Dumbest Things We Did As Kids pt 4 | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

6 oy oldin

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Isabella Bisesti
Isabella Bisesti 8 soat oldin
Dumbest thing(s) I did as a kid - I was 2 at the time, me and my family had gone to Disney World. For the last two days, I was tired as heck so I would fall asleep in the park and wake up in the car or Monarail. The last night we were there I had woken up and went to the bathroom because I wanted to show my parents I was a big kid and didn't need a diaper. So I sat on the seat and fell in. No lights in the small dark bathroom and I started to cry. My mom found me two hours later at like 3 am and saw I started to fall asleep on the toilet and lost feeling in my toes. She had to pull me out and when she asked why I didn't wake one of them up and I said "Because I wanted to be like the babies from the Pull-up commercials." she just looked at me with an expression of 'What am I going to do with this child' before she shooed my dad out of the bed that he was on. Me and my dad had slept in the same bed because we only had two beds in the hotel we were in and my mom was with my brother. My dad fell asleep with my brother after that and from then on, if we ever had two beds in the room my mom and me where bunked together and my brother with my dad...... good times for a growing 2 year old. I was 6 or 7 at the time and had just started to go to my C.C.D class's for whatever reason. So my dumb butt thought that since God and Jesus were everywhere, they could be in a vent. And like the dumb kid I was, started to talk to my vents......... this went on for almost 3 whole years before my mom found out. She told me to stop talking to the vents an left it at that so I knew there was no room for argument. I probably shouldn't of stopped talking to them because literally a whole month after I stopped talking to them, a black figure stood in my doorway (at 3 AM!) and stared at my vent. I think my vent's are possessed, I might need to give my house an exorcism. Anyone want to give one to my house with me?
lulu brasil
lulu brasil 10 soat oldin
When I was little my mom was going to woop my ass, (don't remember why) so she went out to cut a vine from the tree to use, when she was coming back she saw my aunt laughing her butt off. She looked to see what it was, and it was little 9 year old me, I had put on over 5 different shirts and pants. I was wearing so much clothes I couldn't move my arms or walk straight, when I saw her I smiled and said " okay mom, you can hit me now, I'm ready." My mom laughed so hard she didn't have the courage to beat me. Lol So I won that battle. 😂😂😂
Amber Tighe
Amber Tighe 10 soat oldin
I love dumbest things I did as a kid .😂
Laura Hendriksen
Laura Hendriksen Kun oldin
Your mamma adorable❤️ RIP❤️
Tara Rasch
Tara Rasch Kun oldin
I think I was about 6-7, I was a dumb blonde. I decided to see what my dryer did if I stuck my arm in it, with towels in it. The towels wrapped around my arm, and the dryer button got stuck, so I could stop it. My older sister had to get it to stop. And I broke my wrist.
esmeralda rodriguez
esmeralda rodriguez Kun oldin
cbs lol
Ashley Fallen
Ashley Fallen Kun oldin
When I was like 12 years old I pranked my brother by pouring slime on him at 3 in the morning then a week later I was doing a school meet and he got his friends to fake kidnap me then the teacher called 911 then I kicked the person that grabbed me and ran outside to my grandma's house like 3 miles away then I saw them coming in the house so I grabbed a gun and tried to shoot one but missed this j said f*ck it and jumped out of the 2nd story window broke my ankle then I saw the police pulling up in my drive way I ran behind one of the police man and then my brother said it's just a prank and he got in BIG trouble.
Seraphim S. Gaster
Seraphim S. Gaster Kun oldin
9:15 Yeah, can confirm. If you dream about being on the shitter, you can be God damn sure to have to change your sheets the next morning. Happened to me multiple times.
Kenma Kazume
Kenma Kazume Kun oldin
Ok I know I’m late to this but when I was like 3-4 I had an imaginary friend named Charlie, and apparently my mom and my grandma we’re playing the radio in the car and everything, and a song that was a stay up all night to get lucky, I was singing that mom asked me where did I hear that from I said my boyfriend Charlie talking about imaginary friend 💀🖐🏻
Paisley H
Paisley H 2 kun oldin
Wene i was younger I ate lemons. I also apparently grabbed onto random people legs and wouldn’t let go
Faith’s Equine Life
Faith’s Equine Life 2 kun oldin
“Get that girl a fish!” Thank you, for making me laugh REALLY HARD the ENTIRE video.😂
Allie Hudson
Allie Hudson 2 kun oldin
When I as three years old I jumped off the top of a bunch bed because I wanted to be a fairy. Broke my arm and landed on our childhood dog. Then after I came out the house from my broken arm me and my older sister drove out tots barbie car down the road . Told our mom we wanted McDonald's even took some money.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Amandy Lyn
Amandy Lyn 2 kun oldin
Ultimate Buffy Fan
Ultimate Buffy Fan 3 kun oldin
I know Wesley! He's from Buffy! 🤣
Alexis Goddess of Karma
Alexis Goddess of Karma 3 kun oldin
4:11 the evil laugh and the dog running in terror cracked me up🤣 Who else agrees
Izzy Eldred
Izzy Eldred 3 kun oldin
Apparently, when I was about 5 I came running out of my room just balling my eyes out. When my mother asked me what was wrong I told her I lost my kids in a poker game.... No one was in the room with me and to this day I still don't know how to play poker...
Shiny Huner Alana
Shiny Huner Alana 3 kun oldin
When I was 7 I was trying to call my mom & me & my friend were fighting over the phone & accidently called the police 😂😂😂😂
Tawanda 3 kun oldin
When I was teenager I was at my friend's house and he had little brother who was about 3 at the time. I was eating peanut m&ms. His little brother kept looking at me eating them. MY friend said dont give him that. So, I decided when my friend walked away I was gonna give his little brother a m&m. His brother grab it and took off running up the hall. Well, his little brother returned to get another one there was a m&m stuck in his nose. I got up quickly and grab him got the candy out his nose. From that point on I never gave him anything else. I was so scared!
Tawanda 3 kun oldin
Stephanie Adela Arson
Stephanie Adela Arson 3 kun oldin
I know how to type, and punctuate, on the internet.
mark mills
mark mills 3 kun oldin
(On my uncle's account. Pls call me Red) So, this story takes place when I was a denomic three year old. My mom put me to bed and went into the living room with my dad and started to watch The Walking Dead. Three year old me was always secretly watching it with them from behind the sofa. A zombie was attacking some dude, and I crawled out from behind the couch, and yelled, "Stab him in the eye! Stab him in the eye!" Horrifying to my parents. I watched millions of people die on shows and laughed at it, but I see a bird pick up a puppy and have an absolute meltdown. I've proven to be a denomic child
Ava Renwick
Ava Renwick 4 kun oldin
When I was (I think) 2 I dropped my mams iPod and said sorry for getting spider webbs on it (they were cracks)
Treasure Martin
Treasure Martin 4 kun oldin
I just had the conversation with me 20 year old coworker... that she needs to cook the potatoes before mashing them 🤦🏼‍♀️😂😂
Makayla Holley
Makayla Holley 4 kun oldin
One day when I was 5/6 I did some weird stuff. I fell up the stairs and fell down them. I cried when my mom took my bottle of water I was using to eat Bruh eat . And I was fighting with my toy I was saying that u better have my money and stuff .Ohh there is more and I found a gun fake gun outside and proceeded to shot my mom dad and then the next day ask them why they are still alive
Dyllane Goodman
Dyllane Goodman 4 kun oldin
When I was younger I had watched the grinch and heard that he was adopted so the next day I said to my mom you stole me from the orphanage I’m adopted and then she said what as soon as she did I realized that I was going crazy and said never mind I was 6
Karma Inducer
Karma Inducer 5 kun oldin
So, no ones gonna talk about the search underneath ‘how to fight my dad’? 19:40
Zoe Evans
Zoe Evans 5 kun oldin
When I was like 5 or 6 I woke up one day before my parents and we had a fish. That was my first pet and i loved it and i wanted the fish to know i loved it so i put my hand in the fish bowl grabbed the fish and held it, gave it a kiss and hugged it. I eventually put it back in the bowl and it sank down to the bottom of the bowl and i was just watching it for a minute waiting for it to swim. It never did so i started balling my eyes out and ran into my parents room. They came out of the room and looked and i told them what happened an they just laughed. I was so sad all day.
Makayla Grisham
Makayla Grisham 5 kun oldin
Not my kid but my nephew likes to come into my room whenever he’s over. Regardless if I’m in it or not. He had a pair of my underwear on his head and had Litterly destroyed my room. When I walked in he freaked the f**k out and randomly started crying. He’s 3.
For3ver_ Eri'Yanah
For3ver_ Eri'Yanah 5 kun oldin
My first time cooking was when I was 11 and I did rlly good now I’m 14 knowing how to cook meals
ELIJAH PAUL 5 kun oldin
I remember i was 5 when we went to the store and the car was full so i had to stay at the trunk. So we went to the store i came out 1st and saw a car similar looking to our car i went hid in that dudes Trunk later on my dad went John wick on us he found the dude my dad puched him and i coulnt help him call my parents cuz i didnt kno our phone number the next thing u kno my dad punches me too. 😂😂😂 that day i had a bruised arm and a block eye
Hartleyb83 5 kun oldin
When I was in 5th grade my mama called home from work (it was summer) and told me to do some laundry. I got mad bc I wanted to play with my friends so I put ALLL of our laundry in the washing machine all at once and caught the washing machine on fire! I had to call 911! Needless to say, I didn’t get to play with my friends for a while! 😂
Lydya Sakyi
Lydya Sakyi 5 kun oldin
I.laughed so hard at the tweezers story I cried. The description was so accurate I could actually hear the scream. 😂🤣🤣
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson 6 kun oldin
when i was about 3 or 4 me and my parents went, to the store and when we got in the store my mom and dad went into different parts of the store. My Mom thought i was with my dad and my dad thought i was with my mom and they went all around then store. Then they went to the makeup section of the store and found me with lipstick all over my face. Im 23 now im like that was really stupid of me to do but hey they found there daughter with lipstick all on her face.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
j b
j b 6 kun oldin
I laughed for an hour for the a blanked lives here that cracks me up Soo much
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian Michaelis 6 kun oldin
When my youngest sister was around three years old she would pretend to be a dog. Well apparently she saw my dog drink out of the toilet, and I’m sure you see how the story ended. Four years later and I still think about it.
justfor fun
justfor fun 6 kun oldin
My younger sister use her saliva as a lotion back then when she was a baby. And when she does something bad she will tell us "i didnt do anything bad but dont look at the kitchen then what i saw is my baby doll next to the knives, screw drivers , and hammer" And she eat a whole beauty blender back then and drink a bottle of perfume (i cant believe shes fine)
justfor fun
justfor fun 6 kun oldin
At elementary i didnt know quiz and exam exist i thought i just need to go to school to play and eat my snacks I didnt even know how i passed but yolo
justfor fun
justfor fun 6 kun oldin
When i was on 1st grade i was like 5 years old back then. I found a 1 piece of small candy stuck in between the chair sit . So i picked it up and eat it. The candy i ate is so dirty you cant even see the real color of the candy and it has a lot of dust and hair stick on to it. Idk what i ws doing back then. And i always believe that ever since i ate that piece of candy my immune system become stronger I know im a gross kid but hey i was 5 back then
starr toopink
starr toopink 6 kun oldin
I remember when a juice and a bag of chips and enough candy to last for a week was only a dollar 😭but we gotta pay for the governments debts tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣
sh34L0ck68 abueg
sh34L0ck68 abueg 7 kun oldin
I can't stop 😂.
April Abtosway
April Abtosway 7 kun oldin
When I was 3 I was a pane in the butt I always tryed to get out. Of my crib and when I did I fell on my face and one of my teeth when thro my lip and I had to have surgery to get the tooth out of my lip and the surgery guy I got was horible I still have a mest up face now 😔
Addy Noelle
Addy Noelle 8 kun oldin
4:36: what the word says: ramen (raw-men) (What he said):raymen
Ashley Rosas
Ashley Rosas 8 kun oldin
My son is 4 yrs old and today I found him in the closet eating a brownie and sharing it with his "friend" (he was alone)
A S H L L Y N N 1 0 1
A S H L L Y N N 1 0 1 8 kun oldin
Not too strange, but when I was 5-6 I tried to count to a million... It took me like a week to make it up to like 50,000. I literally counted non-stop everyday, even in church... Another weird thing that I did, is when I was 2-5 I had a weird obsession with torturing my stuffed animals... I had a dog stuffie that I tied a jump rope to. I dragged it around with me all day and even hung it from the stairs... I was a weird kid, but not as weird as some of the other people here in the internet...
Lanai Corbin
Lanai Corbin 8 kun oldin
Tamara kemp
Tamara kemp 8 kun oldin
I remember my older sister swallowing a penny
Erik Word
Erik Word 9 kun oldin
Yesssssss b
Jordan Butler
Jordan Butler 9 kun oldin
Ain’t nobody gone talk about the one that he laughed at with going thru her sons iPad. underneath the circled one it said how to hump ! 😂 😂
ELEMENTS 9 kun oldin
When I was little my mom told me to hurry up and get in the car so I wouldn't be late for school so I jumped into the car and crashed into the car seat. At least I saved myself a few seconds.
Loquisha Phelps
Loquisha Phelps 9 kun oldin
When I was a kid my mom told me get a Ice Cream Sandwich out of the freezer for her friend's daughter I went to the freezer I did not see any ice cream sandwiches so I got two pieces of bread and ice cream and made her one after that my mom Banned Me from Reading Amelia Bedelia
Nene 9 kun oldin
When my cousin was 7 years old her parents bought her a pet fish, she got hungry so she took the fish and threw it in the frying pan and fried it. When her parents came back home from work she told them that the fish had died so she threw it away.
Nene 9 kun oldin
When I was 6 years old I went to the washroom to do my thing . I felt something touch my buttom and I jumped off the toilet, and I decided that I was never going to use the toilet again. I got constipated and I had to visit the hospital. I am still scared of toilets.
Amanda galaxy
Amanda galaxy 9 kun oldin
Pls do Dumbest things we did as kids Part5!
Amanda galaxy
Amanda galaxy 9 kun oldin
When I was 2, I wanted to cook right? So after my mom finished cooking food for me and after all that stuff, she fell asleep because she worked at the Panera at night, soo I brought a small green chair and because the pan with hot oil was there, so I put my finger in the hot oil then I went quietly to my crib.
itsmekalyn 10 kun oldin
...a tampon is the one with the string😂 a pad is the flat one. its all good apparently most men dont understand girl stuff😂😂
Ryann Amorie
Ryann Amorie 10 kun oldin
when i was younger i wanted some noodles because my parents wasn’t home to cook for me, & since i’m the youngest nobody would ever listen to me & i kept asking my sisters to make it for me since i was like 4 years old. & when nobody wanted to make it for me i thought i can be an strong independent 4 year old & make it myself. well i forgot to put water in it & it got burnt 😂 but that’s there faulty for not helping me
//•yourchild• zeon•
//•yourchild• zeon• 10 kun oldin
My sister swallowed a penny, when she was about 3-6 years old. (I don’t think I was born)
The1Elven1Lady 10 kun oldin
When I was 3, I was collecting flowers and rocks from the garden in my backyard. I had a rock in each hand and saw another one I wanted, so I took one of them and shoved one rock up my nose so I could pick up the third rock. I couldn't get it out myself. I told my mom with the question "Mommy, can I have your fingernails?" She took me to the doctor who had to use forceps to take it out. The rock was an inch wide and both and doctor were so confuse as to how I even got it up there.
Samira Toure
Samira Toure 10 kun oldin
Bayan_ gazmouz
Bayan_ gazmouz 10 kun oldin
When my sister was around 3 years old she would always give my mom a death stare when my mom got mad at her, and she would do this while walking away. I can't tell you the amount of times she's walked into a wall because of this. LMAOO
Helen Artia De Leon
Helen Artia De Leon 10 kun oldin
I challenge y'all to keep a straight face while watching this.
Hannah Hochhalter
Hannah Hochhalter 11 kun oldin
My mom told me about this one. When I was about 6 years old my teacher asked my class what was something one of our parents liked. I said that my mom liked Chip on Dales(?) And the teaching assistant got concerned because that was a place with male strippers. My mom had to explain that I didn't actually know what that was. Just that I had her talking about it with my teacher at some point because both my teacher, my mom, and my mom's friends got tickets to go see. Don't remember that but I think it's funny as hell.
Courtney Bailey
Courtney Bailey 11 kun oldin
When I was around 10 I believe, my grandma pulled into a spot and asked me to check if we were in a handicap parking spot. I looked out the window to see if I could see it painted on the spot, and this point my grandma started rolling the window and I started to scream and she just started yelling at me for yelling turned off the car and tried to get out, till my sister started yelling too trying to tell her my head was in the rolled up window.
Cherlyn Lee
Cherlyn Lee 11 kun oldin
I remember when I was 5-6 I lost a tooth, Then I wrote a letter for the tooth fairy and I put it in a bag... Before I went to sleep I set up a camera and in the middle of the night I heard footsteps and I rolled of my BUNKBED (Top layer) And tried to trap the fairy and it was my dad, And i made my nose bleed while m6 dad ran away because I caught him red handed
Guinea Gurlll
Guinea Gurlll 11 kun oldin
I remember when I was a kid I didn’t pee before or after bed. One day I had a bad dream and peed a lot. My mom tried to get it out but it left a huge dent in my mattress!🤣
I could cook since I was 9 so my mother wasn't scared of leaving me home alone
claire smith
claire smith 11 kun oldin
I swallowed a euro coin while swinging on a swing in the playground never saw it again
PotatoBob. Sr
PotatoBob. Sr 11 kun oldin
19:39 so we just ignoring the how to jump now.
KARINA LAZAR 11 kun oldin
Once I swallowed a beed
Made this account to comment Lol
Made this account to comment Lol 12 kun oldin
When I was 4 I was taking a bath and for whatever reason, I hated having someone wash my hair for me, so when my mom washed my hair I said “NO, STOP, I COMMAND YOU”, and I was so angry that blood started to run down my nose. Well, it worked, she never washed my hair again.
Noah Delarosa
Noah Delarosa 13 kun oldin
Abby Beth
Abby Beth 13 kun oldin
I was at Christmas with my mom’s side of the family a couple years back. I had some type of dish in my hand and needed to set it down. I asked my cousin if it was on, instead of you know LOOKING, he puts his hand on the burner... He’s almost 30... And his wife the year previously was opening a gift from someone and tried to impress one of our younger cousins with some slippers. She held them up, but them on her hands and said,”They’re like gloves for your hands”. They’re now having a kid... Please pray.
Banana Wil
Banana Wil 13 kun oldin
When i was three i walked across a bunch of christmas ornaments. When one got in my foot i told my dad. He took it out and gave me a band aid i have a scar from it
Eyeless Jean
Eyeless Jean 14 kun oldin
When I was 2 I ended up stealing my dad's wallet which he had left on his nightstand, I had this staircase that led to the top of my parent's bed for my dog, I climbed up them then proceeded to jump off the bed breaking my collar bone and I screamed bloody murder. I was so salty.
Gatcha Bellawolfie
Gatcha Bellawolfie 14 kun oldin
Here's one. When I was like 10 we had a treadmills and my twin made up a game. She tryed it with my other sister and wanted to try it with me. I told her it was a bad idea but she made me and.... Well let's just say I ended up with stables in my head.And had to take 2 pills for 10 days so I wouldn't get dizzy 😵 and that's why I'm still scared of treadmills till this day. AND I had already cut my head open with my trampoline. I don't know how I'm still alive 🤕🤕⚔️⚔️
Lorraine Carotenuto
Lorraine Carotenuto 14 kun oldin
Love Bird_mouse
Love Bird_mouse 15 kun oldin
Y'all can we just talk about how Tamaki Amajiki Wrote That Comment! ^○^ hahahaha
Chyanne Archer
Chyanne Archer 15 kun oldin
I could not stop laughing. And i was in a appointment and i could not stop laughing 😂
Lea Juliene
Lea Juliene 16 kun oldin
4:08 omg I was dying!
TanakaEmpire 16 kun oldin
When he was talking about being picked last.. I thought he would say "its cause im black isnt it?"
Anna Rue
Anna Rue 17 kun oldin
My mom told me a story from when she was little. She used to love the way that copper tasted so she would suck on pennies! She said she would swallow them on a weekly bases! She said it was a wonder she made it to her teen years!
Erica Lambert
Erica Lambert 17 kun oldin
When I was like five I used to go around the house and writing my name on the walls. I said I was practicing.
Lily Flannery
Lily Flannery 17 kun oldin
When I was 4 or 5, I lost my mother in Walmart. I thought I found my mother found her walking out without me and ran to her. As I got there I was going to fast and head butted her in the gut really hard. I thought it was a good way to tell her not to leave me alone only to realize it wasn’t my mother.......let’s just say I wasn’t allowed to go shopping for a while😶😬
Sue Kennedy
Sue Kennedy 17 kun oldin
At 8:42 got me their 🤣🤣🤣👁👅👁
Brooklynn’s Tutorials
Brooklynn’s Tutorials 17 kun oldin
My mom told me when I was two that I would listen to her yelling at traffic. So one day we were at the store and an old man was walking really slow in front of us so I yelled “come on buddy”.
misty lewis
misty lewis 17 kun oldin
That video at the end had me all up in my emotions. Such a beautiful lady.
justdivine99 17 kun oldin
I went to the bathroom and the toilet paper was missing. I looked out the window and my 9 year old nephew was walking around my rural property with a roll of TP under his arm. He swore he wasn’t looking for a place to take a dump.
Hannah McKee
Hannah McKee 18 kun oldin
None of these were actually my doing, but my younger brothers, where it is a absolute miracle he survived past adolescence. I have a good handful of dumb things he has done. Stories that still crop up from rime to time. The first one that i can recal, he once poured cola into my goldfish bowl, "because they were thirsty". He killed my goldfish. I was not happy. The second one, when he was about three or four, He decided to climb out a second story window from a rope. According to our older brother, what probably took only a few minutes to tie, took about an hour to untie. And According to my parents, they didn't even realize he was outside until the looked out the window (it was night, so he supposed to be in bed) and just sort of saw him running around the back yard in nothing but his underwear. And what always seems to be brought up in tandem to that story, he has tried sticking metal objects into wall outlets atleast two times, namely a fork, and i believe they said it was a pin once. And the last one i can recall, he decided to throw a bunch of toys out the window as well because he thought it would be funny. Once again, I was not happy. Now, as for dumb things I did, when i was between the ages of 4 and 6, I decided to sit next to an ant hill to watch them. Fire ants. The excuse I maintain to this day is that it was one of the first times I actually recall seeing an ant hill, so I was curious. Needless to say, the fire ants, the very aggressive little buggers they are, did not like that. I remember running up to my parents covered in ants and crying. THEY insist that i was sitting in it. And that it was in front of the house. Vaguely traumatic incident that it was, I actually remember most of the incident. I was at the side of the house. Where they could not actually see me. (Somewhat ironically, i still tend to watch ants just doing their thing. I do keep more distance between my self and thier hills though) The second one (that i can actually remember atleast) was when i was actually probably 11 or 12 i believe. We had a reservoir behind our house, and one winter, i decided to walk across the ice. I hit a fairly thin patch of ice, and fell right through. I can not swim. Fortunately for me, i was able to grab onto the surrounding ice which was actually considerably thicker before i went fully under and was able to pull myself out. I walked home, changed into dry cloths, and that was the end of that little adventure. I dont even think my parents are aware of that incident.
Potato Lolita
Potato Lolita 18 kun oldin
9:45 is this not what happened in that video with the little boy
kaylie Wellsandt
kaylie Wellsandt 18 kun oldin
When i was like 4, i had this rolly baby cattipillar toy, and im in my room right well the flooring is carpet and under it is cement, well i decided i was going to put the toy against my wall far enough away from my be so i wouldn't hit it, and i decoded to stand on it and....face plant on, my floor..on purpose...i couldnt breath for awhile...🤣🤣🤣
Alessia Lynn
Alessia Lynn 18 kun oldin
I’m still laughing!
ArlenG Ortiz
ArlenG Ortiz 18 kun oldin
At 9:51 that was my favorite one,I laughed so hard that my stomach was hurting
Random Youtuber
Random Youtuber 18 kun oldin
"even the tea kettle" Me: *Todoroki vibes*
Amethyst Blackstone
Amethyst Blackstone 18 kun oldin
I have never dreamed about poop. Maybe that's why I am poor.😆
Sarah Chukwurah
Sarah Chukwurah 18 kun oldin
Danica trew I used to eating rubber band Like cut them into pieces and sometimes swallow them whole
Alondra Ramirez
Alondra Ramirez 19 kun oldin
4:31 Are we just not going take about Nagito Komaeda from Danganronpa was in Alonzo's video???
Blu Chaos
Blu Chaos 19 kun oldin
I was about 14 and my mom just cleaned up the sliding glass door and I turned around and ran right into it. 🤣🤣 My mom fell out of her chair laughing so hard.
Rosie Flower Gaming
Rosie Flower Gaming 19 kun oldin
When I was little my parents went out of the room (I’m 5) the stove was still really hot and I put my hand and on the hot stove couldn’t write for a week...
bkpickell 20 kun oldin
Back when I was 7 maybe (52 now). I rarely got to see my parents due to their work schedules. They used to put my allowance in an envelope and put it on my pillow. One day I got home from school, opened the envelope, and inside was $400. I thought I had just won the lottery. I went straight to the store and spent every cent of it. Turns out my dad mixed up the envelopes, and I spent our Disney vacation money. Whoops.
Angela NIchols
Angela NIchols 20 kun oldin
We had a boy cat. My son's where 9 and 12. I was washing dishes and my 12 year old comes in and says, " Mom, you know when you blow on a cats bellybutton ?......and.... " 😬🥴😳😱 Out of all the things we try to teach our kids to prepare them for life, I NEVER thought to explain that a cats penis is hooded! I just started laughing, mortified and amused and said, buddy um... cats don't have bellybuttons. Parent fail.🤗
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