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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.

lulu brasil
lulu brasil 9 soat oldin
When I was little my mom told me to get two vines from our tree because both me and my brother where going to get a woopin when I came back with the vines I was crying like crazy, my little brother asked why u crying she didn't hit us yet, and I answered, " because I'm stupid, I got a tiny vine for you and my vines bigger than me😭!!! I'm going to die because I'm an idiot!!! My mom was at the top of the stairs laughing her butt off 🤣😂
Shannon Wilson
Shannon Wilson Kun oldin
I've done stupid stuff putting 9 volt battery in wallet yelling through plug socket holes in school you name it.
Ashton Richmond
Ashton Richmond 4 kun oldin
Make a part 7
Tawayna Hemmings
Tawayna Hemmings 4 kun oldin
Primary school is what you guys call middle school but primary school stops at sixty grade
Tarskds Foods
Tarskds Foods 4 kun oldin
I don't know exactly how old I was for sure anywhere from 4-7 but I was on the computer and I randomly decided I wanted a roasted marshmallow so I stuck a marshmallow on a pencil and tried to roast it over a lit candle. It didn't work and my mom woke up from her nap to the smell of some of her tax papers burning because somehow they caught on fire. Also when I was around 13 or 14 I tried to put a candle out by waving a blanket. It worked and nothing started on fire but there was candle wax everywhere that was still on the walls and ceiling like 4 or 5 years later. I'm going to be 29 soon and my mom still freaks out when I'm around candles.I also tried to set my mom up with almost every guy we saw starting when I was like maybe 4. It apparently got to the point where whenever I saw a guy I'd immediately just say "I suppose you're already married too". To add some clarity my mom and father got divorced when I was really young and I just wanted a new dad.
Tae’s nation
Tae’s nation 5 kun oldin
primary school is just elementary school we just call it different in the Caribbean
Ebuka Chukas
Ebuka Chukas 5 kun oldin
Primary school is grade 1 to grade 6 Grade 7 to grade 9 is junior secondary school (Nigeria)
Olivia W
Olivia W 5 kun oldin
Dumbest thing I did when I was 5 or 6, I used to put lipgloss on myself and then practice kissing my playroom door. Lets just say when my mom would ask me why there was a bunch of lipstick on the back of the door, I acted like my friend had done it. Never me lmao.
megan griffin
megan griffin 5 kun oldin
so no one saw u punch the lotion...?
Fat Boy's Garage
Fat Boy's Garage 6 kun oldin
One of the dumbest things I did as a kid was stick my hand in an muffler. I was 10 or 11 at the time. When I went to pull my hand out, I cut my wrist. It never blead, but it cut me to the bone. My father gave me a belt to bite down on while he sprayed it with carburator cleaner and his employee super glued it back together. My father was surprised that I barely cried. To this day, I still have a big scar on my right wrist.
Naomi_cochran._. 6 kun oldin
PVA glue is like embers glue but like the liquid glue and primary school (if I’m not wrong) is preschool or kindergarten (correct me if I’m wrong)
trunell jackson
trunell jackson 6 kun oldin
I was told around 1 year old I ate the nose off one of my grandmother's nativity set figures Also, around 3 years old my mother ordered pizza and while everyone else was in one room I snuck into the kitchen and ate all the cheese off of the pizza but left the sauce and pizza dough and closed the box back up no one realized what I did till 20 or 30 minutes later they thought it was the dogs til they found me finishing the last bit of cheese with sauce all over my hands and face
SilverCheetah-the-Yautja-Ambu 6 kun oldin
When I was little I heard the smoke detector in the kitchen go off. They always said in school if there was a fire to Stop, Drop, and Roll. I guess I missed the part where you were supposed to be on fire at the time, and I wasn’t quite sure when to stop. So my mom found me just rolling back and forth on the living room floor 😂😂😂
Viktória Balogh
Viktória Balogh 6 kun oldin
I snorted chalk powder And no I was not a kid lol Got me me proper I'll and a high temperature 🤣
thesorry girl
thesorry girl 6 kun oldin
I remember my first thought ....I was 3. My father put me in my wooden high chair with eggs, toast and a fork. He had to go downstairs to light the fire (wood furnace). I was far away from any sockets or anything dangerous. But I notice how the fork could fit into the socket and I reached forward and leaned so far that my high chair tipped over and slammed on the floor (it was a very old high chair -handed down. Very heavy). I cried because I got a fright. I don't remember whether I hurt myself or not but I do remember my father clambering up the stairs cursing because he got a fright....so I mean...there are people who can remember some things. I have a idedic memory. I can remember A LOT of things. Especially phone numbers.
HEYBITCH Rata 7 kun oldin
Ok so when i was 6 I decided to grab everything in my kitchen, AND I MEAN EVERYTHING, and spill it all over my walls and floor, i was with my older cousin he was about 19 and he heard something downstairs and came running to find me on the floor spilling some juice on my masterpiece. When my mom got home i legit ran out of the house to the backyard and it was raining and i fell on a puddle
Louis Jitae Van Tubergen
Louis Jitae Van Tubergen 8 kun oldin
My brother and I (6 & 5yo) decided to make a swimming pool cause we didn't have one, my brother did most of the work by blocking the doors with towels and putting hosepipe in the house, needless to say my brother got a big ass whooping while I just swimmed past my dad.
Devaun Chandler
Devaun Chandler 8 kun oldin
I always love your videos!
Carolina Hawkins
Carolina Hawkins 8 kun oldin
I hope this makes it to the next video but when i was about 4 years old i was making bracelets on my bed when i fell asleep.I woke up at like 1 am complaining of ear pain my mom thinking i just had a scratch in my ear took a flash like and saw a bead half way down my ear.Her not wanting to go to the ER at 1 am because her child was stupid made me stand with my head on her lap for 45 minutes with a medicine syringe squirting water down my ear until it came out i have never slept with anything smaller than my ear again
kikka adriana
kikka adriana 8 kun oldin
When my sister was 5 years old she put a dry bean in his nose, and she didn't tell my parents nothing, because she was afraid my mom would weep his ass, until my dad notice that the nose start to swallow, when he looked better in his nose the bean started to sprout, he took her to hospital right away(the bean was smal one)
Morgan Bullock
Morgan Bullock 9 kun oldin
I just realized he reminds me of cuba gooding junior now I can’t unsee it
Rachel Ruiz
Rachel Ruiz 9 kun oldin
I ran into a door knob.... lol.. now I get a lot of headaches😎🤙
XxCaramelichuxX 9 kun oldin
The absolute DUMBEST thing ive done as a kid was that i thought it was smart to light a candle wit a popsicle stick..i ALMOST BURNED MY KITCHEN DOWN,btw i was 9-🤣🤣🤣
AbiRdiEtOldMe 10 kun oldin
Not myself but my brother. I was 9 and my brother 6. My brother watched me get an eyelash out of my eye that was bothering me. So I guess he decided that the logical thing to do was try to pull out all of his eyelashes. My mom had to put eye liner where the missing chunks of lashes would be before we went to school the next morning. We both got in trouble.
Ashley Baker
Ashley Baker 11 kun oldin
If you call 911 and hang up, they usually call back. If no one answers (or I guess if a police officer is patrolling nearby) they send someone to the address.
Emma Wood
Emma Wood 11 kun oldin
When I was one I lit a match and set the chair I was sitting on, on fire. We still have the chair and every time I go hey there’s the hole I caught on fire as a baby
Nicole Lafferty
Nicole Lafferty 11 kun oldin
Dumbest thing I did as a kid: I was about 8 or 9 and I had an empty popcorn tin and some old things I didn't want anymore. So, instead of being logical and just throwing them away, my little pyro of a brain decided why not climb on the kitchen chair and get the matches from the top cabinet. So I go back up stairs into my brothers old room and light a match and set the tin on fire. Next thing I know, there's flames and lots of smoke; so I quick open the window and let the smoke blow out and pray like hell my dad or any one who works with him (he worked just down the road from our house and was constantly driving by to get to the cattle yard behind our house) wouldn't see and call 911 or worse send my dad home cause he'd kick my ass. After countlessly running up and down the stairs for glasses of water, I had managed to put the fire out and got rid of the smoke, but the carpet where I had it was burned and there was soot on the walls. So, I had to do major cleaning and rearranging before my parents got home 😂. Managed to hide the burned carpet for about 9 or 10 years until I had to confess cause we were moving - did I mention, it wasn't our house😬.
Brionna Lachney
Brionna Lachney 11 kun oldin
My brother and I was about 3 and my cat had just gave birth so my brother and I thought it would be a good idea to go take one of her baby for a bath 5 minutes later my mom came in there and my brother is just on the floor crying and my mom asked what happened I told here we gave the kitty a bath .
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 12 kun oldin
When i was like 4 or 5 me and my family were on our way home and we stopped at a gas station. My mom went in to go pay for the gas and I was waiting in the car with my brother and sister. I told my siblings to tell my mom that I went in to go to the bathroom when she came back to the car. So I go in and use the restroom and I come back out to get back in the car and I see my mom driving away. I'm was so sad and confused I started to ball my eyes out until she came back. Turns out that my brother and sister didn't tell my mom that I went in to to go to the bathroom. The only reason she noticed I wasn't there is that she started talking to me and nobody responded. I got a whole tub if ice cream after that and my siblings got nothing😂😏
Livvy Rae
Livvy Rae 12 kun oldin
Lmfao @ the lotion punch @ 3:20 😂 exposed! Hahaha
Suzy the Cockatoo
Suzy the Cockatoo 12 kun oldin
Can you do the dumbest thing we saw our dads do?
Blue Berry
Blue Berry 12 kun oldin
It wasn’t me but the girls in my ELEMENTARY SCHOOL....as in 4 graders used to shove vodka filled tampons up their 😺 to get drunk
SirJixro 13 kun oldin
Can we just address this at 3:20? What are you trying to hide? He said "oh" then WHAM! Lotion bottle has disappeared😅🤣🤣🤣😂 NOICE!!
EnbyGaming0 13 kun oldin
I don't know if this counts but it's funny; When I was growing up I had a bad speech impediment and one of my favorite toys were toy trucks and I was with my parents at Walmart looking for a new toy (I was like 6, okay) and I was trying to say "I want the truck!" and instead I said "I want the (F-word)"
jsde 13 kun oldin
When I was in 8th grade I was in class with some friends, it was Wednesday and maybe about 10 am or 11 am and we decided we wanted to order pizza. We looked up places that delivered to our location. We were short on money so we asked a teacher for money and they gave it to us. We ended up ordering the pizza and some time after it came. (Mind you, this is a middle school in a mall and don't be jealous it was a dry mall🚶🏾). But anywho, this was only between our small group and when one of the kids went to go to the elevator to get the pizza some kid who was high followed him even after we SPECIFICALLY told the bird brain not to. Since the teacher only allowed us to go down stairs and not the other kid he called the principal and she called our parents and told them, we didn't even get the pizza either cause the teachers ate it. After that people started putting gum in the principal's chair and it was the highlight of our year. 😁
somm somm
somm somm 14 kun oldin
I thought a tata trot was women running with there tatas out to find out it’s to raise money for breast cancer
Sanele Simelane
Sanele Simelane 14 kun oldin
The chaos towards the end😂. My Goodness!!
Ai-Rose Night
Ai-Rose Night 15 kun oldin
This isn't mines but my cousins, so my cousin who was about probably 10 or 12 was home sick, but her younger brother went to school that day but he was crying when he got on the bus all because he couldn't get a snack. So what he did told everyone she got hit by a bus and die 😂😂and everyone in the school believe him of course not the teachers but when she got back on the bus the next day everyone was shock to see her at school they ask her if she was alright and everything and told her that her brother told everyone she die and got hit by a bus. When she told her parents all my uncle & older siblings did was laughing there butts off I did to after she told me that story Also my family do stupid stuff now that look back on it🤦🏾‍♀️
Danny Marie Williams
Danny Marie Williams 15 kun oldin
Very funny video 🤣🤣 much needed laughs and yes there were fairies in Sleeping Beauty . The one you were thinking of is Snow White and the seven Dwarfs . Love both of those movies ❤️
Allison Wiley
Allison Wiley 15 kun oldin
I was about two at this time I believe. My dad was pushing me on my swing set and I didn’t know that when he let go of the swing I was supposed to hold onto the chains. So he lets go of the swing and I let go of the chains and went flying across the yard and landed on my arm in our gravel driveway. Broke my arm. I’ve probably done dumber things than that but that sticks out the most In my memories.
Lydia Heilman
Lydia Heilman 15 kun oldin
I have sooooo many of these stupid stories, I don’t even know which one to tell. Here are a few: I used to eat country time *yes the brand is important* lemonade powder with a spoon. I’d down half a jug of that stuff. My parents eventually just stopped buying it. Okay, story #2, when I was in preschool we made an igloo out of milk jugs and hot glue. Everyday at nap time we chose a different person who got to sleep in the igloo. One day, on my turn, I just picked up a little ball of hot glue and shoved it up my nose. And last, but not least, when I was three I thought hugging got people pregnant. Lmao
Regi B
Regi B 16 kun oldin
Sleeping Beauty had 3 fairies :) a red one, a blue one, and a green one. See Disney’s Maleficent ❤️
Im awesome
Im awesome 16 kun oldin
Please put this in the 2021 stupid things we did as kids Ok so when I was 5 or 6 I decided to go on the ottoman and I wanted to fly so I jumped off in a leap Landed in a right split then I screamed frickn bloody murder 😱🥺 and I could not get up my mom had to help me hahahahahahahahahhaha
_Unknown_Killer_ 16 kun oldin
When i was like 1 or 2 i had like a piggyback that needed a key to open it I ate one of them and threw the other one out the window
Brittany Geisler
Brittany Geisler 16 kun oldin
Dumbest Thing I Did As a Kid I shoved a grilled cheese sandwich into the vcr because I was curious if it would fit. It fit, but the vcr wouldn't eject my sandwich and my dad had to help me get it out. I got in trouble.
Shaye Robertson
Shaye Robertson 16 kun oldin
Alonzo I love you, you make my day 😍😍
Joseph Farr
Joseph Farr 17 kun oldin
I don't believe the Jaycee story, you can't disengage a handbrake without pressing the brake pedal
Sophie B
Sophie B 17 kun oldin
I took a caterpillar home from a walk when I was like 5-6 years old. I kept it in a Tupperware with a few leaves from my yard so I could watch it turn into a butterfly. My grandpa worked in a garden/pet store at the time and we went to visit him. I brought my pet caterpillar with me so I could show my grandpa's friends at the store. Later, we left the store when I remembered that I had set my caterpillar down somewhere in the store. I made my mom take me back to search the store for my pet caterpillar... we never found him.
Mary Jackson
Mary Jackson 17 kun oldin
The dumbest thing I ever did was set a paper towel on fire and dropped it on a pillow. And when the pillow caught on fire I went to the fridge and got the Koolaid and poured the whole jug of Koolaid on the pillow then threw it in the backyard
Rebecca Jean Bozeman
Rebecca Jean Bozeman 18 kun oldin
the dumbest thing I did as a kid... well toddler was opened the ajax powder and ate some.... needless to say, I had to take a lot of trips to the hospital. Fast forward a few years later I think I was 4 or 5 years old I was sitting on an old table that was shakey and my nana had put a glazed ham straight from the oven so it was still very hot and I was putting on my shoes and the table,me and the hot gazed ham had fallen I wound up getting second and third-degree burns on my right arm and my but cheek. When I was 4 years old I use to ride horses and I was grooming a horse named Cadet and apparently, I use to let him stand on my foot and I did not even cry. I have many more dumb things I did but I am 23 now so yay I survived them all at least. :)
Faith Chant
Faith Chant 18 kun oldin
When I was a newborn, my mother was cuddling me in her hospital bed. She laid me down to use the bathroom and I somehow found momentum to make myself roll almost off the bed. Let’s just say, I had a barrier around my crib and bed after that.
michael whaley
michael whaley 18 kun oldin
Snow white was the dwarfs and a apple sleeping beauty was with 3 fairys and a cursed needle
Zy Parsons
Zy Parsons 18 kun oldin
One of the dumbest things I did as a kid was give one of my teddy bears plastic surgery
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
my sister was walking backwards doing tik toks and walked into the trash can
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
the dwarfs is snow white lol
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
the other day my sister came to me and my step mom and said i got a penny stuck in my ear and i said why would you do that and she said that my brother told her to do it and she is 8 and he is 6 lol we laughted so hard
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
oh yeah another time i was playing buries with my mom and i got the house phone and called 44444444449114444444444 and i thought the cops wouldn't come and when they got there i was so scared i was crying and old them it was my moms fault
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
another time i was riding a bike and a fly flow in my ear and i almost reacked because i thought it was flying around me lol
Ally Tolliver
Ally Tolliver 18 kun oldin
one time i put a Walmart bag on my back like a back pack and tried to fly lol
Crystal Mattei
Crystal Mattei 18 kun oldin
When I was ten I got a visa gift card for x-mas. My mom said I can get anything I want online and in the store. I wanted to be the only person in my town to walk a duck on a leash. So I ordered 2 ducks online . My mom found out and said I could keep only one but the company would let me just buy one so she had to return them... still think about this ducks to this day 😂😂😂😂
Grace Jaynes
Grace Jaynes 18 kun oldin
Love you so much lol
Fukurō 18 kun oldin
When i was about 7-8 years old, i had this habit of taking out the tip from inside markers after it was almost dried fully, put them on water and dye the water. One day i did that in the living room using a green marker which i took out of the glass after the water became bright green. My older brother who’s 4 years older than me came home from school and came to me, he took the glass and started drinking. I yelled “NO!!” And he just stopped and asked “what???” I was scared to say anything and just said a soft “nothing” and he continued drinking it thinking that it was Green Apple Juice. I’m 23 now and he still doesn’t know what he drank.
E T 18 kun oldin
...I swallowed a penny when I was in 2nd grade Also in 4th grade a kid in my class was playing with a stapler in the library and stapled there finger....
Ania Paris
Ania Paris 19 kun oldin
I use to get those things you throw on the ground and pop. One day my friend and I decided to throw the left over dust on our heads and pretend that it was pixie dust like in tinker bell. I then continue to jump off the stairs onto the concrete. Sadly we didn’t fly but I did ended up with stitches. 🥺🥺. 🧚‍♀️🧚🧚‍♂️
Sophie Di Regolo
Sophie Di Regolo 19 kun oldin
The dumbest thing I did, was when I was 4. I saw some ants crawling across the ground. I picked them up and ate them. Then I convinced my little brother to do the same thing. 🤦🏼‍♀️
jack utrera
jack utrera 19 kun oldin
When I was 1.2 years old I thought I had wings so I jump off a bunk bed... now I need braces 😔😭✌🏽(my mom tells me this every year)
Jasmyn Layton
Jasmyn Layton 20 kun oldin
When i was about 7 or 8 , me and some friends were playing outside and we were pretending to be superheroes.. my being a little chunky i wanted to sit on the rail like all my other friends my older sister told me not to do it but I didn’t listen...... i flipped over and my arm snapped, crackled , and popped like rice crispies.
Yarnza 20 kun oldin
I knew a kid who snorted pop rocks
Taboolynn Twitch
Taboolynn Twitch 20 kun oldin
My husband told me that when he was a kid he would swallow his change to keep his brother from taking it. I asked him if he pooped it back out. He said, “Not that I remember.”
Shaela Duncan
Shaela Duncan 20 kun oldin
When I was three or four I was in my uncles room (I think he was high school aged 🤷🏾‍♀️) and he wasn’t watching me very well. I took the little circle battery out of my Dora toy and then proceeded to swallow it. My mom took me to the hospital and they sent us home and told my mom to monitor my waste. She spent the next few weeks chopping up my poop with a hanger and we never found the battery.
Crow Manson
Crow Manson 20 kun oldin
The only thing I ever snorted as a kid was a handful of salt seasoning salt and pepper....because my twin sister told me to. I didn’t trust her after that. But then I forgot about the pepper incident and she told me that my mother’s jar of rose scented soap shavings (which so happened to contain my grandmothers ashes from my mother’s side) was candy. So I ate that and immediately puked. Getting older was quite a ride because I suddenly developed low self esteem as soon as I entered the middle school in 6th grade. I was riding a razor scooter down a wet hill and fell which fractured a bone in my right wrist. I refused to tell anyone including my mom about it and finally came clean a week before it fully healed. As expected my mom didn’t care which validated why I never told her about anything. I thought I was being a baby about it and forced myself to eat using my fractured wrist. Think of the most painful way to die and multiply that pain by 3, that’s how bad holding even a pencil in my writing hand was. But I forced myself to write my cursive, type out documents, write out longhand math, eat, and of coarse, ride my scooter to school, all on my fractured wrist. But the most stupid thing I have ever done was attempt to hitchhike 52 miles from my moms house in limmington to my fathers house in auburn, only to be brought back home by a concerted middle aged man with a mullet who smokes his weight in weed, had a morbidly obese wife while he was as thin as a twig, and slept in a tent in his friends mother’s backyard. I often wonder if he’s still alive and how he’s doing today. So if you’re reading this and this story sounds familiar, comment below that it is you who caught me hitchhiking. You made an impression on me I will never forget. And I’d like to keep in touch.
Nova Anime Wolf Gacha
Nova Anime Wolf Gacha 20 kun oldin
Primary school is K1 and K2 doesn't have to be and first grade to sixth grade
BGSKG83 20 kun oldin
Sleeping beauty grew up in a cotage with 3 faeries, because Malificent's "gift" was to make her sleep/die before she turned 16. It was the day of her 16th birthday Sleeping Beauty(AKA Aurora) pricked her finger on a spinling rock and fell asleep until her prince woke her with a kiss. The one with the Dwarfes is Snow White, who ate a poisoned apple and everyone thought dead, until the Prince kissed her and lodged the apple-pease out of her mouth.
Raylene Lynch
Raylene Lynch 21 kun oldin
This is when I was probably 10ish. I have a thing about when I'm either really excited or really nervous that I have the urge to to chew on things. Like I would bite my nails, chew gum, chew on my pens/pencils or something like that. Well I was coming home from a drive in theater, and was chewing on a glow stick. I ended up popping the plastic and spit out the liquid because it tasted bad. I then found out that it made my spit glow. I thought that it was super cool and facinating. So I kept putting it in my mouth and spitting it out, until my mom caught me and scolded me for being an idiot. I never tried it again though, because I hated the taste.
MetaGiga 21 kun oldin
When I was 4 or 5, my parents bought me a Buzz Lightyear for my birthday. My mom said that rather than display excitement for my present, I displayed absolute surprise and my face looked like I just witnessed a murder. When mom asked what was wrong, I apparently whispered real loud, “IT’S BUZZ LIGHTYEAR.” The next day, she found me hiding outside of my room and carefully peeking through the door to see if the Buzz Lightyear would come to life.
Gabriel Ellis
Gabriel Ellis 21 kun oldin
the "crimes" committed as children would fall under statue of limitations being that they are not murders and only thefts technically
Mishka Gordon
Mishka Gordon 21 kun oldin
Their parent could have told them the story duhhh cause I barley remember anything from yesterday
Rosen Eclipse
Rosen Eclipse 22 kun oldin
Something I did as a kid was that I sold a used carmex chapstick to a boy in my grade(I was in like kindergarten) I got $60 outta that (it was his picture money) also got an mp3 player for a pencil and I then sold the MP3 player for a drone helicopter toy I was an amazing scammer but I don’t do that no more since I’m older. Oh also I had a jolly rancher and bit it and it stuck my teeth shut and I cried and had to have my friend pry my mouth open. I’ve done some stupid stuff
Nerdy Alanah
Nerdy Alanah 22 kun oldin
My mom told me a story of when I was pretty young(this was awhile back so I don’t remember the age I was). We were playomg hide-and-seek in the small apartment we lived in and I had hid underneath an upside-down laundry basket. To make this story short, the cops almost got called, my grandma and pretty much the whole neighborhood was looking for me until my mom found me. Ngl, its pretty funny but I feel bad for scaring the living crap out of everyone
Jaylee McCombs
Jaylee McCombs 22 kun oldin
When I was about 5 or 6 my dad was sleeping in he's room and my mom was at work so I told my sister to put some clothes on. Then we walked out the front door, walked down the street, and up the hill to the park and stayed there for an hour. On our way out of the park we walked onto the main street for a few minutes and turned on our street. Walking down the street we saw a little girl playing on her yard, so we walked up to her and started playing with her till we went to the backyard and she told us to try this kind of plant that was in the garden. A few minutes later we were back on the lawn playing till my my dad pulled up in front of us mad, then when we got home I hide under my bed waiting for my mom to get home. Let's just say I got my ass a beating and a stomach virus due to allergic reaction If you read this your great
Katherine Jeans
Katherine Jeans 22 kun oldin
Primary school is basically elementary school.
CK Wolf
CK Wolf 22 kun oldin
3:21 lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sweetpea the service malincollie
sweetpea the service malincollie 22 kun oldin
PVA glue is elmer's glue
Caroline Roberts
Caroline Roberts 23 kun oldin
When I was like 4 I wanted to play baseball in the house and my sister said we couldn’t so I grabbed the bat and beat her with it. (it was plastic)
SavageGamer379 23 kun oldin
Avery Dawes
Avery Dawes 23 kun oldin
When I was in Kindergarten, my cousin and I decided it was a good idea to find out what flowers taste like during recess. We started eating them. He was smart and stopped after one realizing they tasted disgusting, while I proceeded to taste every variety of flower found on the schoolyard. apparently some flowers are poisonous. That evening when we were supposed to go to the circus I puked all over my cousin's parent's car. I also didn't really learn as throughout my school years I would occasionally eat grass or dandelions.
Edith Yago
Edith Yago 24 kun oldin
When I was a kid, I thought the way they found people to be in movies was by putting up flyers. So I started to look for flyers to see if I could be in a movie. Turns out that is not what happens.
Kitty Bean
Kitty Bean 24 kun oldin
When I was 5 or 6 years old, I decided to drink someone else's milk in elementary school during lunch. I have no clue why I did that. But I did other dumb things in school like sniffing a chemical in science lab. I was like 9 or 10 when I did that and I still don't get why I did that. Don't do that kids X3
MikeTownesGaming 24 kun oldin
That hairline is on fire 🔥
KRICKET 24 kun oldin
So I was in like 6th grade and my older sister was in like 8th/9th. Well she had got an "eggshell" fracture on her elbow... Well... One morning (mind you it rained earlier)we were waiting for the bus down the street and we were playing with the other waiting kids so I kicked my sister in the shen(maybe on accident) she tried to kick me back and slipped on the side of the road and BAAMM! she fell backwards and hit her fracture elbow on the road than cussed me out and ran all the way down the street to tell my mom... Luckily she made it in time for the bus after I got my butt whooped🤣🤣😁
pink_dagger1 24 kun oldin
I’m thinking that the nipple ring story may have been told to them by their parents or something.
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes 24 kun oldin
Ok so that girl knows what a ant taste like and what windex taste like wtf 😂
Niquole McNeill
Niquole McNeill 25 kun oldin
When I was little I got in my moms closet to try a cigarette and I heard someone coming si put the cigarette in my mom's coat pocket and ran set the closet on fire
Miss Goofy
Miss Goofy 25 kun oldin
Once I got stuck between two metal brace on the railing. I got my head through the brace's without a problem, get my head OUT THAT'S a BIG PROBLEM.. Because no way in hell did I think that my fricking EARS would be the things that was about to ruin the day for everyone else at my brother's Wrestling tournament. The law of all fuck-ups never goes wrong, so of course it wasn't at home nooo it was in the biggest inside sport arena in our town.. I was 6 years when this happened, and I'm 45 years old next month and too this day, if you looking on the 4th metal brace (from the bottom) you can clearly see the marking of the welding they did after the cut me loose.. Me and my 🐘ears..
Miss Goofy
Miss Goofy 25 kun oldin
I fell asleep in a bed with some blanket over my head. Nothing weird about that right.. Hmmmm well🙄 the problem was that it was in a big shopping mall and the bed was in a shop window like a display bed.. I had sneaked away without my parents or my older siblings noticed anything. So they had not a clue where little 5 year old my was in this big mall.. Q PANIC Then 5 HOURS later there were about 1500 police, military and volunteers searching for me, I was even on the TV NEWS with a picture of my, it was broadcast in every part of SWEDEN AND DENMARK (this was in like 1979/80 in Malmö so very close to Denmark) After like SEVEN HOURS (it seems that I loooove that bed) A old lady ask one of the police officers, about what is happening and if they looking for some dangerous criminal. The police show the lady a photo of me and tells that I'm missing without a trace for many hours. The lady points to one shop and window display and says: -I do not know if you know this BUT there's a little girl in bed where and she seems to be in a very deep sleep (she had tried to knock on the window to make me wake up, but noo).. The police go with the lady to the window in question and the police could see a little bit of my blond locks on my head. So YES they found my sleeping a**. My cute a** was completely unaware of the hysteria I had caused.. Ups
danielle Cox
danielle Cox 25 kun oldin
One of the dumbest things I did has to be when I was 6 and me baby brother drove our battery-powered jeep up a tree. Ok, so my dad bought us the jeep without explaining how to work it. Plus, our older cousins made watch scary movies the night before.The next morning, my dad made us get in the jeep even after we said we was terrified and crying. So, since we didn't want a whoopen we got in. When I pressed the gas petal, we bo screamed “it’s alive !“ and try to figure out how to get out but couldn’t figure it out while the heel is still going. The next thing we knew we was upside down in tree crying it's alive. My dad just laughed. lol
Taylor Harvey
Taylor Harvey 26 kun oldin
I got one for you!! My 2 year old at 3am!!!! Covered me in peanut butter and pop tarts then put adhesive mouse traps In my hair and I had to shave my 2ft long HAIR!
Crimson Rose
Crimson Rose 26 kun oldin
When I was 4 or 5, I lifted my mom's shirt up for all of K-Mart to see. I'll never forget the look on her face, she was mortified 😂
Aviwe masizana
Aviwe masizana 26 kun oldin
For the longest time ever i use to belive that my younger brother was an alien. My dad told me when i was 5 that i tried to throw him up and when he was asleep in his crib i would watch him and shake his crib
melanie zirixa
melanie zirixa 26 kun oldin
Loot is anything you treasure/want. So their loot could have been candy, toys, clothes, money, etc.
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