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Alonzo Lerone

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Kim Mestisa
Kim Mestisa 17 soat oldin
On my 4th grade, I encountered *the most horrible teacher ever.* She insisted that I stolen the five peso change of my classmate just because I was set up by my bullies *(them finding my classmate's wallet on my bag which I didn't even know until someone pointed it out and I don't even know where my classmate bag was 'cause I'm at the back and answering math and only few people left at the classroom since it's time to go home).* However she still insisted to took off my skirt, which so offending, and search on my bag, which violated me, and they didn't even find a single penny in me because *I didn't took it.* The classmate was claiming she still got it in her wallet two hours ago *(after lunch and recess time so we never had a break going to canteen to buy food)* , so if I really stolen it then they should have found it on my bag because *WHERE AM I GONNA PUT IT THEN?* I CAN'T BUY ANYTHING AS IT PASS LUNCH AND RECESS, & I'M ALMOST NAKED BECAUSE They FORCED ME TO TAKE OFF EVERYTHING (MY SKIRT, MY SHOES AND SOCKS, AND MY BAG) just to find a fricking 5 PESO. Did they expect me to swallow it? Anyway, the teacher and I had a bad blood since I reported her wild behaviour to my aunt *(she actually threw eraser at my direction during our speech practice just because some of my classmates were not listening to her and the eraser hit a mirror somewhere near me and it was broken, so it's very dangerous)* My aunt talked to a town official about my teacher's behaviour. Whether it was good or bad. Unfortunately, that official has a *granddaughter that was my classmate* and she heard everything and told my teacher about what I told my aunt, so that *TEACHER HATED ME TO THE CORE.* When the frame-up happened, *SHE SPREAD TO THE Whole SCHOOL* that I AM a THIEF, embarrassed me infront of everyone, and THE REASON I'd BEEN HEAVILY BULLIED THROUGHOUT ELEMENTARY YEARS was because of HER. Also, despite doing great in her class, she always gave me LOWER GRADES -75, 76, 78, 81. I hate her and I still hate her to this day. I hope SHE GOT HER KARMA ONE DAY.
Michelle Serenade
Michelle Serenade 17 soat oldin
"Make it make sense!" My autistic ass has been screaming that for 29 years. I don't think it's gonna happen.
Jasmine F
Jasmine F Kun oldin
6:48 THIS! It’s super classist and ignorant. Especially during a pandemic they getting u food even during lockdown respect them risking their fucking lives for your chicken tenders or don’t fucking go
Wyndia Highwind
Wyndia Highwind Kun oldin
That does inspire me to get another glass of scotch.
Nance b
Nance b 2 kun oldin
you're good looking and funny too love it .
Carson Hayes
Carson Hayes 3 kun oldin
Always look at rate my professor before signing up for a class 🙌🏻
Brittany Horvath
Brittany Horvath 3 kun oldin
Horror story professor though I tried to take college algebra my second semester of college back in like 2013 and was already dreading it and idk if rate my professor was a thing back then so I didn't know anything about the prof but she was an actual lunatic, she would call us stupid when we didn't understand her, but that was because she didn't make any sense, like ever. We had that one smart kid in class (as you do) and he would constantly correct her math on the board and would get POINTS TAKEN OFF for correcting her, but she legitimately didn't know math, it was insane so we ended up learning from the smart kid after class in the library and SHE FAILED ALL OF US FOR CHEATING. I legit could've been kicked out of school for that shit, we didn't cheat we just learned from someone who knew what they were talking about. We ALL reported her to the dean, as far as I know she doesn't have a job anymore.
Brittany Horvath
Brittany Horvath 3 kun oldin
I took this government professor for two different classes a couple years ago and he was pretty handsome so I tried out that old trope that you can pass a class if you flirt with the hot professor, so I tried it and it definitely worked 😂 all it took was some tight clothes and sitting on his desk during office hours a couple times a semester 🤷🏼‍♀️ I hardly had to do anything besides show up 😂😂😂 got an A for the first class and only did half my work and a B for the second class for doing less than half my work 😂 I'm not even ashamed. easiest classes I've ever taken
Aedivide Apollo Deviant
Aedivide Apollo Deviant 3 kun oldin
My teacher used to go through three different subjects in the day and expect us to remember them for a test each week
Piper Caravaggio
Piper Caravaggio 4 kun oldin
i am almost positive the first one he read is from an episode of friends, where Ross gets nervous on his first day teaching a college class and starts speaking in a British accent and tries to slowly change back into an American one but its super obvious and the whole class calls him out.
megan griffin
megan griffin 4 kun oldin
I lived in Northern Virginia when I was little, and near Fairfax and Manasas there WAS a Fudruckers ( not sure if it's still there or not) but this was at least 28 years ago since I was about 2 1/2..anyways I got punished for calling Fudruckers "Fuckruckers" by mistake and my dad punished me by making me drink his hottest hot sauce called "Hot Sauce From Hell"..Ah. Memories.
Justice merced
Justice merced 5 kun oldin
I love your videos
Danielle Digou
Danielle Digou 5 kun oldin
Worst class ever was a Sociology class. Teacher had a high pitched grinding German accent, not the fun one, but the screechy one. Her whole class was slides, which she would read, and after each slide she’d say in the exact same tone, “Is That Cleaaa?” (Clear) For some reason the tone and way she had of presenting made my ADHD nosedive so badly that I was *gone* by the second slide. I think I actually skipped her exam by leaving for class then hiding in a Tim Hortons until it was supposed to be over and I could go home. Ah, having your parents live near your university is certainly a mixed blessing.
Jessica Bellomy
Jessica Bellomy 7 kun oldin
I had a crappy online instructor for a writing course. I let him know my internet was going in an out, NO FAULT OF MY OWN. I sent him screenshots of emails from my provider, and an email of them letting me know a new router is on the way. I asked for an extension. He understood the situation. Monday (a new week) came and EVERYTHING was locked. I was already a week behind. DUDE WAS AN ASS AND I DROPPED THAT CLASS. HE DIDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT ANYTHING!!!!! I'm avoiding him for any future writing courses.
Ashley Riser
Ashley Riser 7 kun oldin
Bleach hot boiling water. No fresh foods out &&& vinegar in a catch them all
Burning Hammer Studios
Burning Hammer Studios 7 kun oldin
one of the most annoying professors I ever had class only had one good thing about it... I met my best friend. other than that, dude could fuck right off XD
Chris Fairfax
Chris Fairfax 7 kun oldin
I heard footsteps when he was scared!
Shanika Elizabeth
Shanika Elizabeth 7 kun oldin
The waffle and dandruff made me want to puke
AnnMarie Carfagno
AnnMarie Carfagno 8 kun oldin
Here's a RateMyProfessor. My first semester of college, my Father passed away and this d*ckhole made me come to class 2 days later to take his final. I barely passed. 10/10 Would Not Recommend.
Cat S
Cat S 8 kun oldin
1:18 what happen? Are you ok??.
Bluntiful Purp
Bluntiful Purp 9 kun oldin
Is that a trump blanket👀 or am I tripping 🥴
Andie Bunker
Andie Bunker 9 kun oldin
One of my biology professors from sophomore year deemed himself the “weed out professor“ for my accelerated physician assistant program. He even went so far as to try and fail students in the graduate portion of the program. Word has it about a year or two after I had him that his wife got a position at another college that she couldn’t refuse and they had to move out of the area, but normally a person doesn’t just give up their tenured position (like this fool did) for no reason. No one will ever know what happened to this disgrace of a professor, but thank God he is gone from my alma mater…
Planet Pug Gachas
Planet Pug Gachas 10 kun oldin
All I’mma say about my most hated teacher she gives us a blue note for saying bruh. She says we are not hooligans and do not use slang.
CurlyGirlC 10 kun oldin
We had a professor who had a heavy Nigerian (I think that is what it was) and he would always talk so fast, no one understood him. All of us asked him to slow down multiple times and he never did. We explained we couldn't understand still and when everyone in the class failed, he got mad at us. This dude and I that sat next to each other always texted each other or asked after class if we finished notes to share them, but most of the time we couldn't finish notes even sharing.
albert mooney
albert mooney 10 kun oldin
if you cant say something nice dont say anything at all.
Chet Severn
Chet Severn 11 kun oldin
Never used it but I did read one about a History Professor I had that made me laugh because there was some truth to it. It read off like this, “Love this Professor but I cannot help but notice he looks like Matt Damon.”
musicgirl 101
musicgirl 101 11 kun oldin
not a professor thank god, but my highschool teacher sucked. She would give us a big project and expect it the next week, impossible. She made me hate the class, and she made me so damn mad. no one but the teachers pet liked her. we all called her “the bitch teacher”
Sharpy RokOut
Sharpy RokOut 11 kun oldin
Alonzo is too innocent to know what a butt pirate is
Anna Mouse
Anna Mouse 11 kun oldin
Did you say that you were told you're too short to be a teacher? I am 4ft 11 inches and I was a teacher but when I migrated, my qualification wasn't recognised and after 5 years of unsuccessfully trying to be employed as a TA until I could be trained, I gave up. You would make a great teacher. Kids need great people as teachers and it's not too late for you.
Conrad Lim
Conrad Lim 11 kun oldin
I want u to try rose syrup and milk. Pour more for milk and not alot for the rose syrup.
Cheyenne Cashion
Cheyenne Cashion 12 kun oldin
Before you went to check behind you my notification sound went off and I started laughing because it was at the perfect timing
Nicholas Boyce
Nicholas Boyce 12 kun oldin
My kids and I have stopped eating specifically at McDonald's because literally every time we went before this they always got the order wrong. Location didn't matter, time of day didn't matter but I'm sorry if you can't take an order, put it in a bag and do this without making stupid and obvious mistakes the insults you get might be founded. Anytime someone messes up our order now we joke, they used to work at McDonald's.
KarIsTheStar 13 kun oldin
He was so forgetful and I was so confused in his class, because he would say something like, "As we went over yesterday..." and we would have no idea what he was talking about. Thank God we had a diligent note taker that would look over his notes and say, "No Mr. M. we didn't."
just some sad weeb
just some sad weeb 13 kun oldin
The British accent one hits me too well. I always liked how them posh people sounded and now I sound extremely inbred... I guess I accomplished what I wanted but died a little inside due to it.
Aubree Grayce
Aubree Grayce 13 kun oldin
He looks like that dude from criminal minds, forgot his name 😳
Sarah Oden
Sarah Oden 14 kun oldin
I’m a 4H alumni! Graduated in 2017! It’s amazing! Anyone need info on it for themselves or their kids hit me up on Instagram! @sarah.erin15 ❤️❤️
Rachel LeMaster
Rachel LeMaster 14 kun oldin
“The BEEF”😂😂😂
Soybean 14 kun oldin
“Don’t Trust people in New York” Me who lives in New York: 😔✌🏻
Amanda Kopas
Amanda Kopas 14 kun oldin
In community college, I had an Algebra professor who couldnt even solve the problems she was teaching us how to do. On day ONE, after the 3rd time of her getting the wrong answer to a problem and saying "I'm going to work on this one after class and give you guys the answer next time" I grabbed all of my things and walked out. It was at that moment I realized they will literally hire anyone to teach a college class
Erin B
Erin B 15 kun oldin
My one professor in college was awesome. For Christmas only myself and another student showed up for class. We ended up going to a restaurant for dinner and drinks ~best teacher ever
MsMookalate 15 kun oldin
I seen the Professor Keenan reference. Also, Alonzo gun toting teacher was a cry for help from the student
Xanan 15 kun oldin
Did anyone else’s notice the closed captions say “rape” my professor instead of “rate” my professor @1:02
Fanny Tan
Fanny Tan 15 kun oldin
Disgruntled mall Santa had me dead ass laughing 🤣🤣🤣 & the “loose” lol when it should be “lose” 🤣🤣🤣
Gamerbear! 15 kun oldin
is that a trump flag👀
Kanwelraji Attiq
Kanwelraji Attiq 15 kun oldin
The stool went: *insert Felix's version* YEET
whitney norris
whitney norris 16 kun oldin
I had an English professor my freshman year of college and I swear he was the devil. You could smell him walking down the hall way and knew he was coming before you even laid eyes on this man. He always wore sweater vest with no shirt underneath so his chest hair would hangout all the time. Then on Halloween he brought candy and no one ate it for fear it was poisoned. The only three things good about his class were sweater vest, chest hair and poisoned Halloween candy.
Gavin.C Fishing
Gavin.C Fishing 16 kun oldin
Did anyone see the Trump blanket that the dog was laying on trump 2024
Hannah Josey
Hannah Josey 16 kun oldin
Alonzo at 12:35 "what is a butt pirate?" A butt pirate is slang for a homosexual man
NubianQueen_xo 16 kun oldin
It’s the sacrifice to the Orisha named Shango/Chango that sent me lmaoo!!!😂😂😂😂😂
Dorothy Barnes- Chavis
Dorothy Barnes- Chavis 16 kun oldin
my professor last semester didn't like me I think it was because I was the only African American there
Ron the queen
Ron the queen 16 kun oldin
so a butt pirate apparently means "a homosexual man" I didn't know butt pirate was even a thing.
Jack Bruggeman
Jack Bruggeman 16 kun oldin
Literally came out of a boring class to find this video uploaded! Good timing
Aladine Jarrett Crooks
Aladine Jarrett Crooks 17 kun oldin
lol put him on the cross.. Jesus! lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Kash in the back like here he go again
SOPHISTICATED Jonathan 17 kun oldin
Pterodactyl he added the P when really you say it there is supposed to be no P, but it is what it is
I am a narwhal
I am a narwhal 17 kun oldin
RIP Alonzo's blind You will be missed
Gracie Miller
Gracie Miller 17 kun oldin
Saw the thumbnail and was like “if I had a license I would def do this because I want to die”
misty lewis
misty lewis 17 kun oldin
The way he said pterodactyl had me knee slappin’!
misty lewis
misty lewis 17 kun oldin
My family calls Fuddruckers “Fudge-Packers” too!!!!
misty lewis
misty lewis 17 kun oldin
The fact that Alonzo didn’t know the North Pole was a real place didn’t surprise me at all.
Chloe K
Chloe K 17 kun oldin
“First day, prof with multiple degrees ran into class late and her first word was ‘sht’ as a book fell. Most intelligent prof I’ve ever had”
Chloe K
Chloe K 17 kun oldin
“If you want to teach yourself all the material, have her snap at you like your a dog to get your attention, and be yelled at when you ask common questions, then I would recommend this professor.” Reeaaally shoulda looked at reviews lol
Blu Chaos
Blu Chaos 17 kun oldin
I had a teacher be mean to me then apologize at the end of the year when I passed her class with an A
Emily Maceroni
Emily Maceroni 17 kun oldin
When i check rate my professor, i try to outway the pros and cons. Some students write bad reviews because they didn't want to do work and I get. Since my campus is not the main one, usually I uave like 1 or 2 options for professors so most of the time I'm stuck with what I got. Most of those professors were nice and not too crazy so maybe the reviews actually help them and change how they teach and act towards students
Emily Maceroni
Emily Maceroni 17 kun oldin
Here's metaphor for how my professor treated my class. Imagine struggling to swim in the ocean. You are about to drown and you reach your hands up for someone to help you and what do they do? They hand you another assignment. My professor really did that. Here we would be flooded with assignments and she would keep adding more with no remorse. This professor I had last semester said we had to teach ourselves everything and she Justified it as being a hybrid class which means that we only meet five times in the semester. Every single week nobody knew how to do the assignments and she would get mad if we didn't understand them. She told us about the critical assignment the first day of class but nobody knew how to start it . Every week she would say that we should be drafting another section of the assignment. That's great and all but when we were flooded with assignments, we couldn't even begin to think about the critical assignment. At a zoom meeting one day, she said if we hadn't started the assignment yet we were screwed. We all laughed at her in the group chat later that night because we all know how to crank out a paper within a week to spare. she would crank out extra assignments on weeks that we had not a lot going on. She also had a habit of giving multiple smaller assignments that were due the same day that critical assignments were due. She clearly did not take into consideration that people have jobs and have other classes. I got a 94 in her class thankfully. I have her again this semester pray for me.
JessBeingMe 17 kun oldin
I’m definitely the students counting the tiles.. like make it end pleaseee‼️
Lean Bean
Lean Bean 18 kun oldin
my psych professor from last semester literally told us on the first day that if we emailed her too much she would call the police and claim we are a terrorist. and then she went on to say that it’s happened before and that she got a kid in prison for “stalking her”. long story short, if anybody had any questions about assignments, they did not email her about it
heaven lopez
heaven lopez 18 kun oldin
Me: Watching this video and counting how many times he gets up😂
Tyler Teal
Tyler Teal 18 kun oldin
Man this had me DYING 😂😂
loves animals
loves animals 18 kun oldin
So because of all the bad reviews here I decided to give you all some hope for humanity and tell you about a very good teacher I had. He tought the subject in a way that made it easy to understand and was also very understanding, as long as you still did the work you're grade wouldn't even be affected if you ended up having to skip class. Even if it happen multiple times. I even ended up getting an A in his class. (BTW: sorry if my spelling is bad, I try my best but english isn't my first language)
Lindsay Partin
Lindsay Partin 18 kun oldin
Sounds like they were talking about my former boss in some of these. So glad she retired.
Destiny Bell
Destiny Bell 19 kun oldin
My (first)history professor was an asshole. I gave us timed test and when I say timed I mean he didn't give us enough time. Well I only had a few questions left and tried my best to answer them. I was going to community college at the time and the community College Ibwas going to had two satellite Canopus one of which I was going to. We use what they call ITV which is basically classes over a video call. Welp he saw me trying to finish my test and told me to stop what I was doing and take it to the office. That's where students taking ITV classes dropped their work off for it to be mailed to the main Campus. I was trying to finish my test. I mean he couldn't see me so why tf not... Tell me why this man called the damn school(our Campus) and ask the desk if I was taking my test. Then proceeded to get rude with the staff. He was basically going to fail me if I continued. Welp I dropped the class and reported his ass and yes he got in trouble for being a rude old dried up asshole.
Cheyanne Rockett
Cheyanne Rockett 20 kun oldin
@15:30 Did he just pronounce the “p” in pterodactyl. There is a joke about this creature and how to pronounce it and he still can’t say it right? I think the fails done got to him.
tk cassidy
tk cassidy 20 kun oldin
I'm dyslexic and can't spell worth of shit and enjoy your miss spelling videos
Swift Bonjour!
Swift Bonjour! 20 kun oldin
Torren James
Torren James 20 kun oldin
She does WHAT on her husband?
Torren James
Torren James 20 kun oldin
They just insulted spam man 😬
Samantha O'Neill
Samantha O'Neill 20 kun oldin
New subscriber 👆🏽👆🏽😍😍😍😍
Marie Cc
Marie Cc 20 kun oldin
It’s the throwing the stool for me
turisbeautytouch _
turisbeautytouch _ 20 kun oldin
Oh my, you have a big mouth, its funnier when you now talk and smile at the same time.
Singing The Blues
Singing The Blues 20 kun oldin
16:25 😂 I have to have my blinds raised a pinch or else my cat will paw at it so she can be nosy and watch out to see what our neighbors are doing.
Singing The Blues
Singing The Blues 20 kun oldin
I am like that when I get a fruit fly in my kitchen 😤 agreed about the McDonald’s thing
Mark COSHEVER 20 kun oldin
I one if your next wired food combos can you please do cornflakes and mustard
TooSweet81 21 kun oldin
The lotion on the table, foot rubs?
Destiny H
Destiny H 21 kun oldin
An actual review I left on Rate My Professor: DO NOT TAKE THIS PROFESSOR!!! I took his PHSC 101 class and he was the most childish petty Professor I have ever met. For the first class instead of going over the syllabus or the class he talked for 45 minutes about cheating...(seriously?) and how cheating personally offends him and how he’s written 76 complaints within the past two semesters for cheating. He never mentioned any assignments. There was an assignment due online before the second class that only 5/107 students did because no one knew about it and in the video for the assignment he cackled evilly and said if you found this video and are doing the assignment this show you successfully looked through blackboard...he never told us to look through blackboard and he was petty for no reason. He’s a terrible instructor who doesn’t give 2 fs about his students. His only redeeming factor is his parakeet. Which further solidified his role of an evil villain. Like...Jafar, Maleficent, The Evil Queen...need I say more?
kaitlyn penney1234
kaitlyn penney1234 21 kun oldin
I love you LMAOOO
violetphoenix13 21 kun oldin
My character design/storyboard teacher at the animation school I went to was such a dick. He verbally abused me and one other student with ableist comments (since we had fucking depression and anxiety which kinda fucked us up). He was also one of those people who had to have the last word in, and absolutely was right all the time. There were several times when I proved him wrong in class (with examples and sources), or was able to use an art program better than he was... when he was the one teaching us how to use it. As a result I almost always had whiskey in my coffee in the morning, since his class was first. Thank goodness for my high alcohol tolerance, or I would've been completely smashed by the end of his 2 hour class.
starbtle 21 kun oldin
Had a college professor who was too empathetic. It was for Accounting at an all girl's school. Now, accounting 1, not a hard class. Basic math, write in the paper grids provided (this was before most students had personal computers in their dorms / laptops). We had 4 girls in the class who were on the Basketball team, and a couple of their friends. One day, when we were suposed to have a test, one of the Basketball girls said that she didn't study because they were partying after the game, and told her friends to tell the teacher they all didn't understand the lesson. They did this twice, and I went to the teacher and was like look I'm like 3 chapters ahead, and did all the self exam stuff in the book while they had to review things we did a month ago again. I ended up being a self study student working on my own and submitting assignments to the teacher's mailbox. I only had to come in person for the final. I aced Accounting 1 & 2 in that same semester because of this.
Baillie Carter
Baillie Carter 21 kun oldin
Who else loves this channel i have been watching this all day.
Sierra Durocher
Sierra Durocher 21 kun oldin
I have an idea for a food combination. Lol if you do one again, mix pickle relish and dark chocolate
random stuff
random stuff 21 kun oldin
I guess I was lucky. I've never had a professor that I hated. There are some I liked better than others, but none that I thought were so bad that they shouldn't even be teaching.
Jessica Perkins
Jessica Perkins 21 kun oldin
"I don't even know what the beef is about" We don't either that's why we hate McDonalds is it even beef at this point
jayrae316 21 kun oldin
The first time my dad saw a Fudd Ruckers, he looked at me and said "you know they wanted to call that place Rude F***ers, but the government said no."
Tyre Qu
Tyre Qu 21 kun oldin
Plz bring back things we all did as kids I’ll go first when I was younger my cousin told me Kevin Hart was her cousin and I watched this is the end and saw him die and then I told my cousin that he died🤣🤣🤣🤣
League of Aurelus BBP
League of Aurelus BBP 21 kun oldin
4H Clubs still exist - especially in small, farm town communities 💚
Morgan Miletta
Morgan Miletta 21 kun oldin
I had a teacher in high school, who we all swear had a frickin bat cave full of guns and shit behind this one cabinet that he always kept chained and locked . He was also a veteran. But anyway. He used to staple McDonald’s business cards to your exams if you got a bad grade
Black Girls Rule The World
Black Girls Rule The World 21 kun oldin
I'm so done with my science teacher. Fridays are meant to be study hall days so we can do work. But whenever I log into his class, he talks the whole hour through. If you're looking for a guy who never shuts up, go to him
Nora Marie
Nora Marie 21 kun oldin
Me professor always call us "Mother" and "Grandma" Like do you think we are 100 years old?
Hunni Badger
Hunni Badger 21 kun oldin
In 7th grade, I had a history teacher that was 5' even. Next to her was my math teacher. She was 6'1".
ebraden09 21 kun oldin
I was in culinary school and I had one professor that had a tantrum that cussed us out and threw a knife across the room. And another professor that accidentally sliced my finger with a knife and yelled at me for bleeding. 😅
rosettafury IWA
rosettafury IWA 21 kun oldin
i was in 4h .....
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