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Sharon Odonnell
Sharon Odonnell 3 kun oldin
I'm deeply sorry for your losses. I've lost my Dad and nephew in October of this year. Not a great feeling it's 6 years ago this month I lost my sister which one let me alone. I'm here if you need anything, it'll get easier. It's hard it was an apparent it's not the easiest thing to lose a friend. I wish I could take it for you but I can't. Just know that there's someone out there who understands. Sharon
Jolisa Ramos
Jolisa Ramos 14 kun oldin
I’m sorry for your loss. 😢
Shariece Bailey
Shariece Bailey 18 kun oldin
this mad my birthday harder this was shot on my 10th birthday btw
Mekayla Danee
Mekayla Danee 2 oy oldin
Lots of love sent to you n all effected
Mr. Kelly
Mr. Kelly 2 oy oldin
Broooo I just watched this video and I had to fight back the tears. Im so sorry for your loss.
김영준 3 oy oldin
What is this dish? I would literally kill to try this!! Everything I like in one pot! Genius!
Rail Stalker
Rail Stalker 3 oy oldin
Alonzo, I am now watching this video and you are in my prayers, my man. I just lost my Grandpa in January 2020 before this pandemic got started up, man. I am here for ya, brother
jaylynn mettler04
jaylynn mettler04 3 oy oldin
I can feel your pain.. my mom passed away on august 1st 2019 and then an old friend of my passed 3 months later. Keep your head up and keep going for them!!
Kendrell Alexander-Bostic
Kendrell Alexander-Bostic 3 oy oldin
I’m sorry in general .
Ciara Holmes
Ciara Holmes 4 oy oldin
I feel so bad I was bout to skip the intro but when I saw that he started crying I went back and watched the whole intro. I give him my deepest concerns with his mom passing and now Jordan
regina harrigan
regina harrigan 4 oy oldin
My condolences to you and your family and friends
Seminolesach 4 oy oldin
I lost 3 siblings within a 7 month period! I know how you feel. It hurts so bad. Prayers to you and your family. Give Kash a hug for me. He is absolutely adorable. I love seeing him in your videos.
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris 4 oy oldin
U need to do more ransom foods with these people
Lisa Harris
Lisa Harris 4 oy oldin
The hot sauce rage 😂
Kai 4 oy oldin
I know I’m late, but Alonzo I’m so sorry for your loss. He’s watching you and his love is always with you. 💕
Workouts With Jan
Workouts With Jan 5 oy oldin
So sorry for your loss
Jeramy Harper
Jeramy Harper 5 oy oldin
All I can say is that I hope you still have fun while remembering your friend, and to remember that you will see all those who you care about in the next life.
Harley Cheyenne
Harley Cheyenne 5 oy oldin
I am some how just now seeing this vedio and when you said July 10th I bawled like a full out baby that was the 2 year anniversary of my mom's passing... My prayers are with his family still to this day
Angelica Daniels
Angelica Daniels 5 oy oldin
In my prayers this made me cry
Sarah Wilkes
Sarah Wilkes 5 oy oldin
At 5:59 when your voice started to tremble I started to cry. I’m sorry I’m so late but I love you
Fairy Bella_
Fairy Bella_ 5 oy oldin
Who is Jordan 😢?
Isla Farrell
Isla Farrell 5 oy oldin
What happened to Jordan?😞
Solar Flare The Pegasus
Solar Flare The Pegasus 5 oy oldin
I'm so sorry for your loss. May your friend rest in peace💙
Kapowski MUA
Kapowski MUA 5 oy oldin
I’ve been off UZpost for a whilst and just now seeing this. Alonzo I am so sorry for your loss both for mom and Jordan. I watched that soda video and laughed my butt off. I understand the pain of loss. I went from not losing anyone to losing some of the most important people in my life one after the next after the next. It’s like the minute I came up for air it happened again. I lost 6 people one after the next. Then I find out my father is battling cancer. I tried being there for him but he just rejected me and that is hurting me. I think he’s going to be ok they got it soon. He just finished radiation treatments. But they also said my best friend would be fine and i lost her 6 months after diagnosed. We are here for u Alonzo. Love you!!
The Neely Pack
The Neely Pack 5 oy oldin
Alonzo , I know this might be kind of long, and I KNOW I need a dictionary lol. I just wanted you to know that I lost my Mama from the same disease November 16th, 2015 and my Daddy is now in Hospice care due to Dementia. He is 80 and we are just cherishing the moments we have left with him. I am also a single Mama with three great kids ( WHO ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU),and 2 fur babies. Due to My Daddy fighting this evil disease and Covid not helping the situation we are not able to get out much , it’s a risk every time we do because of my Daddy and I have a son with asthma. I just wanted to write this and tell you thank you for the laughter you bring to our home when it seems like every corner is trying to crush us. Keep up being a light of laughter to this world. You are doing way more for people than you can ever imagine! May God bless you on all your future plans. Also R.I.P. to your sweet Mama and friend as well. With love from Bama🧡👏🏻📚🥰🐶✨🍩🍫🍴🥇✈️📱💻🕯💎🎉✝️💯
PositivelyMe 5 oy oldin
My condolences to you and his family. Im so sorry you are going through all of this. I’m sending prayers for peace and understanding. Take as much time as you need to get yourself to a good place.
THC Cat 5 oy oldin
Hi, i don’t know if you’ll ever see this comment but if you do, can you please reach out to me ? I would like to talk to you. The beginning on the video touched my heart a lot & i would like to share some kind words with you. I know you’re really busy & have thousands of people asking to talk to you but if you could reach out i would really truly appreciate it a ton. Thank you ! Hope each day is getting better 🖤
NBAngel Wings
NBAngel Wings 5 oy oldin
Ur handsome.
Valarie Greene
Valarie Greene 5 oy oldin
Himalayan salt in the butter is really good when you dip 😋
Jet YikeZ
Jet YikeZ 5 oy oldin
rest in Paradise Jordan
P Jelly
P Jelly 5 oy oldin
Elberta Borders
Elberta Borders 5 oy oldin
Alonzo you are so funny. I enjoy watching you. All I can say is my heart broke when you were explaining this video. To see the hurt in your eyes. I'm so sorry for your loss again. You focus on yourself and come back when you can. True fans of yours will wait with respect. ❤
Takeisha Cannon
Takeisha Cannon 5 oy oldin
I’m sorry for you lost keep your head up
keith wilson
keith wilson 5 oy oldin
I just join Your channel not too long ago I always seen you on my fb feed and UZpost for a long long time and I actually was just like fuck it .... the more and more I watch your videos the more at home and at peace I feel with your realism. And I don’t usually do this but I just wanted to send my condolences, I know you’re in a world of pain and it’s hard to hide one of the burdens of a Pisces that I also share and that’s why it’s even hard to watch without dropping some tears myself , all I could do is pray pray and pray that you don’t get overwhelmed and that you find just a little peace in this wicked world. As much as I’m entertained by your UZpost and as much as stress as you take away from our daily lives I personally would wish you take all the time you need to heal.
sid lusk
sid lusk 5 oy oldin
who can even dislike this video? like stop watching him the man is hurting and trying to be honest with his subscribers that’s just cruel
Cynthia 5 oy oldin
Alzono, I don’t think we’ll ever meet in person (I hope I do get that chance one day because you’re so special. I want to tell you are strong. You are not alone with your grief. Please find an (unknown) friend in me. All the best, my love and support (and the biggest and strongest hug ever) ♥️
Zetsubou 5 oy oldin
Hello, I hope you all are having such a lovely day today. You're wonderful and perfect for who you are, Perfect is what you make it out to be, No one's 100% perfect in everything but, Love your imperfections. I wish you the best today, Everyone is unique and special and everyone should always respect everyone. We all love you, We should always love whatever you love. Your existence is amazing. You're so special to everyone. You are you and only you can be you. Who knows what's going on with people's lives so it's always good to make everyone feel loved and heart warmed, People need to be nice and not mean, Make the mean people nice. Everyone should try to have a Positive, Mental Attitude and never have a negative mind all the time. Also, So sorry about your friend. Wish him true happiness somewhere, He's always within our hearts so he is never truly gone.
Kim Paige
Kim Paige 5 oy oldin
My condolences go to you and your friends for Jordan. Judging by what you said and how he acted in this video I think he would have absolutely loved being in your video. I’m so sorry you’ve lost so much in such a short amount of time.. I know I’m a little late here but I do wish you peace. Btw I loved the video! And I’m sure it was hard to edit, it’s still great
Jessica Husson
Jessica Husson 5 oy oldin
I don’t know how I’m just not seeing this video, because I usually watch your videos as soon as they come out... but I am so sorry for your loss, Alonzo. Watching the beginning of this made me cry and I wish I could give you a hug. RIP Jordan❤️💔
Elisa Degbor
Elisa Degbor 5 oy oldin
R.I.P Jordan may God bless u
Southern Cowgirl
Southern Cowgirl 5 oy oldin
Either corn cob or an ear.
Southern Cowgirl
Southern Cowgirl 5 oy oldin
“I don’t want to get used to this feeling.” My friend, you never get used to this feeling. I wish there was a magic pill that we can take to just stop our internal pains. I lost 6 people in 5 months. That was the hardest 5 months of my life. You take as much time as you need. It has definitely been a hard year for you. Go on a vacation away from your house, away from society, away from social media. Completely clear your head and ground yourself.
Southern Cowgirl
Southern Cowgirl 5 oy oldin
Definitely cherish these moments you have had with friends and family. Never take anyone for granted. And always tell people you love, that you do love them.
ruth shupe
ruth shupe 6 oy oldin
Take the time you need we will all be here when you come back. 💓
pineapplegng 6 oy oldin
I'm sorry for your lost Alonzo
Sunny Brazzy
Sunny Brazzy 6 oy oldin
R.I.P. Jordan 🙏🏾🕊❣️✨, Alonzo is just going through a lot right not now, But, He gain some much Strength and Praise. Little Angels are watching and they are proud of you. 💗❤️💗
Lil Ace
Lil Ace 6 oy oldin
RIP Jordan ❤
Sarah 6 oy oldin
Awww bless, I hope you are okay so sorry for your loss Alonzo.
Sandra Obry
Sandra Obry 6 oy oldin
So very sorry for both of your losses. It never gets easy and I’m praying for you to be healed from all this emotional pain. 🙏🏽❤️ Love your content by the way. Your a amazing spirit! ☺️
Chanai Strong
Chanai Strong 6 oy oldin
Rest in paradise Jordan 🕊🥺😭 you will be missed
Jahniese Morris
Jahniese Morris 6 oy oldin
My heart goes out to you for the loss of your mother and friend💙May they rest in paradise🙏🏾you will see them again♥️
Bridget Nash
Bridget Nash 6 oy oldin
I'm so sorry for your loss Alonzo..
ThiccCheerios 6 oy oldin
All love and respect to the family and friends that lost their son, (maybe brother), best friend, cousin, anything♥️♥️♥️
crystal tague
crystal tague 6 oy oldin
I am truly sorry for his loss I’ve been there the fact that he can keep going for his fans and at the same time remember Jordan and his mom is amazing I was devastated when I lost my mom good heart good soul
sara_leex3 6 oy oldin
I lost my mom almost a year ago and it hurts a lot. I know what your feeling. :( It feels like yesterday I watched her pass away...... I wanna say thank you for all the laughs :)
Amanda Atkins
Amanda Atkins 6 oy oldin
I'm so sorry for your loss Alonzo. He seemed like a beautiful person.
Jami Loy
Jami Loy 6 oy oldin
God bless you Alonzo. The same thing happened to me when my mom passed. I lost my 3 closest friends and my dog I had for 18 years the same year. It's the hardest thing to have to deal with but in the bad moments I try to remind myself that we will be together again 1 day and it makes Heaven an even more precious place to strive for and look forward to. You're awesome?💗
《Jaz music stops》
《Jaz music stops》 6 oy oldin
Alonzo, I send my heart out to you. I lost my close friend in January of 2019 and then my dad a few months later on my birthday. It still pains me to this day and I'll be honest. I dont think I'll ever be okay with it. Just know you have a family on youtube too. We all love and support you ❤
Artistic Core
Artistic Core 6 oy oldin
IM SO SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS ALONZO💔💔💔 I'm praying for you and giving you good vibes for mental recovery❤
DailyDoseOfAri 6 oy oldin
rest in peace to both of the angels that left your life to early . i can tell that jordan was AMAZING , as was your mother . so much love n support goes to yhu Alonzo . i don’t know what i’d do in your position . yhu are STRONG ! and honestly , when i begin making mii own youtube videos , i want to brighten people’s days just like yhu do . yhu are mii idol ❤️
Melissa Mathis
Melissa Mathis 6 oy oldin
Alonzo sweetheart I know your feeling defeated right now you just lost your mom and now one of your best friends (I personally havent lost my mom and the thought scares me to death) you just need to take as much time as you need to heal! I know you feel like you just lost your mom all over again and you have so many emotions going on! I will keep you in my heart, thoughts and prayers🙏🙏🙏... I hope you find peace soon sweetheart all of your fans love you very much and we hope you take time to heal from all of this!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Emily Smith
Emily Smith 6 oy oldin
You have to try creamy peanut butter and dill pickles. Or whipped cream cheese and nacho cheese Doritos
gentlejake605 6 oy oldin
Sorry for you're friend dude,honestly sorry and sorry for your mom too i cant imagine im here if you need and the community will prolly too
Tonje 6 oy oldin
"i dont want to get used to feeling like this" - i lost it! Im sobbing. Just want to give you a big hug💜💜💜
Amy Williams
Amy Williams 6 oy oldin
I'm just seeing this video....Im so sorry for your loss Alonzo!!!!
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland 6 oy oldin
Alonzo, my heart goes out to you. I’m sorry that you have had so much loss in your life lately. There is nothing that I could say to erase the pain. But if there is any advice I could give that would maybe make it not hurt quite as bad it would be to focus on the love and happiness they brought into your life. When I get really sad I write down a memory I have of that person that makes me smile or laugh just thinking about it. All the love in the world heading your way 😘❤️
uh huh honey
uh huh honey 6 oy oldin
My hearts. I know this feeling all too well. Sending hugs love and positivity your way.
Jordahn Talkington
Jordahn Talkington 6 oy oldin
My heart goes out to you and his family and friends. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, much love❤️❤️
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland 6 oy oldin
Alonzo’s always full of joy and laughter. To see him get emotional like that made me tear up. He’s such a good guy with huge heart.
Frances Brown
Frances Brown 6 oy oldin
YOU are absolutely right sweetheart by the time it gets to the third person it's on man that kills me that's why I don't repeat nothing 🥰❣️
Kelsie Mercado
Kelsie Mercado 6 oy oldin
I'm literally on my lunch break at work watching this and when he broke down for a sec on camera, I started crying too. 💔I'm so sorry for your loss Alonzo. Same thing happened to me a year ago. I get a call from my close friend's husband and he told me that my friend had died due to a work accident and at first I thought it was a cruel joke. But my Friend really was gone and it still hurts that I won't be able to hear his laugh or get his silly Snapchats anymore.
fate_clotho 6 oy oldin
@Alonzo Lerone I don't know if you'll read this, but I paused the video just after your intro to type it. I wanted to reach through the screen and give you a hug so badly. I am so very sorry! 💜 I empathize with you so much! I lost my dad, who I lived with for over 7 years before he passed from complications of type 1 diabetes in July, 2015. I was also his main caregiver. Then just 8 months later March 6, 2016, My beloved 19 year old son suddenly died from Addison's Disease while at his dad's for the weekend. My younger son, 17 at the time, was the one who called me while their dad was doing CPR and then the cop showed up and pronounced my son dead. Then just last August, My oldest sister at 47, posted a cryptic message on Facebook, went missing for a few days and was found by the police. She had committed suicide. My moms were just devastated. YOU take ALL the time you need. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and I highly recommend grief counseling, or at least a grief group. I became too despondent and depressed after my son and didn't seek the help I needed and am now diagnosed with something called complex grief. The pain never goes away. But it does get better in time. You do start to remember the good times and begin to laugh and smile and enjoy those memories again. And don't let anyone tell you how you should feel or if someone says something you don't appreciate, you can politely let them know. i.e. If you're not find if someone saying it was his time? You can say something to the effect of "Thank you, I appreciate that you're trying to comfort me. But it bothers me when you say that, as I believe..." and insert your own input. I've had to use this on my ex in-laws with my son's passing. There's also an incredible woman on Twitter @GriefReiki Sending virtual hugs and support. I am so extremely sorry. My heart goes out to you and his family and other friends. 💜 Take care of you. ~Ariane Salt Lake City
Cyn Hanrahan
Cyn Hanrahan 6 oy oldin
Recognizing the feeling and getting used to it are two different things. You never get used to it, but you will recognize it. And it hurts. You take your time, we'll be here when you're ready.
CAS TV 6 oy oldin
Sooo next weird food combinations.... You really need to try original cheezits and Heinz regular yellow mustard. My 2 year old just showed me this today annnn I can not believe how good it taste.
Fernanda Faria
Fernanda Faria 6 oy oldin
I’m so sorry for your loss Alonzo. You’re in my prayers, may God bless your soul in such difficult times.
Calesha Lucas
Calesha Lucas 6 oy oldin
You are so strong! Praying for you
Akip. otato
Akip. otato 6 oy oldin
I lost my grandma and my grandpa when I was five,it’s a very very hard feelin,I understand. It’s hard, but hard things happen in life,and I just lost my cousin cause of overdose, but I just wanna say,stay strong,and always be who u are
freddie hoffman
freddie hoffman 6 oy oldin
Wow... Who just comes up and says that to someone?
Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez 6 oy oldin
Take a break and relief the hurt ness and take a break and come back all my hopes for u
Crystal Griffith
Crystal Griffith 6 oy oldin
I'm so sorry for your loss Man!
Candice Truelove
Candice Truelove 6 oy oldin
Baby Boy I know it's generic and it's a played out cliche. However the only thing I have that I can say because I am not a grief counselor is I'm deeply truly sorry for your losses this year. I know the pain of losing a beloved family member and a friend. So I know nothing changes that loss. All we can do is try to celebrate the good times, cherish happy and good memories, and live the life we feel they would have wanted for us to the best of our ability. They are never far away if you hold them in your heart. Love is something we give to people and love is what we take back with interest in the end. So just know that they loved you in their way and we love you too in our own way. *BIG HUG & Kiss on the cheek* 🤗💋
bella 6 oy oldin
no plates tho? lol.
bella 6 oy oldin
Halie Ch
Halie Ch 6 oy oldin
I am soooo sorry for your loss I can tell just from this video that your friend was such a nice, kined, and genuine person who really cared I am sending prayers your way hope you feel better
Samantha Mahan
Samantha Mahan 6 oy oldin
❤❤❤❤❤ sorry for your loss, my heart breaks for you.
Derek Edwards
Derek Edwards 6 oy oldin
I enjoy seeing the opposite side of comedy. Emotions are not weakness. I hope this can show others you are never alone. Great video.
Saar Deforche
Saar Deforche 6 oy oldin
Nutella and cheese
Michala Edelgaard Christiansen
Michala Edelgaard Christiansen 6 oy oldin
Lots of love ❤️❤️
Restless Aquarius
Restless Aquarius 6 oy oldin
We love you Alonzo🤍🤍🤍 my condolence to you and your friends , and the family of Jordan . From this video you can see Jordan has a great soul and you appreciated his friendship. I too know what it feels like to lose a friend in a tragic way. You don’t have to try to be strong for us , your viewers. You deserve the time to morn , and reflect on the time you had with Jordan and what his life means to you. We will be here no matter what.
Florine Johnson
Florine Johnson 6 oy oldin
I’m so sorry for your pain.
Zeus & Athena
Zeus & Athena 6 oy oldin
I'm very sorry to here about a close friend of yours that passes away, Mr. Lerone
Samara Torres
Samara Torres 6 oy oldin
When he said "did you confirm his family yet" I literally felt my heart rid and my eyes automatically water.
Lynn Pink
Lynn Pink 6 oy oldin
This is a true mukbang video.
The VibeGoddess Tarot
The VibeGoddess Tarot 6 oy oldin
Alonzo, I’ve been watching you for years and I’m never one to comment on anything... but I want to say this... I am so sorry that you are experiencing this a couple of months after you lost your your mom. (I can relate, I lost my mom 4 years ago.. I was 18) I am praying for you, that you take your time to grieve and feel this, cause the only way you can move forward is if you deal with this in a healthy way. I am a fan who hides in the shadows but I feel it’s important to let you know that we ALL support you. I hope this some how makes sense to you and helps you. We love you, for sure.
Upside Down Fox
Upside Down Fox 6 oy oldin
@Alonzo Lerone bro I’m sorry words can’t saying anything man I’m really sorry man no man or woman can deal with this I wanna know that we’re here for you and we can wait for you we love you man stay safe for us take your time stay strong bro
Wavy Jayy
Wavy Jayy 6 oy oldin
We love you and we will prey for you 🥺♥️♥️♥️
dolando adkinson
dolando adkinson 6 oy oldin
Sorry for your loss.
Pie is Good
Pie is Good 6 oy oldin
I am so sorry for his loss and I hope he starts feeling better soon ♥️
Saffron 6 oy oldin
bless your soul man🥺 you’ve had so much to deal with this year, it makes life tough but don’t let these things hold you back💕
Traci Bland
Traci Bland 6 oy oldin
Oh sweetheart 😔 I wish I could give you the most biggest squishy hug (I'm good at those) and we all appreciate you being so open with us and feeling so comfortable to tell us these things. This has been an extremely unfair year on you. Please take all the time you need to feel better and grieve and heal. We will wait for you. Much love all the way from Australia xo
Calm Down
Calm Down 6 oy oldin
If you need a break take one we'll definitely understand, take time to heal I definitely know how you feel. Wish you the best luck
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