DUMBEST THINGS We Got DETENTION for in school (as kids) | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

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Hannah Vazquez
Hannah Vazquez Kun oldin
I was in 2nd grade walking down the hallway in line when the girl in front of me scratched her own wrist and said I grabbed her 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️, I got detention 2 different times from that girl
James Cleek
James Cleek Kun oldin
James Cleek
James Cleek Kun oldin
I got kicked out of my preschool after I bit someone. Keep in mind. My mom asked why I was being kicked out. When the teacher said 1st blank spit on james then he bit them back. My mom asked well is blank being kicked out as well. My teacher said no. Mom asked my teacher why not. Teacher, cause I am a single mother. My mom. Well, you can go f*** urself. Then she bought me a new fox plushie... I still have said fox plushie
Schneewittchen3663 Kun oldin
One of the elementary schools I went to had us right by a window.
Chelsea Demorcy
Chelsea Demorcy 2 kun oldin
Alonzo in a lot of vids: Hahahaha you're so stupid! Also Alonzo: What is geology Me: Did you ever pay attention in school? Damn!
Gloria Stevenson
Gloria Stevenson 2 kun oldin
It’s the study of the earthAnother really good way to remember it is by remembering that Geo means earth and ollgy basically just means that
Emma Koski
Emma Koski 3 kun oldin
I got in trouble for because I had to take a number 2 and couldn’t use the bathroom within 5 minutes
Parker Berg
Parker Berg 3 kun oldin
I got expelled in 2nd grade, I didn't even know what I did to get expelled.
ZombiesAin't GotNothin
ZombiesAin't GotNothin 4 kun oldin
When I was in 3rd grade I got detention for "sexual harassment" (I'm female for context). How was I sexually harassing someone you may ask? Told a friend that I thought a boy in our class was cute, and he went and told the boy I thought he was cute. Mom pulled me from that school shortly after.
Leslie Carey
Leslie Carey 6 kun oldin
I got the same 👕
Daniel Cochran
Daniel Cochran 6 kun oldin
I was told I use guys as puppets my principle just hated me 😁 got suspended for 3days, told my mom and then the principal had an ear full, and I was only missing 1day, and then they told me I couldn't be around my bf at the time and had me on watch by the vice principal, which came to find out is a distant family member of mine 🤣 found out yrs later-I'm using my husbands account ATM phone was stolen and my Grammer does suck
elit AFV vines
elit AFV vines 6 kun oldin
His laugh makes everything funnier
Obaapanin Agyekum
Obaapanin Agyekum 6 kun oldin
I got detention for telling my teacher Egypt is not the Capitol of Africa because Africa is not a damn country
Eᴍᴍᴀ ʀᴇᴇᴅ ɪɢ
Eᴍᴍᴀ ʀᴇᴇᴅ ɪɢ 6 kun oldin
this wasn’t me, but we had dress code and my friend wore a grey shirt (which is one of the allowed colors) and it had a super small logo and an outline under the color that was pink and she got a day of ISS and lunch detention. this was the first year with the new principal and that type of shirt had always been allowed.
Riley Minnich
Riley Minnich 6 kun oldin
This one time in fifth grade, I got in trouble because I was reading in the library (we were supposed to be doing a computer activity, but still) This one time in high school, a substitute was taking role and my best friend was out. When the sub got to her name, I raised my hand and said, "She's not here today." The substitute then looked at me and said, "i wasn't talking to you. If you're not Amber, then you shouldn't be talking." I think that same substitute scolded me and another friend and said "This isn't lover's lane" when all I was doing was sitting beside that friend with my arm around her and my jacket around her shoulders, both because she was cold.
Tyese Destiny
Tyese Destiny 7 kun oldin
Tyese Destiny
Tyese Destiny 7 kun oldin
i got kicked out of class bc my science teacher kept saying my friends name wrong so i POLITELY said "mr.c thats not how you say blah blah blahs name its so and so" and he kicked me out😀 another time the teacher didnt say we needed to read chapter one of a book, only the introduction. so I finished the intro, and im ig a class clown sort of and so i decided to put the book on ny head for like 5 seconds. then bc my friends were at my table we were laughing. and she only kicked me out saying she was tired of me. i have so many stories of being kicked out of class💀
Tyese Destiny
Tyese Destiny 7 kun oldin
ANOTHER time is in math, this teacher was and still is like another mom lol. my friend (now gf🙄) found a pencil on the ground but didnt pick it up. she asked me if it was mine but i couldn't see it so me being me i didn't realize i was about to fall out my chair, so i fall. my gf and friends start laughing with me😭 and bc we were all laughing she moved me which i understand, but the person she switched me with, was this girl's boyfriend. she moved them next to each other💀 so i said "idk why she did that knowing they gon eat each others face the whole time" and she said "what you say tyese" and i said "i said idk why you switched me and blah blah blah knowing thats his gf" and so she got mad and kicked me out😭
Tyese Destiny
Tyese Destiny 7 kun oldin
another time, this girl (my friend at the time) was being told to put her phone away for like the 5th time. me , and my bestfriends were laughing bc the girl was our friend lol, she ends up being kicked out only making us laugh more. and then the teacher only calls me out so i say"im not the only one laughing" and he says he doesn't care but the other 2 were STILL laughing so it was still making me laugh. i got kicked out and got sent to the department chair of 8th grade and she was already mad at the girl and she liked me so she let me follow her the rest of the day
sparrowflyaway 7 kun oldin
I got my first detention for “stealing” my then-best friend’s lunch. We were sitting in the art classroom, and decided together to move to the auditorium. He had a lot of lunch things, boxes and bags and snacks and such, so I, in a rare moment of initiative, picked up about half his things and carried them to the auditorium, where I then promptly gave them back. Never even attempted to open or eat a thing. All was well, or so I thought, ‘cause ten minutes after lunch ends, here comes a teacher to tell me I have detention for stealing his lunch! Dude kept quiet the entire lunch period, never let on he had a problem with anything at all, and then as soon as lunch ended he went running to a teacher to tell them I stole his lunch. Needless to say I am no longer friends with that guy.
Eva 8 kun oldin
i got detention for saying there was a bee
Millies Cattailes
Millies Cattailes 8 kun oldin
I had a teacher with narcolepsy and of course it was my worst subject geography. So every time he would fall asleep we would all try really really hard to stay quiet 🤣🤣🤣
Tawanda Stocks
Tawanda Stocks 8 kun oldin
I watch you everyday even old videos
Lundey Dixon
Lundey Dixon 8 kun oldin
I got put out of summer school 4 spray the fire extinguisher but I didn't do it I was walking through the hallway right after it happened and got Blaine while going to class
Kristen Schwab
Kristen Schwab 8 kun oldin
I got a check mark and had to miss recess because I SNEEZED to loud like WTF
Cathy Cole
Cathy Cole 8 kun oldin
My daughter got detention for turning the page too soon.
Jennifer Valle
Jennifer Valle 9 kun oldin
So I got Detention for 3 days, for crying a lot & for not Snitching on my friends for putting the fighter alarm. First I wasn’t even Involve in the plan second I was only in the 6th grade an I was just trying to keep my friends 😂😂 but they still ended up getting ISS tho
Ali Austin
Ali Austin 9 kun oldin
I got lunch detention for checking the time
Alexis Cochran
Alexis Cochran 9 kun oldin
I didn't get suspended but I got in trouble in kindergarten for threatening to cut a little girls fingers off one at a time with a pair of kid scissors... I don't even know what lead to that. And I also got in trouble in the 2nd grade or 3rd grade at lunch because a boy who always picked on me was getting on my nerves and I said if you don't shut up I'm going to kill you and it just so happened to be when a teacher walked by.
Fire_ant_ 187x
Fire_ant_ 187x 9 kun oldin
American school system LMFAO! With teachers that stupid, its no wonder the kids are turning out the way they are
Zipporah Singleton
Zipporah Singleton 9 kun oldin
last year (7th grade year) i broke somebody's arm and i had ISS for three days.
Kayla Morgan
Kayla Morgan 10 kun oldin
I got in trouble in 5th grade for laughing at something my friend said... All i did was laugh ad i got in trouble, if anything he should've gotten in trouble because he was yelling out song lyrics.
Rhia Riecke
Rhia Riecke 10 kun oldin
The first day of school on zoom class at home aug 2020 i was baby sitting my nephew and he got on he was in his pajamas they were appropriate.the school started at 8:20 the first day he got out of school suspension for 3 days
Jordyn Toomey
Jordyn Toomey 11 kun oldin
I have a story for you. 10th grade, special education class (I had trouble with math). Over a series of days I was separated from my friends, made to sit in front of the teacher. One day I had finished my assignment and pulled out a book to keep my mind busy. He told me to put it away, I then took out my notebook, he then snapped at me, told me to get out and wrote me up for insubordination. Mind you he was a special education teacher who worked with who needed extra help. He was fired the next year.
Mary Wanjoya
Mary Wanjoya 11 kun oldin
I got thrown out of world history for coughing. I was "disrupting" class.🤦🤦
M 11 kun oldin
Geology is the science that studies the Earth, as in what makes it. That includes the crust of the earth (shell or upper layer) and the layers below all the way to the core. I think they also study how continents formed and things like that. In college, we used to look down upon that department due to stereotyping. I feel ashamed of that now. We were all science students at that time, why did we treat them like dirt? (pun not intended).
M 11 kun oldin
You know what you've done to me?!?!?! I'm so used to singing along with your song that my son walked in on me the other day, I was wearing headphones while watching the end of a video of yours (and singing, of course) and he got a weird look on his face! Then he said," Oh, you are watching! I just thought you'd finally lost your mind because of that song". lol. Thanks, Alonzo. :D
Rebecca Lima
Rebecca Lima 12 kun oldin
Im wearing headphones and the thunder scared me lol
KittyCat260 12 kun oldin
I got thrown out of my English class for pointing out that the teacher had misspelled medieval, and then showing her the word in the dictionary to prove I was right 🤷🏻‍♀️
Fancy Fox Animates
Fancy Fox Animates 12 kun oldin
5:56 sometimes teachers should be the ones learning
SarahY163 12 kun oldin
I Feel Attacked, lol My fifth grade teacher could never say my last name right. I never changed it back. I still have my ex's last name lol my name: So-der-dahl my name now Daniel
Yasmine 13 kun oldin
Once in day camp I got into trouble for saying s**t when I actually said doodoo, but two kids who didn't like me both said I said the S word, even though I NEVER cussed back then (I was about 7 or 8) so I was in a kind of detention for the rest of the day and also pissed because I couldn't defend myself and I hate liars. I do cuss now BTW lol.
ServantIndo 13 kun oldin
I got detention once for trying to find a rock under my leg that I had to get almost to the ground to see cause my glasses were broken. I had been sitting next to my boyfriend and the superintendent was across the parking lot and told the principal that we were doing bad things. Without my glasses, anything more then like 8 inches is real blurry. Lol
Natalee Blauer
Natalee Blauer 13 kun oldin
first day in science class at a new school I made that same mistake and man did I get stupid looks.
Stacey Marie Boney
Stacey Marie Boney 13 kun oldin
Dumbest thing I ever got detention/ISS for was for a picture of a drawing of me was found on a teachers stolen phone... A phone found buried in the laundry bin of the boys football locker room's showers, on a weekend, a couple of hours after they had football practice... Mind you I was the girl who didn't have many friends, hated the thought of sweat and stench, and hated the thought of being at school on weekends when I could be at home sleeping and/or watching cartoons...
Stacey Marie Boney
Stacey Marie Boney 13 kun oldin
When I was in middle school, down in Rome Georgia, boys who sagged their pants and girls who wore "revealing/inappropriate" shirts, shorts, and/or skirts were told they had to change their clothes (usually to their gym clothes) and if they didn't have anything that fit better and/or was *school* appropriate they had to wear an orange jumpsuit like a prisoner... It really sucked for them when they got stuck having to wear that orange jumpsuit while also having ISS, because then not only did you look like a prisoner you technically were a prisoner!
alexis smith
alexis smith 14 kun oldin
I got suspended for being on the floor. Another girl pushed me I fell and the principal said well I didn’t see her I saw you on the floor. My mama made me clean the whole house.
Michael Hurwitz
Michael Hurwitz 14 kun oldin
My mom had to watch the 10 Commandments movie during school (that movie is basically 4 hours long), and my mom yelled out when the Baby Moses was floating down the river in a basket, "It would have been a shorter movie if the basket sunk!"
Lori Plummer
Lori Plummer 14 kun oldin
I know this is going to sound crazy, because you really only hear of this happening in the movies. I'm turning 27 soon, but I graduated high school when I was 15. I have an eidetic and echoic memory which has helped me advance. Soo. I started college when I was 16; and when I was in an Anatomy and Physiology II class....I wasn't in trouble. But I was asked to step outside for 20 minutes! Why? Because my sweet instructor was a very old lady and she didn't think I was old enough to learn about male genitals.... Soo she wouldn't allow me in the class during that part. The worst thing about it was, we had AN EXAM on MALE GENITALIA THE FOLLOWING CLASS PEROID. 😒😑 Thank God, I read over the material on my own time. 😂😂
GE2F 14 kun oldin
I got detention and ISSP for chewing gum during the pledge of allegiance.
markandstephanie 15 kun oldin
Dumbest Things We Got Detention For In middle school, one of my teachers had a white rocking chair that he would not let ANYONE sit in except himself, and he rarely sat in it. You would get detention for attempting to sit in the chair or sitting in the chair. He got so furious if you asked to sit in his chair, I can only imagine there is some tragic story behind it. He never did tell the story behind why we can't sit in it. It's forever a mystery.
GATOTO Quessia
GATOTO Quessia 15 kun oldin
I got 2 hours of detention for losing my damn book!!🙄 And Still got in trouble at home for it
Kevin the Undead Lord
Kevin the Undead Lord 15 kun oldin
I got suspended for 2 days in 6th grade for calling the assistant principal an asshole.
Kevin the Undead Lord
Kevin the Undead Lord 15 kun oldin
Got grounded for 4 days. But my mom agreed with me that he was.
Samantha Rice
Samantha Rice 15 kun oldin
I was written up in the 5th grade because I was, "Day-dreaming in class".....😴
Connor Padua
Connor Padua 16 kun oldin
On the first day of 9th grade, my math teacher gave me detention for two days for not having a pencil.
Tanesha Hart
Tanesha Hart 17 kun oldin
Hey I been a substitute before kids are bad these days. They deserve detention everyday. Its like the movie "Sister Act" before they started liking her. But sometimes teachers need detention too. Teachers sometimes know less tuna the students.
cai_cai 16
cai_cai 16 17 kun oldin
I got detention for stealing my snacks back from my teacher. (When we brought class snacks they would TAKE THE EXTRA ONES AND KEEP THEM.) I was a poor kid, I needed those back😅😂. I was taken out in the middle of my detention time. They said that it wouldn’t be on my record.
Dooby Rhome
Dooby Rhome 18 kun oldin
When I was in first grade I got in trouble for telling some girl that my daddy was going to come shoot her daddy with a gun...
Dooby Rhome
Dooby Rhome 18 kun oldin
in 9th gradeI got detention almost every morning because my dad brought me to school late... Like come on I cannot drive..
cupcake jones
cupcake jones 18 kun oldin
I'm in nursing. My resident had narcolepsy. Not fun.
Jessica Magee
Jessica Magee 18 kun oldin
I had to sing in to my friend just to say I regret watching you because I just got my wisdom teeth out and he keep making me laugh my mouth hurts so bad but thank you for making me also was smiling all the time
Gabe Dvorak
Gabe Dvorak 18 kun oldin
When I was a second-grader, I got in trouble and had to walk in circles on a line that went around the playground during recess, and the was another kid in my class (Russell) walking. He was furious about it, so he started telling me how he wanted to blow up the school. I thought he was just angry and not wanting to talk to him; I just nodded and gave an occasional "mmhm.” when we got back inside, Russell told another kid in my class that he and I would blow up the school on Friday. This other kid being smart, told the teacher this, and she sent both of us to the principal's office. Russell said it was all my idea when we got there, and I forced him into helping, so the principal told him not to say anything like that again and sent him back to class. Now I tried to explain what happened and said it was Russell's idea, but she thought I was lying, so she called my mom and the police and just cried while my mom, the principal, and the officer talked. I eventually just said I would trick Russell and not help him. In the end, I got a one-week suspension, and I had to have a psychotherapist say I wasn't insane before I could go back to school.
Sam S
Sam S 18 kun oldin
I received iss for a week for calling my 8th grade science teacher miss huberround. Her name was mrs. Hubbard. She was extremely mean to everyone and had started yelling at me for not watching the board. Instead I was drawing. She weighed close to 400lbs. I was young and it was wrong. Now I'm a tattoo artist.
Sam S
Sam S 19 kun oldin
I'm narcoleptic. It looks like I'm really cold and I shake all over curled up in a ball. Only when I'm asleep.
Nia lott
Nia lott 19 kun oldin
Not letting the girl beat me up/fighting back
TuxedoTama 19 kun oldin
I got detention every day senior year of HS for skipping study hall. Had friends "sign" me in to the library during that class & enjoyed my "2 lunch periods". Never officially served a single detention.
Rosemary Hedgehog
Rosemary Hedgehog 19 kun oldin
My brother got expelled from kindergarten for biting the teacher and looking up a girl skirt saying "it's very nice dress" trust and believe he got in trouble with me because I got jumped by her brother
Peter Souza
Peter Souza 20 kun oldin
something tells me that alonzo likes harry potter. ive seen it being mention a few times on his videos, or it could be just me.
AllyRosescarlet 20 kun oldin
I got detention in 7th grade for accidentally slapping my friend with someone else's hand. (We were playing around and I added too much momentum to the arm) But then, I couldn't stay after school cause my mom would have been pissed to pick me up, so I skipped it and got ISS instead.
Noah Hargreeves
Noah Hargreeves 20 kun oldin
In 5th grade i almost got suspended for pushing a girl off of me at recess when she tried to choke me In 6th grade i got a week of detention for waking past a kid in science with scissors and he told the teacher that i tried to cut his ear off
Carol Anderson
Carol Anderson 21 kun oldin
My son got suspended in 7th grade for telling his math teacher that- "its not my fault that I'm smarter than you and I can do math in my head. I'm not writing the problems out!" 🤣 sorry but I laughed at this once we were in the car.
Dylan Bown
Dylan Bown 21 kun oldin
I got suspended for snapping once in high school
insane & crazy
insane & crazy 21 kun oldin
I got suspended for defending myself (mind you I didn’t fight the girl back, i just tried to block her hits) and got detention for getting lost in my school cause I was new and didn’t know where my classes was
Gucci_ Taehyung
Gucci_ Taehyung 21 kun oldin
I got lunch detention for a week with my friend in 1st grade because a random teacher walked in yelling at the whole lunchroom and I asked my friend to tie my shoes because I was lazy and she walked over to us and tried to tell me I was laughing at her and when I tried to explain that I wasn't she told me I was talking back and told me I could join her for the next week during lunch and my friend stood up for me and she got to join me too 😂
More Cokeplz
More Cokeplz 22 kun oldin
I would get detention for being late because the teachers couldn't be bothered to make the parents dropping their kids off actually drive into the correct area
Michelle Mclarnon
Michelle Mclarnon 22 kun oldin
A friend of mine has narcolepsy for which she is given amphetamines which I find crazy but hey there u go.
Jhobel Bello
Jhobel Bello 22 kun oldin
Shout out sir. From Philippines 😂
Tryston McDonald
Tryston McDonald 22 kun oldin
In middle school I got lunch detention for a whole week because I didn’t finish my math homework. Half the class also had it with me, so we had to sit facing the wall until we finished, with the teacher watching us
Terrell Pollitt
Terrell Pollitt 23 kun oldin
I got that same shirt
Abby Martin
Abby Martin 23 kun oldin
I told teacher she spelt my name wrong and got lunch detention for it
Michael Hubert-combs
Michael Hubert-combs 23 kun oldin
I have a legitimate mental condition that makes it hard for me to control my anger and my actions when I'm angry. One day the teacher pissed me off and I flipped him off. I got sent to the principal's office and they sent me home for the rest of the day. ON TACO DAY!!!!!!!!!!!
RosyAvocado :3
RosyAvocado :3 23 kun oldin
I got in trouble for wearing a tank top under my see through silk shirt. Sorry, I should have just came to school with a see through shirt, my apologies.
RosyAvocado :3
RosyAvocado :3 23 kun oldin
We have to ask to go to the bathroom because schools want to condition us into being submissive and they are authoritative figures. It’s also to crush all individuality in you.
Soldier Picasso
Soldier Picasso 23 kun oldin
In 7th grade I asked my teacher what page we were on...... She said "PRINCIPLES OFFICE NOW!" Like bihh just wtf did I do
Sora La rosa
Sora La rosa 23 kun oldin
I got in trouble in the 7th grade for not showing my work in math, constantly, and my teacher would give me a lower grade just because of that specifically. I think that later my teacher wrote me up for having a low grade in her class (Can’t remember everything exactly but I know I got written up for that or something stupid) For a bit of context of my 7th grade year: I had originally been an Algebra Honors student during the first portion of the semester. I hadn’t been doing well because of laziness and lack of understanding of the subject (Having never been prepared for Algebra before.) I dropped out of Algebra Honors when I didn’t show enough improvement, and was put in an Advanced math class. Of all the things to get in trouble for, Not Showing my work was the problem. Now after more than a few of years, I only have one thing to say about this. I HAD JUST DROPPED OUT OF ALGEBRA HONORS! I WAS PUT IN THAT CLASS FOR A REASON! YOU THINK I WOULDN’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK I WAS DOING ALREADY?!
Tes Blackburn
Tes Blackburn 23 kun oldin
when i was four i was in a class with those things that go into the charger hole and it was orange my friend emma told me that there was a tornato so 3 days past and i opened it and it set off the fire drill
Rae Min-Laan McNeil
Rae Min-Laan McNeil 23 kun oldin
I got detention in high school, the 1st time in my whole schooling, because my English teacher was going to show us a movie but couldn't get the television to work. The teachers pet, who she did favor over the other black girls, got up to so called fix the tv. Of course, she didn't know what she was doing, so I said outloud, "that bitch gone blow all of us up". Needless to say, my teacher made me stay afterschool everyday to write 500 times the meaning of the word "bitch". Side note: My 20 year class reunion is in June this year, and I really wanna see that girl again JUST to call her a bitch again and dare her to run up. Just sayin.
Taylor Graham
Taylor Graham 23 kun oldin
I got suspended in 3rd grade on my birthday for punching a bitch in the face for calling my special needs cousin weird after she came for lunch. And when I was sent to the principal. I said I won’t speak without my mother cause then she came she started to cussed them out. But what makes it worst was that me and my friends decided to spray paint her house cause she lived in the neighborhood . Savage
Nicole The Author
Nicole The Author 23 kun oldin
This wasn’t a suspension or anything, but I got put in Saturday school for being in foster care for two days; The principal knew and I did all of my homework when I was brought home and turned it in, but that wasn’t enough so they put me in Saturday school. All my teachers knew too but thought it’d be a nice “punishment” for not doing the work I did finish? Idk man. Lets just say I had a 3-4 hour nap Edit: I was a freshman in high school Edit 2: My friend got a lunch detention for coloring in her art project, in an ART CLASS. The teacher also threw away her project she worked on for weeks and made her start all over
C Lowery
C Lowery 23 kun oldin
I actually got in trouble in 3rd grade for not understanding fractions because I had missed the lessons for fractions due to being sick. But yet the teacher refused to teach/help me with the stuff I missed and expected me, a small child, to teach myself. Like she full on screamed at me
Sydney Marshall
Sydney Marshall 24 kun oldin
I didn't get detention for it but a teacher snapped at me once in junior high for coughing in her class. She was a mean teacher lol.
Dinara Safina
Dinara Safina 24 kun oldin
In first grade, we were making kites. I didn't care about kites, so I just stared at the supplies. The teacher came over and said. "Don't you want to make your kite?" I said no. I was then sent to the Principal's office. What happened to being honest???
Sammie Pirkel
Sammie Pirkel 24 kun oldin
I got BIR for three days during lunch for texting my mom making sure she was okay after just getting surgery. I had two snitches sitting beside me in STEM class. SMH I need new friends😂
Sinead Sheridan
Sinead Sheridan 24 kun oldin
Duuude the sneezing one! A similar thing happened to my friend. She walked into class and sighed as she sat down and the teacher goes "Charlie drop that attitude!". It turned into a whole thing 😂 in the end the teacher dropped it because she said "do you want to go to the principal's office?" and my friend said "fine and I'll tell him you sent me out for breathing" 😂😂🤣🤣
Katelyn Rodriguez
Katelyn Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
12:20 omg same I said that to she laughed and said it correctly
robert kristiansen
robert kristiansen 24 kun oldin
Geology is the second best part of studying environmental science, the study of rocks.
heart of the phoenix
heart of the phoenix 24 kun oldin
i got lunch detention for not paying a lab fee which was 5 dollors (we didnt have the money for it i had to wait for my dad to get pain i told the school and theye do care
Rikairiify 24 kun oldin
I got detention once for wearing multi-coloured socks to school.
Stacy Koopmann
Stacy Koopmann 24 kun oldin
Math teacher told me in front of the class that he'd "never had the displeasure of teaching a student as stupid as I was" and then sent me out of the room because he didn't want anyone who "didn't want to learn" in his class. Finally got tested in college and found out the reason I struggled so much is because I'm numerically dyslexic.
Stacy Koopmann
Stacy Koopmann 24 kun oldin
I was waiting at the corner outside of school for the rest of the kids in my daycare group so we could walk to daycare after school. A could of friends and I were messing around and rough housing. Suddenly a couple of other older kids came and picked me up and slammed my head into the back of a sign so hard that the sign got dented. A teacher saw the whole thing and the next day pulled me into his classroom and asked me what I had done to make those boys do that to me and when I told him I hadn't done anything to them and didn't even know who they were he gave me detention for lying. I asked him why he didn't punish the kids who did it he told me that he was familiar with those kids because he coached their older siblings and so he trusted that wouldn't do anything unprovoked so it must have been my fault.
Mesa 24 kun oldin
My high school English teacher had narcolepsy. Poor thing would be writing and then out and someone always had to make a noise or something to wake her ass up.
Stacy Koopmann
Stacy Koopmann 24 kun oldin
I wasn't good at sports in elementary school. My classmates in gym tried to set me up in a situation where they could watch me fail and the bully me about it. I refused to go along with it and it ended up that the teacher made everybody sit down because I was "being disruptive". The biggest kid in class then came over and held me down trying to force me into the position they wanted. I hit him and got detention for hitting my classmate even after my friends defended me. The guy who I hit got off scot free.
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