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Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone
Alonzo Lerone 3 oy oldin
MY DICTIONARY IS OUT!! Link in description. Hurry before it’s gone. Only for THIS weekend
Trenton Jaxon
Trenton Jaxon Kun oldin
dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for instaportal password hacker :)
Shitz N Giggles
Shitz N Giggles 2 oy oldin
I'm ocd and I been numbering my socks since I was a teenager. It even worked great in juvenile detention bc I would be looking for a #4 sock 😂😂😂😂 plus if one pair gets extra dirty you won't have a white sock and a now greyish sock matched together lol
Knitting Pasta
Knitting Pasta 3 soat oldin
Socks like to fall between the washing machine drum and the exterior. Some washers are more prone to this than others. Pop that exterior off and have a look see.
Onna W.
Onna W. 5 soat oldin
Who else cringed when he said Elmer 'fudge' instead of Elmer Fudd?
Brian Poe
Brian Poe 10 soat oldin
You are hilarious, loved the video.
elisa castillion
elisa castillion Kun oldin
i safety pin my socks together before i throw them in the wash. never lost another sock again.
Michaela Huffman
Michaela Huffman Kun oldin
Bats are, in fact, mammals. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley Kun oldin
On second thought, the grocery list could be written by someone learning English, having mastered the alphabet (usually taught this first). But more likely written by a child having it dictated by the parent. With "flower" correctly spelled for "flour" this fits best as this would be a word a child would be familiar with.
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley Kun oldin
@3:50 The grocery shopping list seems fake with Everything spelled wrong. Considering the tidy penmanship, the writer has to be old enough to read some & would be seeing (thus reading) the words on the food & other item's packages frequently enough to see their correct spelling of the product names.
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Kun oldin
I found a way of having matching socks-I just bought 3 packs of the Hanes woman's socks, 6 pairs per pack, and only use those socks. When I do the laundry, ALL of my socks are the exact same!
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Kun oldin
That Grocery list is proof that schools are failing our kids-NOTHING was spelled right-Even the last word was spelled for a different meaning-Flower is the pretty plant, but the person means 'flour' that is used for baking bread or cakes
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley Kun oldin
for that meaning the person did NOT spell the word right They meant 'Flour' that is used for baking bread or cakes but spelled it as the pretty plant
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley Kun oldin
Gators _bsbl
Gators _bsbl 2 kun oldin
Was the shirt intentional?😂😂😂
Merrivox 2 kun oldin
Margron... Margerine?
Huffle Mom
Huffle Mom 2 kun oldin
Did he say "Elmer Fudge"? I'm sure I heard wrong.
Crystal Franklin
Crystal Franklin 2 kun oldin
Alonzo, the last item on that "groshury" is NOT spelled correctly. I'm pretty sure they meant flour, like baking flour and I honestly think whoever wrote that misspelled the words intentionally (maybe hoping to get in one of your videos 😁). Surely NOBODY spells that badly.
Michelle Bolieiro
Michelle Bolieiro 2 kun oldin
Wow bats are actually mammals..I really did not know that lol. I had to Google it.
Andrea Pierce
Andrea Pierce 3 kun oldin
People get flewed from Yung Miami.
amanda5887 3 kun oldin
If this is really the dumbest fails finale then 2021 is going to be worse than 2020 😭
Todd Horton
Todd Horton 4 kun oldin
Alonzo They didn't spell the last one right either Flour not Flower Lol I got you tripping on your own shit
Rae storm
Rae storm 4 kun oldin
The shopping list had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shahana Fathah
Shahana Fathah 4 kun oldin
You: satanizing Me: Satan Izing SATAN izing pEopLe bE DoIn dA Ding WiTh sAtAn There you go ppl the definition of (satanizing) Me again: (being proud of myself when I noticed that when NOBODY nobody else did) 🥴 be actin drunk tho
Anthony Bell
Anthony Bell 4 kun oldin
They definitely spelled “sanitizing”wrong😂
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley Kun oldin
Superimposed letters when typing is easy to do. It's the proofreading that can get you in trouble😵
peruanababygirl23 5 kun oldin
I think on the shopping list the m word is margarine
Lawrence Walker
Lawrence Walker 5 kun oldin
3:48 That shopping list was super funny. Whoever wrote it at least wrote flower correct.
Lawrence Walker
Lawrence Walker Kun oldin
@Lorrie Finley What do you mean?
Lorrie Finley
Lorrie Finley Kun oldin
No they didn't
Tracy Kimulette Sabb
Tracy Kimulette Sabb 6 kun oldin
Bats are mammals. Mammals are a species that give live birth. BATS ARE NOT BIRDS.
Rieley Dolan
Rieley Dolan 7 kun oldin
Just get all the same color sock so then you wont know when and if you lost it or not
Prada Clipss
Prada Clipss 7 kun oldin
Make sure ALL of your socks are just 3 basic plain colours, no pattern so if you lose one you switch to the other similar basic colour and problem Solved😜
Indigo Studios
Indigo Studios 8 kun oldin
There is no way they misspelt that shopping list on accident. You can't get every item on the list wrong unintentionally! YA JUST CAN'T!!
LK H1964
LK H1964 8 kun oldin
It seems as if some of these are drunk texts lol
Trise Sanders
Trise Sanders 9 kun oldin
Get an mesh bag for your socks.
Patricia bass
Patricia bass 9 kun oldin
Put socks directly into a mesh lingerie bag. You wash and dry them in that bag. Tada!! You have all your socks kept together through the entire process.
Sara Walton
Sara Walton 9 kun oldin
When you put your socks in a laundry basket use a safety pin to keep them together. After I started doing that I never lost a sock again lol.
Patricia bass
Patricia bass 9 kun oldin
Bats are mammals, not birds.
Patricia bass
Patricia bass 9 kun oldin
They did not spell the last item correctly on the grocery list. 🌼 flower 🌼 flour is used for cooking.
bbean 10 kun oldin
screw Walmart, but it does have its purpose, but if you are looking for help from employees and just need essentials go to WAL - greens instead ;)
Marli DeBise
Marli DeBise 10 kun oldin
His videos get me through the rough times so thank you
William Lemmond
William Lemmond 11 kun oldin
LOVED your call-out on the "white suburian" Trump voter. She may have known how to spell suburban, but if she was in too much of hurry to express herself, that also shows problems with her thinking. ;-)
mîssy 11 kun oldin
Btw a great cousin is your cousins kid I believe....I'm not 100% sure, but I'm 73% sure....ok know it lowered to a 49%... Edit: ok I looked it up and I was right, pretty sure, they really like to complicate things
Yell Jal
Yell Jal 3 kun oldin
Your 1st cousins child is you first cousin once removed. There is no such thing as a great cousin.
Layla Luann
Layla Luann 11 kun oldin
I remember when Barraco Barner was elected president I was a senior in high school at the time.
QuincE DonN
QuincE DonN 12 kun oldin
I think “margron” is margarine
Angelique Austin
Angelique Austin 12 kun oldin
You know good and freakin well she meant *FLOUR* not * FLOWER* she was trying to fry chicken 😂😂😂
iiStrxwberry Flxff
iiStrxwberry Flxff 14 kun oldin
3:27 I think the "margon" was supposed to be margarine 3:56 and the "flower" was probably flour
Lightning Fox
Lightning Fox 15 kun oldin
I need more of this!!!!
黃古歌 16 kun oldin
Something tells me that flower was meant to be flour lol
Shannon Odom
Shannon Odom 16 kun oldin
The secret to your socks is when you take them off you match em up again. Then when you do your laundry obviously unmatch them but guess what you always have mates to your socks. Works great for me!
Lem 56
Lem 56 16 kun oldin
Alonze they didnt spell flower right..thats the wrong type of flower 😂😭
ladydubhblossom 16 kun oldin
100% the dryer demon is eating your socks...you'll have to find a new sacrifice to replace your socks
Ava Walker
Ava Walker 17 kun oldin
Why Dont We is a band, Alonzo.
satyuki uchiha
satyuki uchiha 19 kun oldin
11:23 i think it means the F word
Elaine Bartley
Elaine Bartley 20 kun oldin
I’m sorry but this guy can’t read well enough to really get these.
LittleBitty 34
LittleBitty 34 20 kun oldin
Flower that grows in the ground, flour that is for cooking.
Tasha Houston
Tasha Houston 20 kun oldin
They sell garment bags for the laundry. That's how we keep ours together.
Gele Bryan
Gele Bryan 21 kun oldin
I laughed for 17 minutes straight🤣🤣
dark shadow
dark shadow 21 kun oldin
Put a sock in side a sock
Grace Daywalt
Grace Daywalt 22 kun oldin
I refuse to believe this. I've been watching your videos since sixth grade. I'm a sophomore.
Karim Devji
Karim Devji 22 kun oldin
Make shirts of some of the messed up words! I will buy them for sure!
fennec fawkes
fennec fawkes 22 kun oldin
They might've had a seizure while writing some of these y'all 🤣
Tonya Laney
Tonya Laney 22 kun oldin
It was margarine which is butter and the flower was flour lol
Courtney Kokaly
Courtney Kokaly 23 kun oldin
It is true, bats are actually mammals.
Greshawna Brown
Greshawna Brown 23 kun oldin
On the grocery list he actually did not spell the last thing right, it’s Flour 😭
Tiffany Graham
Tiffany Graham 22 kun oldin
Right, thank you!!!!
Lilyin Schmucker
Lilyin Schmucker 23 kun oldin
Micheal Clifford was in the video. Were are my 5SOS fans at
Izzy Olim
Izzy Olim 23 kun oldin
As if Loubear would get angry at his hubby
myneoangel 24 kun oldin
The baseball one... I’m laughed for at least 15 minutes straight!!
Eva Payton
Eva Payton 24 kun oldin
You could ball each pair up together
subzerodragon1984 25 kun oldin
A bat is a mammal not a bird smh
Miss Goofy
Miss Goofy 25 kun oldin
My brother forgot the grocerylist at home. his wife said he would ONLY get that's on the grocerylist. So he drove home to our mom and took HER grocery list that she had shopped for and drove and bought everything on mom's list.. The wife DIDN'T say HOW'S grocery list!! Wife laughed at this for a long time
Brianna Novak
Brianna Novak 26 kun oldin
I wasn't the only one who notice when he said the last thing on the list was spelled right... the last thing on the list was NOT spelled right... It's "flour" NOT "flower 🌺" Yes I paused the video for this comment BECAUSE I'd forget to ask later 😂💀
Mr. Original
Mr. Original 26 kun oldin
3:12 ...This is satire, right? _Please_ tell me this one is deliberately supposed to be satire...
Char Jones
Char Jones 26 kun oldin
Buy all the same style and colour socks.... ps yes that is the way to spell colour in Canada 🇨🇦
lavender daze
lavender daze 26 kun oldin
If Alonzo made a dictionary for all the misspelled words, he'd never get done. People can not spell or use proper grammar.
guitarded 26 kun oldin
baking flour is spelled FLOUR
Navina Bekheit
Navina Bekheit 26 kun oldin
It’s impossible to keep a pair of socks I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life trying don’t waste any time trying 😂 and I’m only 14 😂
Drippy Cheyy
Drippy Cheyy 26 kun oldin
Lol it’s Flour not flower💀
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 27 kun oldin
I never been under quarintine. I have just been enjoying life.
Chris Morris
Chris Morris 27 kun oldin
Just wear 2 different socks. Fuck if
Sarah Ward
Sarah Ward 27 kun oldin
Flower was supposed to be flour. The one you couldn't get was margarine.
Sinead Sheridan
Sinead Sheridan 27 kun oldin
I'm Nathan Sky's cousin.... first off his name is Nathan SYKES 🤣🤣
Tesha Strenge
Tesha Strenge 27 kun oldin
SOCKS LOL > label them by numbers or letters with a permanent marker
Red Jacket
Red Jacket 27 kun oldin
5:51 ...erm, I hate to break it to you... but bats are mammals... so...
Missy 28 kun oldin
My mom used to use a small safety pin and pin all our socks together before she put them in the washer machine. They never got lost in the washer or dryer.
moriah presley
moriah presley 28 kun oldin
Just mix them
Josh McCavitt
Josh McCavitt 29 kun oldin
BRUH. its elmer FUDD. not elmer fudge
Emalee Marrazzo
Emalee Marrazzo Oy oldin
Bologna is spelled that way because it has an Italian name, it is roughly names based on the Italian city bologna, pronounced Ba-lone-yah, they do have bologna in bologna but it is called mortadella, this is known as the grandfather of bologna. they are made of primarily the same ingredients and are similar to each other. in Italian the majority of g's are silent, gg is pronounced as g, and of course there are exceptions to g being silent, but for the most part a single g is silent
Mary Martinez
Mary Martinez Oy oldin
Put your socks in a laundry bag and zip them up in there and throw in wash the in the dryer
Dr. S.
Dr. S. Oy oldin
Pin the socks together ( safety pin). Each pair together. I usually put 3 or 4 pairs with a regular load of laundry. I got sick of losing socks. I wonder if Jerry Seinfeld was right about what happens to socks in the dryer. Haha.
Polly Padgett
Polly Padgett Oy oldin
Flour is spelled flour. Flower grows in garden. Lol
Maria Marsch
Maria Marsch Oy oldin
Trow out all the socks- buy all black socks that look the same-boom-pair every time 🎰
Starfire 868
Starfire 868 Oy oldin
Flour not flower😂
flickinggamer Oy oldin
Autocorrect probably has a lot to do with some, like the crouton/Crofton switch.
Jami Loy
Jami Loy Oy oldin
Why do you want to stop making the most funny videos you make? Stop making eating videos instead please 🙏🏻
Tiffany Twilley you
Tiffany Twilley you Oy oldin
When I was 4 me and my grandma went to Walmart for Christmas shopping. I had a bunch of dried buggers I couldn’t stop picking. Well I picked as we walked and finally got this big long string of green sinus infected bugger and cheered about it. She looked at me as I explained I got the floper and needed to get it off my finger she told me to hold on while she searched for some wipes. She finally found one but it was to late. Her face went white as I proudly pointed to where I put it. The lady whose ass it was on didn’t appreciate it.
aubry fritz
aubry fritz Oy oldin
A great cousin I dont think exists, there is the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousin, possibly 4th, the "great cousin" would be a 2nd or 3rd I beleave
Yell Jal
Yell Jal 3 kun oldin
There is no such thing as a great cousin.Your cousins child is you first cousin once removed.
Naziia Wilson
Naziia Wilson Oy oldin
I wonder did the person who made the grocery list drop out of school early or are they from a different country.
John Cox Master Cartoonist
John Cox Master Cartoonist Oy oldin
Just a head's up, whether or not you have an 81th (sorry, I meant 81st) one coming, I misspelled "gerbil" in a new She-Stooges cartoon. It's actually pretty funny.
V K Oy oldin
Flour is spelled like this flour not flower.
May Hemmer
May Hemmer Oy oldin
Moriah L
Moriah L Oy oldin
I don’t agree, keep going until you reach 100
Siobhan Dunne Byrne
Siobhan Dunne Byrne Oy oldin
The socks. Get manny many the same colour and shape. The you wont have to worry aboht finding a pair brecause they matxh
Chada 2016
Chada 2016 Oy oldin
And they didn't spell flour ....flower right
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