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Which one do you think was the DUMBEST?
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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
in this video, we talk about Robinhood / Gamestop / and of course DUMBEST CRIMINALS

Webby 26 kun oldin
I don’t usually like stereo videos, but I kinda liked this one
Jaylyn Dale
Jaylyn Dale 28 kun oldin
Brittany Dziennik
Brittany Dziennik 29 kun oldin
Baltimore MD in the house!
quileter Oy oldin
Is token Leo streaming from alonzos office? That whole back ground looks familiar.
Ness1253 Oy oldin
That second dude he streamed with was cringe as heck...
KCCAT5 Oy oldin
Alonzo dropping fbombs?😂
Grace Helm
Grace Helm Oy oldin
Love this!!!!!!!!!
The rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocks
The rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocks Oy oldin
Hearing you cyrse is so weird ngl
CorpseHoodiee Oy oldin
“Get a dictionary” HAHAHSHDHSH
Victoria Waddle
Victoria Waddle Oy oldin
Are y’all in the same house?
Dirty D.
Dirty D. Oy oldin
Thin mints are their best seller so sorry they're not gonna stop selling them and I love thes esp out of the freezer!
Kalia Leatherberry
Kalia Leatherberry Oy oldin
I dont know if you did the miracle berry challenge but you should do it
Monie vR
Monie vR Oy oldin
I want the “Thumbs Up” as my ringtone...
Anoop Nair
Anoop Nair Oy oldin
Funny as hell..i died laughin
Cathy j
Cathy j Oy oldin
Old one.. where I lived in buffalo NY a guy tried to marinate his cat.... 🤦🏼‍♀️
GrohIlgg Oy oldin
Hi Alonzo
imissnj2 Oy oldin
I love what you do, but I don’t like this format. Classic Alonzo, please. Plus, the profanity was unexpected.
Rosie's World
Rosie's World Oy oldin
Maybe don't have the title what it is, bit of clickbait never goes amiss but you literally should have stated this was more of a chat 🙃
Lalita Pruitt
Lalita Pruitt Oy oldin
🤣🤣👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I loved it.
skybluetias channel
skybluetias channel Oy oldin
Not what I was expecting but good video
Erica Beumel
Erica Beumel Oy oldin
Is Token_leo on dialysis? His upper right arm sure looks like it... Any way, not the biggest fan of this format. I'm sure it's great on Stereo, but not on YT.
Bri Oy oldin
I’m disappointed I waited a week for this?????
Serenity Bonds
Serenity Bonds Oy oldin
so today me and my brothers was out side to play with our friends wich was friends. my black karen (by the way im black) and she came to my house my mom was at work and she asked were my mom was i said she was currently busy at the time she came over at my house because me my brothers and my friends was playing in water in my yard and told us to turn the water off. and got mad at us because there was water in the balloons and we pop them.
Kaykay Bxbble
Kaykay Bxbble Oy oldin
When I was about 4 I was jumping on my bed and my mom said to get down so I jumped off and I broke my foot✨
Roka Kurumi
Roka Kurumi Oy oldin
I got that same power rangers shirt
Deadchild DB
Deadchild DB Oy oldin
For wierd food combo. Peanut butter, sardine, mustard, bologna, pickle sandwhich
Ishla Gildersleeve
Ishla Gildersleeve Oy oldin
Happy Birthday Kash!
Johnny M
Johnny M Oy oldin
This video was real cute! Go on ahead A-dawg!
Johnny M
Johnny M Oy oldin
@Alonzo Lerone haha what can I say man, huge fan. Your vids have help me get through some tough times.
Alonzo Lerone
Alonzo Lerone Oy oldin
TYSM! I see that purple dictionary !!
Chaotic Cat
Chaotic Cat Oy oldin
Alonzo: Those mint chocolate ones are the worst! Me: ......... **pulls out lightsaper** So you have chosen death
Bibz Tv
Bibz Tv Oy oldin
Am i the only one sitting here waiting on him to try strawberry kiwi Snapple with a Hershey bar you gotta bite the hershey let it melt a lil bit and sip the snapple
Lindsey Oy oldin
Loved this! Downloaded Stereo already. Looking forward to more there. ❤️
kyia Oy oldin
Unrelated but plzzzzzzz try sweet baby rays bbq sauce and a boiled egg, dont drench it just dip
X Oy oldin
I just love the random drop of this comment here, lol. People really love the food combo vids.
George Perez
George Perez Oy oldin
Alonzo It’s Pokémon Day, Try Doing Pokémon Memes Pleeeeeaaasssseeee 🙏🏼 🙏🏼
JDM12983 Oy oldin
Yeah, not sure why this was needed....
Sebastian Butler II
Sebastian Butler II Oy oldin
How’d I miss this
Tisha Oy oldin
La'Dasia McClam
La'Dasia McClam Oy oldin
This might be the first video of Alonzo that i don't like. It feels so all over the place, barely any content related to the title, and just not it for me. I'm happy he's experimenting but it's a no for me
X Oy oldin
@Daijia M. U do the same. Good night.
Daijia M.
Daijia M. Oy oldin
@X any fucking ways... stfu
X Oy oldin
@Daijia M. You get over the fact that other people have as much a right to leave their feedback in the comments section as you do. The comments section doesn't exist solely so people can fangirl over their favorite UZpostrs, but also if they simply want to say they didn't like a video. That's what I did, and that was what the lady who posted the comment did. And did so respectfully. You telling me that people occasionally make videos like this does nothing to change my mind about my opinion of the actual content.
Daijia M.
Daijia M. Oy oldin
@X and? He still got paid so get over it
X Oy oldin
@Daijia M. And I didn't like it
the7thson1962 Oy oldin
"Get a dictionary"...GOTEEEM!!!
Rock Holiday
Rock Holiday Oy oldin
I'd check out stereo, but it's not available for PC apparently. I don't have a cell.
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan Oy oldin
I've been watching this man for years and I still come back today to be entertained 🤣💀
Toni Martin
Toni Martin Oy oldin
So they filmed in his house but different rooms 🤔🤫
Filipp Lindholm
Filipp Lindholm Oy oldin
Well... this video was not what i expected, kinda disappointed, funny, but still disappointing
Flossy Vibes
Flossy Vibes Oy oldin
@Filipp Lindholm ohhh FACTSSSS
Filipp Lindholm
Filipp Lindholm Oy oldin
@Flossy Vibes well, usually I’m used to him like showing posts where he sits in front of the camera like normally, reads them out and just laughs his ass off or just stares at it to think what the hell is going on
Flossy Vibes
Flossy Vibes Oy oldin
Andrew North
Andrew North Oy oldin
Where did he get his "Its Morphin Time T-Shirt"?
TheStarJasmin *
TheStarJasmin * Oy oldin
Anything chocolate mint flavored 🤢👎
X Oy oldin
I remember seeing on "World's Dumbest Criminals" a few years back that some fool was in a convenience store filling out an application for a job, but what he was really doing was pretending to do that so he could rob the place. He did it and got away but what makes it so funny is that he actually filled out the application with his real name and address and everything (and left it there). The police came to his crib and scooped him up. 😂😂😂
X Oy oldin
@Nunya Bizness That is my favorite one. One of the funniest things I've ever heard. He redefined what it means to be stupid. 🤣
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Oy oldin
I remember that episode! 😂😂😂
Dark Strife
Dark Strife Oy oldin
I can't figure out where the video starts, looks like a fucking whole video of a sponsorship
KattriellaDoesStuff Oy oldin
I think that might be all it is.
サラ姫 Oy oldin
Rather curious if you know what the C# code on your hoodie is for. I'm a nerd
bertalot17 Oy oldin
That Ghostbusters shirt is awesome, Alonzo! Any memory of where you got it from?
Ivy Commer-Freeland
Ivy Commer-Freeland Oy oldin
How you get mad over some action figures? Then use an 🪓 out of all things. Yes im late commenting. Sue me. Lol
Joaris Montanez
Joaris Montanez Oy oldin
For the weird food combos, pork rinds and hot Cheetos are really good (warning gets a little dry do drink water if trying).
Katie Giles
Katie Giles Oy oldin
Am I the only one that wonders how they ain’t related? They favor slightly in facial features and they act so much alike lol.
randomness unleashed
randomness unleashed Oy oldin
You should see the videos used in worlds dumbest. Would love to see you react to those.
Dawnie to the Max
Dawnie to the Max Oy oldin
Did you say get rid of mint thins? Don't they dare. Those are some of my favorites.
Ebony Xo
Ebony Xo Oy oldin
He’s from Guyana?
Jules Saunders
Jules Saunders Oy oldin
The astronaut was probably on Sprint
Aussie Mamma
Aussie Mamma Oy oldin
I'm 12 hrs late lmao
Marilyn Monday
Marilyn Monday Oy oldin
I love token Leo!!!
LotoGraves Oy oldin
I literally have the same shirt Alonzo has on right now as I watch this 👀
PlNKFlowers Oy oldin
The hambuguler should be on here
Ana Gilda
Ana Gilda Oy oldin
Hi Alonzo, can you react to "Family Feud- Dumbest answers"???
X Oy oldin
That's a great idea
Melissa McGreal
Melissa McGreal Oy oldin
Didn't like the set up of this video, couldn't even finish watching it, was expecting the classic, seeing you and you cracking up over the stupidity of things you've found
Ashley Jones
Ashley Jones Oy oldin
I agree. I couldn't get through this video.
X Oy oldin
I agree. Nothing wrong with mixing things up, but I didn't dig it much.
Princessmadi04 Oy oldin
Same here. I feel so bad for not liking it because I love alonzo😭 it’s cool that he’s experimenting
Colby Cheese
Colby Cheese Oy oldin
Didn't like this one, too weird and all over the place
Denim Oy oldin
Hearing Alonzo say MF for the first time like," I didn't know he used that type of vocabulary."
Brucey Bruce
Brucey Bruce Oy oldin
Not use to hearing Alonzo curse....I loved it lol😆
Chris Oy oldin
I though it just be you doing it. The vid was ok.
TheGoldenDunsparce Oy oldin
This was a 7 min ad for Stereo, and I'm still not sure what it is...
Vita Nicky
Vita Nicky Oy oldin
Hold up, I must have heard Alonzo incorrectly. It sounded like he said chocolate mint was the worse... But it's a verified fact that Thin Mints are the best.
The Cat Lady
The Cat Lady Oy oldin
This video was Hella boring! Hated it! You did ask us to tell you the truth Alonzo. 😄
Kenneth White
Kenneth White Oy oldin
I just followed you on stereo
Tweety That's Me
Tweety That's Me Oy oldin
I’m Here 4 It 😎👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Niqua Raye
Niqua Raye Oy oldin
Soon as I uninstalled the Stereo app off my phone, his big handsome head hops on there 😒😂
Edwin Smith
Edwin Smith Oy oldin
Sonny G
Sonny G Oy oldin
Alonzo uncensored love
Metalgod542 Oy oldin
I feel you Alonzo. Thin Mints are so overrated. The OG Trefoils are the best!
Universe Cosmo
Universe Cosmo Oy oldin
The Dumbest Fails was my favorite segment! I CRACK UP SO MUCH!!!!!
Adrianna Marie
Adrianna Marie Oy oldin
Universe Cosmo
Universe Cosmo Oy oldin
Throwing bombs in the talk! Lmao
Cayla Castle
Cayla Castle Oy oldin
😂 is he upstairs and you’re downstairs ?
Oof Kid
Oof Kid Oy oldin
One new subscriber its me :)
강나나 Oy oldin
logically speaking, all criminals who got caught are "dumb", the ones who got away with their crimes are "smart"😂 that or they're just priveleged and rich
You look like Dababy
Samantha Oy oldin
Ayyy you got sponsored!!! About time👏
mya alexander
mya alexander Oy oldin
I want to know what kind of youtube equipment you use so I can start my channel
keith moss
keith moss Oy oldin
Well that was different.... my first time on Stereo with y’all, even though I don’t have it 😂😂😂
C.J. Delahunty
C.J. Delahunty Oy oldin
I need that Ghostbusters shirt that shirt is awesome.
Bee Whistler
Bee Whistler Oy oldin
Okay, did she just say permanent marker was NEVER coming off their skin? Was she exaggerating, like meaning it would take days to come off or does she think “permanent” it just isn’t gonna come off?
Kayla Bowman
Kayla Bowman Oy oldin
This is ironic since I work in Corrections at IDOC max security prison in Indiana and yes we are considered Law Enforcement Officers still. We just lost a LT and a Sgt got hurt. We see a lot of dumb shit and some really smart stuff
hugo nope
hugo nope Oy oldin
Is he gay?
shortyy Oy oldin
@hugo nope lmao same my gaydar is very confused rn
hugo nope
hugo nope Oy oldin
@shortyy like idgaf what he is, it just keeps flipping in my mind if he's straight or not. Feel like my gaydar should be better then this
shortyy Oy oldin
he hasn't talked about his sexuality, but if he was gay that would be totally okay😌
2021 Oy oldin
No, I don't think so
Ashley A
Ashley A Oy oldin
Jessica Hart
Jessica Hart Oy oldin
I like the vibe you two have together :) hope to see more videos.
Tierra Corbin
Tierra Corbin Oy oldin
Hey I’m new to your channel I enjoy your content
Mystic TK
Mystic TK Oy oldin
This is ass and I don’t ever dislike anything from you.
Not Wednesday
Not Wednesday Oy oldin
"Are those people really clapping?" Bless his heart...
Josh Tatnall
Josh Tatnall Oy oldin
There was one criminal who had just finished his sentence and decided to hijack a car to get back home. However, even though the victim was extremely cooperative, his efforts were completely useless. The car that he tried to steal was a Nissan 350Z....which had a manual clutch. (I think you can see where his troubles began from here.) Wait, it gets worse. On top of that, the car was parked outside of the jail's visitor center, so it was certainly easy for cops to run to arrest him again on the spot.
SarahLee Oy oldin
Alonzo I love you but that's ridiculous it's a 13 minute video and the good part doesn't start until almost 8 minutes in? You should have put some kind of warning in the title that it's just you and some guy talking on headphones for most of it. When you sell out it's disappointing
Jethro Gibbs
Jethro Gibbs Oy oldin
Y’all crack me up I hope to meet you I moved to Charlotte North Carolina it would be cool meet the guy who settle down my axienty attacks
C. R. M.
C. R. M. Oy oldin
Venesa VKittie85
Venesa VKittie85 Oy oldin
I do the same dance to your outro lol! This was great, I love hearing you talk so I'm gonna have to get stereo I guess 🤷‍♀️ although I love seeing your smile too so no worries I'll still watch the videos 💜
Alex Otto
Alex Otto Oy oldin
About Gamestop..... THEY'RE BACK UP $117 BUCKS!!!
Ninx Flametail
Ninx Flametail Oy oldin
You two should collaborate more, you two are so good!!
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