bit of hot sauce in it.
Morgan Schumann
Morgan Schumann 2 kun oldin
Apple sauce and mac n cheese. Seriously the best
Rikki Lewis
Rikki Lewis 2 kun oldin
When I was pregnant I craved cheese and chocolate syrup
Heather Girod
Heather Girod 2 kun oldin
Buttermilk and plain chips eat like cereal you will like it
Nicole Roberts
Nicole Roberts 2 kun oldin
strawberries and mozzarella cheese
The Afromazing pair
The Afromazing pair 2 kun oldin
Try Chester’s hot fries and ranch!
Kate Ayala
Kate Ayala 2 kun oldin
You should try fried chicken tenders with peanut butter
Lizzy Castleberry
Lizzy Castleberry 2 kun oldin
Duritos and tuna
Ja'nyia Davis
Ja'nyia Davis 2 kun oldin
salt and vinegar chips with cream cheese icing
breonna wood
breonna wood 2 kun oldin
OREOS AND CRAB DIP!! Its sooo good
Tatianna Bigesby
Tatianna Bigesby 2 kun oldin
Grapes and pancake syrup it’s torchhhhhhhh
Hannah Canipe
Hannah Canipe 2 kun oldin
Ngl but when I was pregnant I ate the salt and lemon BUT ANOTHER GOOD ONE IS hotdog chili on twinkies ITS THE BOMBBBBBBBB💣💣💣💣💣💣💣💣 PLEASE try this -Hannah If you try this I will never watch anyone else’s videos but you want see this comment soooooo😂😂
JJ W 2 kun oldin
We love cash cause he doesn't give two flying shits.
Rylee Berkley
Rylee Berkley 2 kun oldin
Goldfish crackers in yogurt Fish sticks in jam Hot dog in ranch
JohnsGamingAndMore 2 kun oldin
Nutella is making a lot of appearances in this video 😂
letsgofishing65 2 kun oldin
Oreo's and Grey Poupon
DeMareyon Dockery
DeMareyon Dockery 2 kun oldin
Do Milk & pespi😂😂
TEVIN BAIN 2 kun oldin
Him being messy doesn’t bother anyone?
Brandon Spears
Brandon Spears 2 kun oldin
I don't know if this is a weird food combo, but I like to mix cream of bacon into rice
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 3 kun oldin
Alonzo I think you should stop throwing food. Thats where the fruit flies are coming from more than likely. Also to get rid of them. I recommend taking a bottle and put apple cider vinegar and dish liquid in it, and set it in your problem area. Its a trap for them. Love your videos🤗🤗
Crystal Smith
Crystal Smith 3 kun oldin
Alonzo I think you should stop throwing food. Thats where the fruit flies are coming from more than likely. Also to get rid of them. I recommend taking a bottle and put apple cider vinegar and dish liquid in it, and set it in your problem area. Its a trap for them. Love your videos🤗🤗
Alexandrya Clemens
Alexandrya Clemens 3 kun oldin
Cheddar gold fish and the big pickles!!!
Shelon Brown
Shelon Brown 3 kun oldin
Try pickles with cream cheese and takis also try a cream cheese 🥯 with takis on it 🤤🤤🤤🤤
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