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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
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hunter trimmer
hunter trimmer Soat oldin
0% off lol
Nancy Parkerson
Nancy Parkerson Kun oldin
the word superfluous means: unnecessary, especially through being more then enough. i had to look it up because you said you didn't want to know what it means. love your videos.
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley 2 kun oldin
OMG! the windshield screen customer is DUMB BEYOND DUMB! You DON'T DRIVE with that thing on your car-It's for when your car is parked out in the sun for several hours!
Nancy O'Malley
Nancy O'Malley 2 kun oldin
At least the beach ball sellers didn't lie about the size of the beach ball
Judith P
Judith P 6 kun oldin
Ryonn lol
The Ascending Apothicon
The Ascending Apothicon 7 kun oldin
9:41 The woman who put Gorilla Glue in her hair probably bought this reflector...
Sarahlovee 8 kun oldin
You may have read it in one go but you read it wrong sooooo is it impressive?lol
Jennifer Maria Brocco
Jennifer Maria Brocco 8 kun oldin
Green Power ranger person was using the PROPER form of you're meaning u are
r3b3k41978 8 kun oldin
I'm sorry, but who the heck would drive a car with their head out the window? Just take the thing off before driving!! Good God!
Massiel Lopez
Massiel Lopez 8 kun oldin
We all name our robotic vaccums lol😂😂😂 Ours is Tania, and she hangs on “cliffs” quite often
M&R vids
M&R vids 9 kun oldin
You should 100000% order the most weirdest stuff from Amazon and do a video 😂😂❤️
Abebekable 10 kun oldin
this review 0:56 makes me laugh crying non stop and then my asthma came.
Sara Walton
Sara Walton 11 kun oldin
I can’t believe you didn’t read the answer “I could tell you but I’d have to charge”!! These Amazon reviews have me dying!
Redd69 carson
Redd69 carson 11 kun oldin
i live in indiana yes it is a state
Mae Ainceri
Mae Ainceri 11 kun oldin
Is nobody gonna mention how he said that the green power ranger was using 'you're' in the wrong way but it was acc right
Kimberly Nelson
Kimberly Nelson 12 kun oldin
Beautiful teeth!
TaylorSwift fansince2008 girl
TaylorSwift fansince2008 girl 13 kun oldin
if you don't know about Corona then you are living under a rock
Tierra McCullough
Tierra McCullough 14 kun oldin
And the green power ranger used the right "you're" nigga you tripping hard as hell
Tierra McCullough
Tierra McCullough 14 kun oldin
Idk about sliding around on ANY bathroom floor covered in lube WTF 🤣🤣🤣
Chanice Lee
Chanice Lee 15 kun oldin
Green Ranger used the wrong you're/your ONCE! lol
Kay Simpson
Kay Simpson 18 kun oldin
The steering wheel desk is good for what we have been going through when you can’t dine in I really need to get my friends and family them lol
Lisa Yui
Lisa Yui 19 kun oldin
I live in Indiana and I didn't know I was in stage 5. 🤣
Kingsavardkied Harvin
Kingsavardkied Harvin 20 kun oldin
great 4 mins in and i'm already sub and can't breath...need more
Torren James
Torren James 20 kun oldin
I really hope I meet you one day, you are hilarious 😂
karma the weeb
karma the weeb 20 kun oldin
If that giant beach ball came in contact with me, I'd be the unlucky one to have the fate of dieing from being crushed by a giant beach ball (I'm hella small)
Райчел Фрозиенски
Райчел Фрозиенски 20 kun oldin
10:18 - 11:20 are the most idiotic things I ever heard!!! I almost got killed! 😂😂😂
Angela Stanley
Angela Stanley 21 kun oldin
..... the beach ball one sounded like a positive review
904funny 21 kun oldin
5:00 what language?
Nick Glunt
Nick Glunt 22 kun oldin
No I can’t hear the mower because your voice is so loud
Heather Crinean
Heather Crinean 22 kun oldin
One sided Keyboard for your one handed "internet searching" for the lowkey gamer
Shifty Swan
Shifty Swan 22 kun oldin
I subbed hella funny content keep up the great work
Z Rufo
Z Rufo 22 kun oldin
Superfluous 1a: exceeding what is sufficient or necessary; extra. b: not needed; unnecessary. 2 obsolete: marked by wastefulness; extravagant.
Tonya Laney
Tonya Laney 22 kun oldin
You need to look up haribo fat free gummies reviews on Amazon. You will literally die laughing.
Starr Castillo
Starr Castillo 23 kun oldin
The green power ranger only used the wrong you're/your one time! It wasn't even on the one you're complaining about. Lol.
Prairie Equestrian
Prairie Equestrian 23 kun oldin
Lol 16:37-16:46 that’s me all the time!!!
I am joe
I am joe 23 kun oldin
who else thought that the keyboard one was written in german? l l l v
GrimmXiii 23 kun oldin
This vid was recommended to me, not even a minute in, I knew I had to sub to this guy!
Jessica Kelly Tindal
Jessica Kelly Tindal 24 kun oldin
I think that is German or something at 5 minutes
Kari Berg
Kari Berg 24 kun oldin
My vacuum app suggests you name your robot vacuum. Ours is named Rosie. Rosie had a lot of trouble finding her docking station the first few days and would run out of power before finding it, but she's getting pretty good about it now.
Errol Rodriguez
Errol Rodriguez 24 kun oldin
I just found your channel. It is being a while since I laughted this hard.
Emily Matthews
Emily Matthews 24 kun oldin
Wow does that first one about the poor guy make me glad I have a vaj. Still though I can only imagine the embarrassment 😂
Paul Bunion
Paul Bunion 25 kun oldin
My parents named their vacuum cleaner Taser Face from guardian's of the galaxy.
live, love, LAUGH!
live, love, LAUGH! 25 kun oldin
3:58 all I could think of was "SAY SON ONE MORE TIME!"
kendra williams
kendra williams 25 kun oldin
Children screamed in terror as the inflatable beach ball monster crushed their sandcastles. . 🤣
CHIBi CHAN 26 kun oldin
5:23 is it just me or im not tue only one who thought he was speaking Spanish or french at first 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀
Bryan Springborn
Bryan Springborn 27 kun oldin
This is the funniest video on UZpost.
Greg 27 kun oldin
I LOVED this!!!!!!
Red Jacket
Red Jacket 27 kun oldin
9:40 Yeah... you’re not supposed to drive with it up... that’s just to keep the car cool when you park it so it’s not hot when you get in... I don’t want to say anything rude about this so I’ll stop typing now....
Mixedb nailz
Mixedb nailz 27 kun oldin
Man. Half the Time I can't post my reviews. Most time I'd have to put 5star then put the complaint . dang
Becky Coin
Becky Coin 28 kun oldin
That beach ball review would encourage me to purchas a dozen of them!!Haaahhaaa
Amber Keck
Amber Keck 29 kun oldin
I actually bought the NYX Cosmetics finishing spray for that exact review. 😅
Hayden Borgheiinck
Hayden Borgheiinck 29 kun oldin
This came up on my recommended, this is the first video I've seen by him, he got a new subscriber just from this, I laughed so hard
Mele Metcalf
Mele Metcalf 29 kun oldin
Roomba app has you name your vacuum assuming it would be easy for a household to organize if you had multiple.
Emma bell
Emma bell Oy oldin
I thought I was gonna die laughing at the ball one 🤣😂🤣😂
Helene D
Helene D Oy oldin
The beach ball had me crying i was laughing so hard. Oh my gosh I needed the laugh. Thank you!
melanyebaggins Oy oldin
You got a sub for that winning smile and the sparkly 'link in the description' :D
Allecia Wint
Allecia Wint Oy oldin
Honestly though he was using the right “your”
Catladyj1 Oy oldin
Made the mistake of watching this while working. Had to stop and dry my eyes because I couldn't see from laughing so hard 🤣
Jayden Kelley
Jayden Kelley Oy oldin
Your stupid man
Mr. Grieves
Mr. Grieves Oy oldin
You're the one using the wrong you're, not the Green Ranger. Get a dictionary. 🙄
Dea Wallach
Dea Wallach Oy oldin
Superfluous= unnecessary
Euny Gonzalez
Euny Gonzalez Oy oldin
Lol when he's reading the power ranger go green the look was hilarious,go green 🤣
diddy ange
diddy ange Oy oldin
I need a friend like him. He will crack me up so much.
Callie Wade
Callie Wade Oy oldin
first of all let me say i LOVE your videos. you are hilarious and your reactions have me falling over laughing. upon watching this video, as an indiana resident... a joke came to me. "you tell people to get a dictionary, you need to get a map!" because YES indiana is INDEED A STATE. LMAO i died laughing hearing that. love your videos dude, keep it up! your reactions bring laughter to so many and you know what they say, "laughter is the best medicine"
ChelseNora Oy oldin
0% off ? am i the only one that heard that lmaoooo
Mel Carrigan
Mel Carrigan Oy oldin
I'd like to see you read reviews for haribo sugar free gummy bears
Sassy Signs
Sassy Signs Oy oldin
That first review completely exemplifies my argument against casual commando in questionable shorts.
Darlene Cane
Darlene Cane Oy oldin
You are so right about plugging a USB cable in! EVERY. FREAKING. TIME.
Austin Bales
Austin Bales Oy oldin
I laughed so hard I dropped my oi own on my face, then it fell off the bed and shattered the back
Cady Young
Cady Young Oy oldin
Wait he has an only fans?😂
CaribbeanNa 25___
CaribbeanNa 25___ Oy oldin
The no complaints from grandpa took me out 😂😂😂😂😂😂
C. Curry
C. Curry Oy oldin
"I tried to summon Satan and my mother showed up" had to paws the video laughing so hard I had to catch my breath.
super geeky
super geeky Oy oldin
How is that fucker gonna call Billy the blue ranger basic!? He's smarter than all of the others combined!
Brockton Haught
Brockton Haught Oy oldin
“And 2,878 criminals found this helpful!”... make that 2,879
romanhardware Oy oldin
I think I need to buy that casket because I almost died laughing 😆😂🤣
Laii Nicole
Laii Nicole Oy oldin
“Wooji” board😂😂😂😂
Matt Keilman
Matt Keilman Oy oldin
“Using the wrong your” when he was using it correctly 🤔
Carlton A. Combs
Carlton A. Combs Oy oldin
Indiana has been in stage 5 for about 3 months now
Venesa VKittie85
Venesa VKittie85 Oy oldin
Get a dictionary he says, falsely accuses someone of using the wrong your/ you're 🤦‍♀️🤣
Mega drako
Mega drako Oy oldin
Yo I'm dying at my childish self when alonzo was like "green who picks the green power ranger?" I was so offended I was like "Me bitch!"
Mega drako
Mega drako Oy oldin
@melissa sandison lol go green or go home💚
melissa sandison
melissa sandison Oy oldin
Same I had to rewind to make sure I heard him correctly I did and I was ready to throw hands.
Aaron Oy oldin
8:06 This is the correct “you’re” believe it or not...
Jordan Rowell
Jordan Rowell Oy oldin
Didn’t the green ranger only use the wrong your/you’re once?
Heather Berg
Heather Berg Oy oldin
Our vacuum is named Sébastien and he is a loved family member in our household but he does cry and need help often
Heather Berg
Heather Berg Oy oldin
@Joseph Townsend huh?
Mrs.G Oy oldin
Omg you are Awesome.😂 I was laughing so hard I couldn't even drink my ice tea.😂
David M
David M Oy oldin
I'm crying i love you videos. Thank you
Austin Bales
Austin Bales Oy oldin
I haven’t watched the video yet but if he doesn’t talk about the Review for the big bag of heribo gold ears💀
Roadkill Oy oldin
Green ranger was mostly using the correct your and you're, I found 1 single flaw in the middle. Your is a possessive word; meaning it's talking about something that is your's, it belongs to you. You're is a conjunction of the words you, and are.... you are... youare... you're or, for pirate talk y'are
Brittany R
Brittany R Oy oldin
Lmao power ranger definitely used the right kinda you're throughout the entire review 😂
Sean O'Malley
Sean O'Malley Oy oldin
A gallon of lube you say?
Slow Motion Gaming
Slow Motion Gaming Oy oldin
This man say "im not sure if indiana is even a state" ?? Plz tell me he's capping
Steven Wellwood
Steven Wellwood Oy oldin
13:31: when you buy a new mouth
Sheila D
Sheila D Oy oldin
Do a reading of reviews of sugar free gummie bears
Fire Wood
Fire Wood Oy oldin
8:08 the only your that is incorrect is the one that starts the sentence “Your going to be teleporting to Zordan and Alpha 5 so you can chill with them up at the secret power ranger base.” Your is possessive where as you’re is a contractions You and Are. Try reading the you’re and yours as You Are. If it doesn’t make sense then it is Your. I may have stopped going to College but I passed my College English Class with a A. I love English JUST SUBSCRIBED Oh yea.... 16:26 most USB cables have a symbol on the top. If that symbol is facing up the USB A part is the right way up. Some other cords like USB C don’t have this but that’s because USB C can go in either way and be fine. Normally lonely the USB A part has the symbol to make it easier to plug into computers and other things like chargers... UZpost is way too useful. Sometimes It feels like My brain has more useless information in it then useful....
Sterling O'Deaghaidh
Sterling O'Deaghaidh Oy oldin
I was watching a UZpostr torture virtual people after a video on opal mining in Australia. How did I get here?
TruBluBlur Oy oldin
Lol, superfluous just means "pointless" basically
Michaela Snider
Michaela Snider Oy oldin
I have definitely been sold on that NYX setting spray though 😄
Marianna DeBolt
Marianna DeBolt Oy oldin
First time watching-thanks for the laughs!
harley kallstrom
harley kallstrom Oy oldin
We are a state and last I heard we are stage 4
Dea Oy oldin
Our robo vac is named Ralph.
Tara Wright
Tara Wright Oy oldin
Ummmm, according to my calculations, the Green Ranger used the wrong your exactly one time, just over half way through the fourth line. Not sure what you were on about. Especially considering the one that seemed to have set you off was correct.
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