Dumbest Fails #81 | The most FUNNIEST tweets and memes of all time !! | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

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These best tweets are embarrassing and funny all at the same time ….
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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

Ashley Bran-Alfaro
Ashley Bran-Alfaro 4 kun oldin
Lol 😂
Chateece Chappelle
Chateece Chappelle 4 kun oldin
Since you said it, can you do a Kayne West
A Cole World
A Cole World 6 kun oldin
Chitlins is a gift from God! 😭😂
Chelsea Sheehan
Chelsea Sheehan 6 kun oldin
Did that one person on the Africa post not know that there are white skinned people in Africa? Especially South Africa I think?
Chelsea Sheehan
Chelsea Sheehan 6 kun oldin
What the heck are chitlins?
Cannon B
Cannon B 7 kun oldin
not james charles.. too soon
Cannon B
Cannon B 7 kun oldin
Cannon B
Cannon B 7 kun oldin
kanye mad about a water bottle.. how many kids he got?? 😅😅😅
Lindsey Atmore
Lindsey Atmore 7 kun oldin
That cat shelter part took me out 😵
Fire_ant_ 187x
Fire_ant_ 187x 9 kun oldin
Whoever tweeted that they don't like being around white people deserve that tweet they got! How you going to say some racist shit and then be offended when somebody Returns the favor!
May Ling Gallow
May Ling Gallow 10 kun oldin
Um....there's white people in Africa.
May Ling Gallow
May Ling Gallow 10 kun oldin
M 11 kun oldin
Funniest thing was not a tweet, but I complained about Vikki Hentemann because she is so very racist and she came to me and started yelling (I'm not racist! You are! Because when a white woman says something about you, you call it racism but when a black woman says the same thing you don't call it that! THAT IS RACISM! And I said( You are so stupid if you haven't realized that I'm black this whole unfortunate year that I've known you, and that when a black woman calls me nigga that's completely fine but when you say it preceded by the sentence (I hate you) that is racism! Some people are so stupid to realize that they are stupid.
M 11 kun oldin
The planetarium is this place with a big dome where they show you the planets of the solar system and the galaxy...etc.
Queen Meka Meek
Queen Meka Meek 18 kun oldin
Lol I def felt the deodorant one. You d.a be smelling like onions when you use those natural deodorant .. Glad it wasn't just me. I can't f with that s*** 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Andrea Hubb
Andrea Hubb 18 kun oldin
Chitlins= 🙅🏾‍♀️
Arin Laschober
Arin Laschober 19 kun oldin
I would love to see you and Charlotte Dobre do a reaction video together. Would be hilarious.
Judy Hardin
Judy Hardin 20 kun oldin
Love dumbest fails
Lissa Whit
Lissa Whit 22 kun oldin
Planetarium boo you are from NC. UNC Chapel Hill has one lol
Christina Smith
Christina Smith 23 kun oldin
Hate chitlings btw😁
Ms. Jevi Capiok
Ms. Jevi Capiok 23 kun oldin
And I just search what 'pegging' means 😶 Dang!!
Alana Albarado
Alana Albarado 25 kun oldin
@1:05 - I don’t get it....🤔 I watched it a few times and still couldn’t get it😏🤷🏻‍♀️
Stephanie Mellor
Stephanie Mellor 26 kun oldin
Ohhh god. I am from the UK and Dogging means something totally different here. I now got version of a group of old men looking in the steamed up windows of a car. Somewhere in the middle of the country. Google it just don't UZpost it .
Aundria Cooper Premo
Aundria Cooper Premo 26 kun oldin
Jaden Smith's would be hilarious 😂
Peter Souza
Peter Souza 26 kun oldin
i cant be maJUDGED!!!
Webby 26 kun oldin
What are chitlins? Because the only reason I know that word is my dad called us that when we were kids. And I know your sister wasn’t going around eating kids!
Tripp Stolte
Tripp Stolte 27 kun oldin
I don’t know Kanye West but after this video I’m glad I dont
Stevie Knopf
Stevie Knopf 28 kun oldin
In my opinion, in the last tweet both of them were wrong in what they said. They were just spreading hate.
Gabriella Lewis
Gabriella Lewis 28 kun oldin
Those of us who don’t have endless travel funds and fly as “coach peasants” would just like a tiny cup of water but sure kanye complain about your whole water bottle 😂😂😂
Artam Studio
Artam Studio 25 kun oldin
and it was probably Volvic or Fiji or some other "Instagram-worthy" brand of water, no Crystal Springs or Dasani
LavaRaid 29 kun oldin
Atlanta ain’t as Gay as Oregon tho 🤣
MatthewD1918 Oy oldin
I’m late but OMG THIS IS DUMBEST FAILS #81!!
Susana Cardona
Susana Cardona Oy oldin
I cannot wait for the day that people see other human being and don't judge for it's color of skin
C'iara Daniielle
C'iara Daniielle Oy oldin
You can get chitlins in the south at Walmart: they come in a red tub and a white tub.
miss gamerfan
miss gamerfan Oy oldin
a planetarium is building that you see different planets and stars and the solar system.
jagirl966 Oy oldin
7:35 if you can't smell it, hear it and feel it as it hit you......
Katelynn Alexandrea
Katelynn Alexandrea Oy oldin
TL;DR: Rush Limbaugh is trash and you probably shouldn't ask lol
Nicole Toliver
Nicole Toliver Oy oldin
My daughter as a baby refused and cried whenever her father tried to pick her up. He was a terrible person. She is grown now and still don't like him.
Efficient Future
Efficient Future Oy oldin
The smell of old people is actually the smell of the bacteria eating away at their body tissue as they age.
Linda R. King
Linda R. King Oy oldin
My grandpa would make it every new year. I miss it. I grew up in a mixed family and I think it’s a delicacy that most wouldn’t agree with. Chitlins and greens and ohhhh my fav neck bones 😊
Maybe Me
Maybe Me Oy oldin
“Most funniest”??
aiden's uwulele corner
aiden's uwulele corner Oy oldin
Love me some chitlins. 👀
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Oy oldin
Rush Limbaugh was a conservative talk radio show host. He passed away recently
Furry Mike
Furry Mike Oy oldin
We have a planetarium in Columbus
Sopralto Oy oldin
That last one was bad from both ends...
Whats-My-Fandom Oy oldin
7:41 I smell it AND hear it!
jagirl966 Oy oldin
I can smell, hear and feel it.
Eirik Olsen
Eirik Olsen Oy oldin
I didn't get the cars 2 in the movie theater one because of the key word being censored, so I have no idea what was actually said...
Ashalon 87
Ashalon 87 Oy oldin
I would love to see a video with only Kanye posts/quotes 🤣
Jessica Reed
Jessica Reed Oy oldin
Rush was a homophobe who made fun of gay deaths on live television everytime a gay guy died.
Meghan Salazar
Meghan Salazar Oy oldin
How did you say Chernobyl??
Jami Loy
Jami Loy Oy oldin
YOU are the funniest thing I've ever seen on social media Alonzo! That's why you are a shooting star! 🌠
Olga83 Oy oldin
My family survived Chernobyl. So that shit was not funny. It's not a "get a dictionary", it's a "get a history book"!
Meredith Griffith
Meredith Griffith Oy oldin
Kanye West talking about being responsible for a water bottle... YOU GOT KIDS MY DUDE
alex houck
alex houck Oy oldin
Chernobyl it’s in Ukraine my comrade look it up How to pronounce it
Babyface Weeb
Babyface Weeb Oy oldin
Rush Limbaugh was a anti abortion advocate and he sucked. People have been donating to Planned Parenthood in his name. 😂
Alexys Elliott
Alexys Elliott Oy oldin
I have this girl from hs who could be feature in this series
Dooby Rhome
Dooby Rhome Oy oldin
That Shit Spangling...! 😂🤣
Eliza Oy oldin
Umm there's is white people in africa too there was this whole thing called apartheid maybe read up on Nelson mandela so going back to africa wouldn't help anyway
0:39 Comments like that just piss me off. It’s like they live completely unaware that not everyone is as lucky or privileged as them.😒
Josie Estudillo
Josie Estudillo Oy oldin
I missed dumbest fails!
Elicia Seward
Elicia Seward Oy oldin
Rush Limbaugh was racist and sexist lol
PrestonTales Oy oldin
Everyone's gangster until Alonzo spells something wrong
smjbmsb Oy oldin
sometimes i have to facepalm with my phone. planetarium having plants 😂. you’re my favorite, alonzo, but it’s for planets. and rush limbaugh ohhhhh he so awful. you don’t even want to know the awful things he’s said.
shitheed smackerson
shitheed smackerson Oy oldin
I didnt know chitlins was a food....I call children chitlins.
Krys Copeland
Krys Copeland Oy oldin
Rush Limbaugh said and did racist and sexist things, such as the Black frame of mind was "terrible" and calling a female student a "slut" and "prostitute". There's like...hundreds of recorded incidents. If there was a hell, Rush Limbaugh would be in it.
Doug Kichman
Doug Kichman Oy oldin
Rush died of lung cancer.
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny Oy oldin
“He don’t know what I do” I’m crying 💀
Jasmine Minor
Jasmine Minor Oy oldin
Honestly you can just do a whole video on kanye tweets 🤣
RydiaLS83 Oy oldin
planetarium: it's almost like your wearing a VR headset playing a virtual reality game or watching a virtual reality movie. but it's whole room is the VR head set. and it's mostly used to teach history about the Planets, Space events or Earth. some are use for fun entertainment events. like a laser show or now these days for virtual reality hologram concerts.
Abby Acquah
Abby Acquah Oy oldin
Alonzo, you need to watch the Avengers movies. All your WandaVison questions will be answered.
nileinfinity Oy oldin
disliking bc i like chitlins 😫
Ashley Johnson
Ashley Johnson Oy oldin
Go to the Planetarium at Discovery Place in Charlotte lol
Mikayla Tennant
Mikayla Tennant Oy oldin
Is it only me that heard 0% off? 👏😮👏
CannonZeroKiryu Oy oldin
Just saving this for myself 3:29 My grandma always be smelling like her garden after she waters her flowers
Ivy99999 Oy oldin
7:40 I can HEAR the ball in this picture
Jazzmine Scott
Jazzmine Scott Oy oldin
Lol these were actually really funny. Lol they usually are but I definitely want another video like this 😂😂😂but bruh his pronunciation on Chernobyl and Stephen threw me off 😕 🤨. Still love your videos though lol
Madison Robinson
Madison Robinson Oy oldin
Fulltime Rver
Fulltime Rver Oy oldin
I am shocked and appalled. 🤯🤣 I love to say that. This is great
Ms. Brizown Kasey Brown
Ms. Brizown Kasey Brown Oy oldin
A planetarium is a dome structure where they project the planets, and sometimes do sweet laser light shows. We have one in my home town of Flint, Michigan. It used to be a fun weekend thing to do with friends when I was in high school. The laser light shows would be to different music like, the Doors, Nirvana, or other 90s bands.
The rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocks
The rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocks Oy oldin
@9:15 they are just as bad as each other
What Will I Watch?
What Will I Watch? Oy oldin
2:59 Wow, blast from the past. I don't have Twitter, but someone had me watch "Josh Groban Sings Kanye West Tweets" by Jimmy Kimmel Live on UZpost in 2011, and I remember that particular quote from it, lol.
Amelia Shostak
Amelia Shostak Oy oldin
It's Stephen, just like Steven.....It's Steve Alonzo.....STEVE!! LMAO
Amelia Shostak
Amelia Shostak Oy oldin
OMG!! Did he REALLY just say Chernobyl like that.....?!?
Lisa Marie Johnson
Lisa Marie Johnson Oy oldin
When Alonso's says get a dicanary. Me in primary 1 what is a dicanary.
Bee Dotz
Bee Dotz Oy oldin
Lisa Marie Johnson
Lisa Marie Johnson Oy oldin
isabella vdb
isabella vdb Oy oldin
What is Chitlins...
Badwolffang production
Badwolffang production Oy oldin
I hate chitlins so much! My dad warmed them up in the microwave one time and the whole house smelled like a nursing home...we had to throw away the microwave cuz anything else we warmed up in there smelled like old people.
Allison Beattie
Allison Beattie Oy oldin
That Kanye West tweet about the water bottle legit had me hanging my head. THIS IS WHERE HUMANITY HAS ENDED UP Y'ALL!!!!
sierra Price
sierra Price Oy oldin
2:33 yo i asked the same thing😂
Abbie Abela
Abbie Abela Oy oldin
Just look up anything Alex Gaskarth has tweeted on Twitter and you will need a new brain 😂
Schwa Enigma
Schwa Enigma Oy oldin
Funniest post I've seen in a while was the meme that said wearing a turtle neck and a chain had people looking like the black Power Ranger. My only response was to look for that picture of The Rock wearing exactly that 😂
Megan Cihak
Megan Cihak Oy oldin
Someone hit my car today. The car my broke-ass college self has been working toward for years. The car I got a month ago. And now I have to figure out how to pay for the $1600 damages. As you guys can see, my day wasn’t the best, but thank you to Alonzo for making me feel a little bit better with his video :)
cecily boyd
cecily boyd Oy oldin
Rush limbaugh was a very hardcore right-wing radio host that was Alex Jones before Alex Jones. LoL
Shelby Olson
Shelby Olson Oy oldin
This dude said 0% off and I laughed so hard I choked on my cheesecake. I almost died but it was worth it 😂❤️
Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy Oy oldin
Some of the random Kanye West tweets, I was thinking "is that Kanye or Jaden Smith"?
Lupe Torres
Lupe Torres Oy oldin
He should try hot Cheetos and Hershey milk chocolate frosting I swear by it it’s delicious
Jaylen Clark
Jaylen Clark Oy oldin
"that s*** spanglin" 💀💀💀
7:42 bombardment 🤣🤣🤣🤣 simpsons joke also 742 is the address no i dont eat chitterlings
Not Wednesday
Not Wednesday Oy oldin
*Alonzo buying a ticket at the planetarium:* So how many different kinds of plants y'all have in there?
DancerMusicanActress Oy oldin
I love chitlins!
Adore Jas
Adore Jas Oy oldin
My friend served in the Navy and he shared that tweet about smoking crack over serving again 😂😂😂
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