MARCH 2020 vs MARCH 2021 memes !! | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

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Ocean 101
Ocean 101 19 soat oldin
Autumn Zellers
Autumn Zellers 2 kun oldin
I’m so sorry for your loss Alonzo. Keeping kind thoughts for you. This video was epic. ❤️
Analise 3 kun oldin
"I HaD To BuY meAt FroM AmAzON"
Rachel Pechal
Rachel Pechal 4 kun oldin
On Texas that’s true
Kandi Braswell
Kandi Braswell 5 kun oldin
My father passed in October (4 days before my birthday) and I couldn’t see him because he passed from Covid. I still cry from it.
bellajaid 6 kun oldin
Do you even watch movies? 🤣
Co Co
Co Co 7 kun oldin
Ppl also couldn’t have more than 10 ppl at funerals here in Texas
genyce galvan
genyce galvan 8 kun oldin
My grandfather passed Dec. 2020 and by the grace of God, the hospital before he was transferred to hospice allowed us to go in one by one to say goodbye. After that while he was in hospice the only people allowed up was my grandmother and one of the children since my grandmother just had surgery. We as a family were not able to surround him in his last moments. The funeral was very small and definitely not what I would’ve imagined for him, but I’m just thankful that we could at least have one. My condolences to you on the passing of your mom. I pray that the Lord continues to comfort you and hold in your time of need.
K L 8 kun oldin
The Pepsi and Cheeto one, is for when people would wipe down or was everything that came from the outside.
franshanie lands
franshanie lands 9 kun oldin
my God father passed easter sunday last year due to covid! THEEE most horrible day and feeling ever! Sending love to all who've lost anyone to this virus! We all we've got left 💛💛💛💛💛
Amlyv Norris
Amlyv Norris 9 kun oldin
Happy Birthday Alonzo!!! Also condolences 💐 to you and the family for the loss of your mom. Keep smiling and finding healthy ways to remember her. Hope you continue making videos to lift our spirits in this pandemic 🤗😁
Alice Willoughby
Alice Willoughby 9 kun oldin
0:15 - Awwww, there's Kash in the background! Adorable as ever! Here's wishing you a belated Happy Birthday, Alonzo!
Chelsy Lynn
Chelsy Lynn 9 kun oldin
Mary kate and Ashley have 2 whole sisters and 2 who knew.
A. Stephon Hogan, Sr.
A. Stephon Hogan, Sr. 10 kun oldin
that was Drew Berrymore in the movie 51st dates she had no memory
Jaylen McGowan
Jaylen McGowan 10 kun oldin
covid dont have a id
Serenity Tessmer
Serenity Tessmer 10 kun oldin
The soccer ball's name is Wilson.
KittyCat260 12 kun oldin
"Tommy the Train" NO. That is Thomas the Tank Engine, how dare you not use his full name
Brooklyn Paige Denton
Brooklyn Paige Denton 15 kun oldin
Happy LATE Birthday!!!
jaja 16 kun oldin
The soft ball name was Wilson
P Jelly
P Jelly 16 kun oldin
He called the ball WILSON
Sam S
Sam S 16 kun oldin
The drew Barrymore one is a reference to 50 first dates. She has short term memory loss
PradaBae 17 kun oldin
I found multiple solutions 🧍🏾‍♀️ 1. Wear your damn mask (THE RIGHT WAY) 2. Stop going places if you don’t have too. Sit down some where 3. Just because your vaccinated doesn’t mean you have to stop taking safety precautions. (BE FOR REAL) 4. Just because the cases are going down don’t mean go outside around people without protection 🙃 Oh and we still have Anti maskers on the loose, so they might be effecting our progress too 🧍🏾‍♀️
Michael Powers Jr
Michael Powers Jr 18 kun oldin
Watching this mad late but I got the first of 2 covid shots today, I'll be getting the second one in about a month.
Sonic Adventures YouTube Series
Sonic Adventures YouTube Series 19 kun oldin
It escalates till he sees Spongebob, then he starts dying of laughter.
Sonic Adventures YouTube Series
Sonic Adventures YouTube Series 19 kun oldin
It's not Tommy the train, it's Thomas the Tank Engine.
Arin Laschober
Arin Laschober 19 kun oldin
I’ve had both doses of the vaccine and we all still have to wear masks working at the hospital. Good times. I give it another year before we are back to mostly normal
Arin Laschober
Arin Laschober 19 kun oldin
I feel the same way. I’ve gained over 30 lbs in the last year. I don’t wear makeup to work because I wear a mask everyday and I used to never leave the house without makeup.
Dallas Oliver
Dallas Oliver 22 kun oldin
My grandmother is 91, and she just received both doses of the Moderna vaccine. She feels absolutely fine and had minimal ill side effects from it, no more than the flu vaccine would give you. Sore arm, a little tired and that was it. Lasted less than 24 hours, she is fine now. It works. I will be getting it for myself as well.
Teri Wayman
Teri Wayman 23 kun oldin
Happy late Birthday!🎈🎊🎉
Rae Min-Laan McNeil
Rae Min-Laan McNeil 23 kun oldin
Did this fool just say whatever comes after May?? I DIED.
Paul 23 kun oldin
Is the Drew Barrimore one supposed to be about how she doesn't seem to have aged in like 700 years?
Pug Lover
Pug Lover 24 kun oldin
The one from 50 first dates. The woman has memoryloss and doesnt remember what day it is. Meaning she doesnt know it's a pandemic
CrazyCatLady1981 25 kun oldin
I lost my cat in June 2020. You can never compare that to losing a human family member and especially your mother.( Lost mine 2007) We were not(and still arn't) aloud to go in the office with our pets for an appointment. I was so greatful they let me come back in the office to say goodbye. I don't know what I would have done if they hadn't aloud me to do that.
Amber Grindel
Amber Grindel 25 kun oldin
Why he getting so mad?? 🤣🤣
Faith With Jenni
Faith With Jenni 25 kun oldin
Alonzo watch 50 first dates then you will understand the Drew one lol
Nicole MT
Nicole MT 25 kun oldin
Awwww. Happy belated birthday!!! I gave birth to my son on 3/7/21!!! His due date!!!!
Kamille King
Kamille King 25 kun oldin
How do you not know about Marvel, I'm judging you.
Melanin 26 kun oldin
I literally rolled off my bed crying laughing when he screamed "I HAD TO ORDER MEAT FROM AMAZON" 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Aj Lacson
Aj Lacson 26 kun oldin
i have subscribed to you for a while now and i just want to put it out there, we have the same birthday 😂, so happy birthday to you even though march is almost ending 😂
Jessie-Lee Airmax420
Jessie-Lee Airmax420 26 kun oldin
Peter Souza
Peter Souza 26 kun oldin
seeing those likes make you feel like youre alone in the world. well your not alone, i feel the same way as you do.
Webby 26 kun oldin
I loved the episodes of Wandavision I watched
Rochelle Schumacher
Rochelle Schumacher 27 kun oldin
The ball's name was Wilson in the movie castaway with Tom Hanks
That Guy Skye
That Guy Skye 27 kun oldin
Drew Barrys post. Its the same now as it was then. An she doesnt rember anything so she relives the same day. Come on man! 😂
Courtney Fuller
Courtney Fuller 27 kun oldin
Lost my Mama July 25 last year we got to hug her while she was leaving,🥺💔💔😿 so thankful they let us in too say our goodbye. Relive holding on to her everyday as she left. 💔
blaze smith
blaze smith 28 kun oldin
Just go to the marvel section of Disney plus and just watch movies and look up the order of the movies and watch them
Krissy Adkins
Krissy Adkins 28 kun oldin
Ooooo I felt that Titanic meme in my soul
Marie Gutierrez
Marie Gutierrez 29 kun oldin
Geekynoodles 29 kun oldin
I totally get that last message. My friend suddenly passed in January this year. Due to covid, me and my other friends couldn't do anything in memory of her. Plus, my teacher came in to school with covid, and I had to self isolate the last two days of school. Two extra days before the holidays when I could've seen her face again. But then I see these influencers and celebrities having their parties and flying out internationally and it makes me so upset. So 100% agree with you Alonzo and I wish you the very best.
Sandy1998114 29 kun oldin
The one with him washing the Pepsi can and Cheeto bags is because people would clean all there items they would buy at the stores because they were disinfecting the covid off of it
WorkhardGamehard 29 kun oldin
Drew Barrymore def a case of SSDD. SAME SHIT DIF DAY...year in this case
Naomi Morris
Naomi Morris Oy oldin
I'm so sorry about your mom xx
954 Acee
954 Acee Oy oldin
That meme with the same picture is an adam sandler movie. I forget the name. But she got inna accident and she can only remember the things before the crash. She couldn’t remember anything after it
javecha tyndale
javecha tyndale Oy oldin
happy belated birthday mine was the 20 of march
Kimberly Muterspaw
Kimberly Muterspaw Oy oldin
Thanks for laughter, you bring .
Kimberly Muterspaw
Kimberly Muterspaw Oy oldin
Hope you had a Happy Birthday 🎂 🥳 🎉 🎈 🎁
Kimberly Muterspaw
Kimberly Muterspaw Oy oldin
Received the first shot of vaccine. Second shot next month.
DaughterofThor1 Oy oldin
I have bunch All Marvel Movies, Inception, Tenet but it’s wasn’t as good tbh, X men dark Phoenix Zack Snyder justice league was good in the end what else.....I’ll get back to ya
DaughterofThor1 Oy oldin
Wandavision is a comedy,action,reality,etc show marvel made after the events of endgame it’s really good and if your a marvel fan you need to watch it then watch The Falcon and The WinterSoldier A+ on both shows
Daniel Oy oldin
Im sorry for your loss Alonzo Ik what its like losing a loved one
Kimberly McLaughlin
Kimberly McLaughlin Oy oldin
Washing cans and bags was showing washing covid off and still doing it.
Souparno Dhar
Souparno Dhar Oy oldin
5:11 "Shameless. You're back again."
taylee lemoine
taylee lemoine Oy oldin
The drew Barrymore is a meme of 50 first dates it’s an Adam Sandler movie 😂
Topic Lynx
Topic Lynx Oy oldin
It's frustrating watching Alonzo react to a meme from a movie scene, and you get it but he doesn't lol.
Rebecca S. Barnes
Rebecca S. Barnes Oy oldin
Sue Johnson
Sue Johnson Oy oldin
What you said at the end was my life. The last time I seen my mother before she passed was a what's app video call she passed the next day.
Summer Boyanton
Summer Boyanton Oy oldin
I’m so sorry to hear your mom passed. You are in my prayers. My Pawpaw passed March 30, 2020. I have said several times that God took him at the right time, because he had suffered enough and all the craziness of 2020 would have been too much.
Strawberry Angel
Strawberry Angel Oy oldin
Oh yea so they said covid sticks to surfaces so its good to wash ur food before eating. So after buying even bag if chips and soda gotta go home wash it and ur hands before even opening to eat it. That lasted 3months then everyone said f it
Lova Kienn
Lova Kienn Oy oldin
Boy you need to watch some more movies and TV shows jeezz
Kaila Freeman
Kaila Freeman Oy oldin
Forests Gump & Cast Away (Tom Hanks)
Brooklen mejle
Brooklen mejle Oy oldin
Ooommmggg lllooolll
Juanito Tellez
Juanito Tellez Oy oldin
Happy belated birthday and I feel your pain I lost my mom at the age of 7
Michelle Alexander-Nolin
Michelle Alexander-Nolin Oy oldin
By the's BULLSHIT that we can't advocate for our family members...'s NOT a pandemic, it's another false flag , to install fear and to. DON'T ever let anyone tell you that you cannot see your family...if they try, run in and get your family OUT💪🙏😇💕💃
Michelle Alexander-Nolin
Michelle Alexander-Nolin Oy oldin
😆..oh goodness..I seriously have winter weight on my little body😂 but thanks to you and me laughing my ass and abs off, thanks for the happiness 💖💃💪😆😂🌼😇
Justine Waller
Justine Waller Oy oldin
Did Lorenzo give Thomas the Train a street name lol
Apollo Corner
Apollo Corner Oy oldin
Yo us people born in March don't seem to be liking the month. March 8th really isn't even special anymore
NomaSelz Oy oldin
If y'all never washed your stuff after coming from the supermarket then you solid coz the fear of COVID got to me to the point of washing the plastic bag the stuff came in😂😂😂😂....Here in Wuhan we were told to sanitize evvvvvveeeerrrryyyytttthhhhiiinnnngggg
Dizzy D
Dizzy D Oy oldin
It's a sad thing to think that your loved one passed at a "lucky moment" because it's never a good time to deal with that loss, and I'm sure that's a hard thing to grapple with. Your mom left this world and you were left with the easiest and most difficult time to grieve all at once. We have seen you go through this and you're doing amazing. Much respect for going through the hard times with all the love and light that you've brought to others in the last year. You already know your mom is proud, but so are your loyal viewers. Thank you Alonzo.
Allison P
Allison P Oy oldin
Washing the groceries...They told us to do that right at the beginning when we still knew next to nothing about how it spread, how contagious it was or anything. My grandma got Covid around Christmas and it was a close call with her. I get my second shot in a couple days and for the first time since June we will actually be able to go to my brother's house to spend the day with him and the kids- IN THEIR HOUSE. We might even be able to spend Easter with them- the first normal holiday with any of our family since New Years 2020.
WinterxSummerXFall Oy oldin
He's washing the items cause COVID leaves on the surfaces of items. Depending on the surface depends on how long the virus lives. For example, last I knew COVID lived on plastic for a week and steel for five days.
Mr. Night Of Horror
Mr. Night Of Horror Oy oldin
Hey I join your channel, I may not always able to join your channel but I join your channel and I always enjoy your videos. You are one of the top UZpostr that I usually watch and sub to
Miracle McDonald
Miracle McDonald Oy oldin
PLEASE GET INTO THE MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Its 22 movies total that tell the story of the Avengers + The Guardians Of The Galaxy && more. Storyline was built up over the course of 10 years and WandaVision (on Disney+) is apart of it. Pls try to get into it. Maybe research it a bit first? You won't be disappointed 🙂
Amber Gartzen
Amber Gartzen Oy oldin
I had to order meat from Amazon 😂😂😂😂
Nicole Toliver
Nicole Toliver Oy oldin
Yall he doesn't know who Vision is we need to have a marathon for him. My heart hurts right now.
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez Oy oldin
Happy Late Birthday!! Hope you had a great day!! 🎉🎂🥳🎊
Patricia Hernandez
Patricia Hernandez Oy oldin
Wanda vision is on disney plus and she's from The avengers
Lupita Campos
Lupita Campos Oy oldin
3:36 ita from the movie "50 first dates" its on netflix and Adam Sandlers is in it. Its abt this girl(the one in the picture) who gets in a car crash tha day of her fathers bday and thinks that its his bday everyday even though its been like 5 years. Her day may be different everyday but she will wake up the next morning and never remember a thing. So it just restarts over and over again. I dont want to say more so u should just go and watch it 😊
Amanda Seigler
Amanda Seigler Oy oldin
Yess! ❤
AshIsn'tAfraidOfLove Oy oldin
Forrest Gump
Gabriel Campbell
Gabriel Campbell Oy oldin
I was watching the video and I noticed that Your shirt matches the tv in the background🙃
Aniya Northington
Aniya Northington Oy oldin
The fact he doesn’t know who Vision is drives me crazy LMAOOOO, he definitely did not watch endgame
danielle mitchell
danielle mitchell Oy oldin
Not even infinity war, or age of ultron for that matter😅😅
norris _donuts
norris _donuts Oy oldin
Nobody: Alzono ;not Tommy the train Me: scamming kids in adopt me
MadMac 77
MadMac 77 Oy oldin
You were funny before Covid. Nowadays? Not SO much.
lionessawaking42412 Oy oldin
WandaVision is a Disney+ show.
Seven Chords
Seven Chords Oy oldin
wandavision is a disney+ exclusive series that is the latest addition to the MCU, the story takes part after endgame in the timeline
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez Oy oldin
Does he not know the AVENGERS! DOES HE NOT KNOW VISION!!
Joanna Powell Chestnut
Joanna Powell Chestnut Oy oldin
Happy Belated Birthday 🎂🥳🎉🎈🎁🎊
Dance Moms Kardash
Dance Moms Kardash Oy oldin
Can you please do a Oprah and Meghan interview meme one? 😂
Zoe Gray
Zoe Gray Oy oldin
Happy (late) Birthday Alonzo 🤗
bella Oy oldin
the drew barrymore one was 50 1st dates! she wakes up and doesn't remember! love that movie :)
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