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Alonzo Lerone

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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
*these are more of special flavors of Chinese snacks, not common flavors* I LOVE CHINA

Alonzo Lerone
Alonzo Lerone 3 oy oldin
PLEASE don’t forget about my dictionary. My FIRST BOOK!! Been working on it for 4 years. link in description. ONLY available untll tomorrow 🥺
Fatimah Gouveia
Fatimah Gouveia 22 kun oldin
Please try more snake from other countries this video was so good !! ❤️ 📖
Alejandro Rodriguez
Alejandro Rodriguez Oy oldin
Try a white cracker cream cheese and strawberry jam like a sand but only one cracker you basically layer it
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 2 oy oldin
noob有毒的 2 oy oldin
Hey I hope u can see my message but if u do another trying strangers food can u please try corn muffing with hot Cheetos that shits it’s a bomb trust me pleaseee
Nadia's main/ Vlog channel
Nadia's main/ Vlog channel 2 oy oldin
Where did you get this stuff i want to order some????
brandon campbell
brandon campbell 15 soat oldin
coconut almond soy oat rice and cashew milk you can have
Nhuterri Le
Nhuterri Le 2 kun oldin
It's the sound effects for me. 🤭
Chau Crunch
Chau Crunch 2 kun oldin
Thanks for the video!
violet cousin
violet cousin 6 kun oldin
Where can you order that I really want to try all those
Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson 6 kun oldin
A Solitary Vampyre
A Solitary Vampyre 7 kun oldin
Was this from a subscription box thing like Munch Addict?
Kay Williams
Kay Williams 7 kun oldin
Volume of him talking 📉 Volume of his sound effects 📈📈📈📈🚨
Lena The God
Lena The God 7 kun oldin
The way u said the name of the spicy peanuts had me dying laughing
Olivia Garitano
Olivia Garitano 7 kun oldin
At 2:12 I thought he was having a sizer
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 7 kun oldin
I’m ded Alonzo 🤣
Sabrina Spencer
Sabrina Spencer 7 kun oldin
Not Halloween make up 🤣
SmileyMilesGER 8 kun oldin
Coconutmilk has bo lactose. U good 😄
Catherine Gay
Catherine Gay 8 kun oldin
Does anyone know what site he was referring to? I'd like to try some of those things
Carissa Martinez
Carissa Martinez 8 kun oldin
Love your videos...prayers to you...ur mom is so proud of you...shes watching you all in heaven with love in her eyes...she want you to live life to the fullest
Yu Yee Yip
Yu Yee Yip 8 kun oldin
I just don’t know why His reaction is super funny LOL Who on earth will suddenly use that weirdo 1:50 to talk while eating a snack?
Purps The dragon
Purps The dragon 10 kun oldin
Coffee jelly
idontknow? 11 kun oldin
Does anyone know if this a box you can order or do you only get it if you’re poppin?
Keith Miller Jr
Keith Miller Jr 11 kun oldin
11:14 Epic Creeper face.
The Trip T Girl
The Trip T Girl 11 kun oldin
I wanna try the tea it looks yummy
Cbb Chhjki
Cbb Chhjki 12 kun oldin
I’m late 😭 but its the vibe & personality for me I’m most def subscribing !!
_Dead._.Alpha_ 12 kun oldin
10:06 BAHAHA "TREE SQUIRRELS!!" im dying
_Dead._.Alpha_ 12 kun oldin
9:18 lol he went dinosaur *rawr*
Neasia Rhynes
Neasia Rhynes 13 kun oldin
I'm curious. What does Halloween makeup smell like? Asking for myself
Neasia Rhynes
Neasia Rhynes 13 kun oldin
I'll be on Amazon. I'll add things like this to my cart 🛒.. the remove it😂😂😂 I need your courage
Fritemonoracleprincess 14 kun oldin
Three squirrels is probably a brand name
E G 14 kun oldin
where did u get this?
Gigi oOp
Gigi oOp 15 kun oldin
Alonzo: I know a few words... *continues to say 谢谢,你好 wrong and in the wrong tones*
Shakiya’s Land
Shakiya’s Land 15 kun oldin
Where did you get all this stuff I need the linkkk!
Adventures With Isaiah
Adventures With Isaiah 16 kun oldin
Anyone know where he gets this stuff from ?? Looks good wanna try it
Rebecca Whobrey
Rebecca Whobrey 16 kun oldin
Lol I've never seen a food product have the words "extra fragrant" on the label lmao!! Is it flavored with perfume?!! Lol
Furry Mike
Furry Mike 17 kun oldin
Where did you get these snacks?
Jessica Jacobs
Jessica Jacobs 18 kun oldin
Coconut milk is dairy free 😂😂
Sophie West
Sophie West 19 kun oldin
His videos brighten my days🥰😘🥰😘🥰😘🥰
Yawong 20 kun oldin
LOL, "Three squirrels" is just the brand
Gloria Williams
Gloria Williams 21 kun oldin
“ we call these pringles “ 😂
just some sad weeb
just some sad weeb 22 kun oldin
Where's the bat meat and no cat/dogs? No Chinese cuisine is complete without those delicacies!
just some sad weeb
just some sad weeb 21 kun oldin
@Sónia Chen Zhang Chang chang want the wonton soup with extra spicy bong bong sauce from the valley of the ling lings lmao
Sónia Chen Zhang
Sónia Chen Zhang 21 kun oldin
Stop with those stereotypes, you’re just showing how ignorant you are
The Boss Show
The Boss Show 23 kun oldin
How can I order this box
XxEzequielxX T xX
XxEzequielxX T xX 23 kun oldin
6:50 turn it down or you'll get ear raped.🙄🙄
Taylour S.
Taylour S. 23 kun oldin
After his 3rd toffee chip I died
Shaun Wilson
Shaun Wilson 24 kun oldin
God loves you and continue to spread the gospel
ÀMŸ ame
ÀMŸ ame 27 kun oldin
stop looking at my chest 👁👁
blythe50 28 kun oldin
This was great
NyKendra Lesueur
NyKendra Lesueur 28 kun oldin
He acted like a dog when he said three squirrels !!! 😂😂😂 SQUIRREL!!!
Danger Lex
Danger Lex Oy oldin
Coconut milk is a nut milk so you're fine Alonzo. Lord help this man.
Akira Hanna
Akira Hanna Oy oldin
So I'm already hungry watching this THENNN I get a feagin add bout food smh 😅😅
Madison Leary
Madison Leary Oy oldin
When he says squirrels and immediately turns into the dog from UP 😂
Kesha Artis
Kesha Artis Oy oldin
Shirley Huang
Shirley Huang Oy oldin
These r my fav! I am from China and I love these snack!
LilbitLynds Oy oldin
"stop looking at my chest" as i continue to look the entire video
Takiah Moore
Takiah Moore Oy oldin
When u said rib so fast I bust out laughing 😂😂
jordyn.0 Oy oldin
"ok guys, what is this? this is the Three Squirrels..ThReE SqUIrReLs?!?!"
Janaya Shumate
Janaya Shumate Oy oldin
Am I the only one when I first looked at his shirt I laughed and after that I kept looking 💀💀💀!
Brandi Beauty
Brandi Beauty Oy oldin
Where can we get the snacks
Maria Kline
Maria Kline Oy oldin
Who did u order from
王若冰 Oy oldin
Your video is “tight like Fort Knox” 👌
Dez Oy oldin
McDonalds French fries and M&M mcflurry!
eric texada
eric texada Oy oldin
Day 1 of saying try playing among us
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Oy oldin
The thing with squirrel in the name is the name of the company. It's not squirrel meat
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Oy oldin
Coming from China that one drink might have actually been car oil
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Oy oldin
America is ruining so many things with fake sugar. Real sugar taste so much better and artificial sugar is worse then real sugar for you anyway
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Oy oldin
Coconut milk is lactose free btw!! But if your haveing problems after drinking it and eating coconut you might also have an intolerance to coconut.
Nightshade Kelly
Nightshade Kelly Oy oldin
Probably not beef ribs
Kaela Ho
Kaela Ho Oy oldin
The first snack you try WOULD be durian mochi (pronounced mo-chee)
Kaela Ho
Kaela Ho Oy oldin
How are you Filipino and don’t know ube (purple sweet potato) 🤣🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️
張育瑄 Oy oldin
Lonly god is its add lol
張育瑄 Oy oldin
我是台灣人🇹🇼 I’m from Taiwan 🇹🇼
Ty’Eria Johnson
Ty’Eria Johnson Oy oldin
you should try strawberries with cream cheese's delicious!
Junior Taipei
Junior Taipei Oy oldin
蘭芳園 蘭 means lotus 芳 means fragrant 園 means garden
McGlobe Oy oldin
Alonzo, please try any cereal... With Baileys Irish Cream... It's an incredible boozy breakfast! They do a Vegan version too!
maikel vega
maikel vega Oy oldin
When a chinese say something is spicy for sure it is.
FnJ's Oy oldin
is it just me or every time alonzo takes his time because he really doesn't want to try the food all I'm thinking about is "do it it" lol I love these videos they're awesome
Queen Mariah
Queen Mariah Oy oldin
it’s the megaphone for me tho 😩🤣🤣🤣
Bowman C.
Bowman C. 2 oy oldin
The plum and orange peel juice is one of my favourite. Especially when eating spicy food.
BreHearts Yooh
BreHearts Yooh 2 oy oldin
When he got to the oatmeal I laughed so hard his reaction to that sweet honey or whatever it was, that oatmeal looked super old. I’m laughing so hard 😂 when he drinked that plum drink
Hayden Howitt
Hayden Howitt 2 oy oldin
J P 2 oy oldin
You should try popcorn with vanilla ice cream
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
dvmß m3m3
dvmß m3m3 2 oy oldin
If you visit China and go to their Walmart's.... You will find very very weird chip and ice cream flavours.
杨浩辉 2 oy oldin
Liao Wen-hsuan
Liao Wen-hsuan 2 oy oldin
The Vegetable Potato Twists is one of my fav snack 👍🏼🤣
jessica classic
jessica classic 2 oy oldin
Made my day cry to laugh 😆 just to look at ur face i can laugh out loud with my little boy we love u 💙
RkRoyalz 2 oy oldin
atleast they didn't send u a bat to eat xD
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
NekoPug 2 oy oldin
I don't remember coconuts being mammals and producing lactose
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
Sarah Lindsey
Sarah Lindsey 2 oy oldin
SAMANTHA WOOD 2 oy oldin
-8:36 my face when my sister makes a face at me😂😂😂
贾天宇 2 oy oldin
the video on bilibili has 2960k saw
Lydia Whetstone
Lydia Whetstone 2 oy oldin
I want to see you eat the same things as Slimeslimey.
Donieka Nicholson
Donieka Nicholson 2 oy oldin
Where did you buy the snacks from? I really want to try them!
Shady Blox
Shady Blox 2 oy oldin
Go to the Whole Foods on Metairie near New Orleans there should be a Whole Foods there try the Mochi I cant remember try it there it should be different
Sexy Dimples
Sexy Dimples 2 oy oldin
I do that sometimes...I buy things just because the packaging is pretty or useful...I bought a tub of caramel popcorn for the tub not the actual popcorn. Sadly the popcorn tasted burnt anyway
Hallie Depcik
Hallie Depcik 2 oy oldin
Alonzo try pickles and peanut butter
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
Already did
Tristin Jaiprashad
Tristin Jaiprashad 2 oy oldin
skittles and v8's coconut pineapple drink, it slaps!
Sinan Zhao
Sinan Zhao 2 oy oldin
just for reference, white rabbit is a brand for like milk/cream candy, it's my childhood lol, but still haven't tried the chips with this flavor, I don't dare lmao. I got so excited when this video came outtttt, hope yall like the food! aand the three squirrel is a brand name too, they sell nuts and small snacks and stuff.
Britney Smith25
Britney Smith25 2 oy oldin
Soooo where did u get all of this at?!
Emily Ridenour
Emily Ridenour 2 oy oldin
That bowl of black oatmeal looked creepy!
Yanick Lange
Yanick Lange 2 oy oldin
Hey alonzo, can you maybe try german sweets or german food once?
Kelly Risser
Kelly Risser 2 oy oldin
He calls himself an American trying Chinese snacks, yet he has openly admitted multiple times he was born in Germany
Kelly Risser
Kelly Risser 2 oy oldin
@Cedsoncole I just think it’s funny
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
And ?????
Angry Sister
Angry Sister 2 oy oldin
So, as a Chinese I have to say, some of these snacks are my favorite, especially the Want Want, WeiLong and the Lay's. But some of them taste really weired for me, too
Royal Fam
Royal Fam 2 oy oldin
Peanut butter, vinegar soaked pickle in a sandwich😍😍😍
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
Royal Fam
Royal Fam 2 oy oldin
A can of tuna with Louisiana hot sauce, and dip it with apples
Cedsoncole 2 oy oldin
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