TRYING ALL THE WEIRD CEREALS OF 2021 | Flaming Hot Frosted Flakes | Taste Test | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

23 kun oldin

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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
from peeps cereal to my dyi flaming hot frosted flakes , this is a taste test I'm excited to try for the new year!!

Catalina Grande
Catalina Grande 17 soat oldin
Who is this mans cereal plug? I have never seen these 😭
Why Not Films
Why Not Films 17 soat oldin
That flaming hot frosted flakes vid he saw was definitely Mytical Kitchen 🔥😂
Rebecca Shrader
Rebecca Shrader 22 soat oldin
I have the dunkadoo cereal in my cabinet its not too bad
Rebecca Shrader
Rebecca Shrader 22 soat oldin
My new favorite cereal is the caramel macchiato dunkin donuts its pretty good but you have to have a taste for it
Krissy Freeman
Krissy Freeman Kun oldin
Try the Twinkie cereal
Cheraine Fink
Cheraine Fink Kun oldin
The Pokémon cereal looks like kits berry with marshmallows
Nae Bugg
Nae Bugg Kun oldin
Can you please try pickles and cheez it
Beth Lovesyu
Beth Lovesyu Kun oldin
Any other extreme couponers out there seeing that peelie coupon like ill take that 😂
Kera Hampton
Kera Hampton Kun oldin
I tried the sesame street cereal, and it taste's gross with milk. By itself it actually tastes good lol.
Schneewittchen3663 Kun oldin
The Peeps cereal was my favorite and it broke my heart when Easter was over and I couldn't get anymore. I hope they bring it back.
Dxmmy Mark
Dxmmy Mark Kun oldin
So we gonna ignore the fact the put milk before cereal
Jennifer-Renee' Arrington
Jennifer-Renee' Arrington Kun oldin
First Alonzo I love your videos they make my day! When I heard about the flamin hot Frosted Flakes cereal I thought it was a actual cereal too so you’re not alone. The funfetti cereal I tried it and for some reason it does taste like bday cake but a weird aftertaste kick in like cake powder. It’s ok but not like I was hoping. And lastly GET ON OATMEAL CREME PIE CEREAL THATS WHERE ITS AT!!
Chyna Lee
Chyna Lee Kun oldin
Alonzo thought oats came from animals 🤔🤔🤔How say 😂😂
Nashaii’s World
Nashaii’s World 2 kun oldin
google watching: 👁👄👁
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson 2 kun oldin
My dude Alonzo you better have food stamps the way you be waisting food🌝
Ayato 2 kun oldin
maybe if you try regular milk on the other cereal it might taste better maybe?
Itslajah 1
Itslajah 1 2 kun oldin
His face when he said I can’t taste or smell Anything.😂😂
Paige Gurley
Paige Gurley 2 kun oldin
I make cakes will funfetti cake mix yes I’m a baker
Harvey Hakuda
Harvey Hakuda 3 kun oldin
never thought id see a grown man like cheeto dust of his hands lol
Nikki Ruscitti
Nikki Ruscitti 3 kun oldin
Leah Stargazer Luyando
Leah Stargazer Luyando 3 kun oldin
You know dunkin donuts has a cereal out now at Walmart
Kalea Silver
Kalea Silver 3 kun oldin
Blueberry muffin tops cereal!
Jaylen Moss
Jaylen Moss 3 kun oldin
Where's Kash ?
Aamirah Robinson
Aamirah Robinson 4 kun oldin
Waffle Crisp
Da Real CC
Da Real CC 4 kun oldin
14:45 that’s a stomachache waiting to happen😭😭😭
Skyler N
Skyler N 4 kun oldin
why did u think oats came from animals😂 and why u pour the milk first before the funfetti😂
Samantha Costilla
Samantha Costilla 4 kun oldin
My kids love the pokemon cereal
Tugba E.
Tugba E. 4 kun oldin
I swear I cant watch these type of videos even though alonzo is so funny because he's being so wasteful with the food damn it 😣
Breanna Thomas
Breanna Thomas 4 kun oldin
Him thinking he got covid 😭😭😭
Bella T
Bella T 5 kun oldin
"Yall I can't taste anything *scared asf*" He really thought he got ms. rona 😭🤚
Syerra Golden
Syerra Golden 5 kun oldin
We have the flaming hot one in our Walmart, I remember going what the fuck?
Heiress Hughes
Heiress Hughes 5 kun oldin
me and my mom taste that eksaket type of keto ceral cause were going on keto it taste like coco puffs to me i sudjest the keto wallfes yes i have keto pan cake and wallfes and keto ceral
Itss Donnie
Itss Donnie 5 kun oldin
Pokémon looks like trix
stephenie Gonzalez
stephenie Gonzalez 5 kun oldin
I’m old but he needs to try the franken berry cereal and the boo berry cereal google it once you see the picture you will remember,
GamerWolf 5 kun oldin
Alonzo, for the love of god man....Use.A.Normal.Spoon All the ones your using are for soup...those are soup ladles for god sakes.
Pretty_ Girl_Savannah
Pretty_ Girl_Savannah 6 kun oldin
As he said hey google my Google home just started going off🤣🤣
kobegigi24 6 kun oldin
“Y’all was that cottage chee- 👀”
Meleika Jones
Meleika Jones 6 kun oldin
Mythical page did that flamin hot video on youtube
Leroy Jennings
Leroy Jennings 6 kun oldin
Alonzo: i cant smell or taste anything Also Alonzo:👁👄👁
Justmilli 7 kun oldin
You are the only person videos I don’t skip on UZpost 😂
Anya Coleman
Anya Coleman 7 kun oldin
So nobody is gonna talk about him pouring the milk in before the cereal @ 9:24 ? Ok.
Lyric jacks chanel
Lyric jacks chanel 7 kun oldin
Tyra Cooks
Tyra Cooks 7 kun oldin
Confetti cereal smacks 😋 Definitely my favorite!!
Aliyah 7 kun oldin
I just knew the Funfetti cereal was going to be bomb.
Linoshka Capriles
Linoshka Capriles 7 kun oldin
The fear when he can't taste or smell the first cereal was real😂😂Covid fear I feel you
Demon Ascended
Demon Ascended 7 kun oldin
4:04 and you can see the exact moment his soul left his body.
Kattatonix 7 kun oldin
His confusion when google started talking 😂😂😂
Negahsi D
Negahsi D 7 kun oldin
Okay so the sesame Street cinnamon and Berry are hella good and I found some dunkaroo cookies at the grocery outlet just FYI and you used to dip them in a yogurt cream type situation.
Lydia S
Lydia S 7 kun oldin
My dad has to eat that keto cereal because he has diabetes
Mama Money
Mama Money 7 kun oldin
Try the oatmeal creme pie cereal!
Angel Fire
Angel Fire 7 kun oldin
Ok. I really need to know what animal exactly you thought oats came from? 🤣
Amya 8 kun oldin
animesims 8 kun oldin
Yeah, I've heard that Keto cereal you've tried wasn't very good. And Cereal School is okay-ish, but it's way too crunchy and it has some aftertaste. Now Magic Spoon cereal is great! It's the best keto cereal I've ever had so far! It's only to be bought online. It's like 39 bucks for 4 boxes which is a little pricey, but whatever. And if you do your research on keto, you'll discover that it doesn't have to suck. Though, I get that keto isn't for everybody, but it's not that bad like others make it out to be. Lol
Deathzdezign 8 kun oldin
I love your videos so much lol
Jacobi Cleaver
Jacobi Cleaver 8 kun oldin
The pokeMon ceral is based off of Trix that's why they taste familiar
Tara Young
Tara Young 8 kun oldin
My brother love Pokemon cereal 🥣
Shylon White
Shylon White 8 kun oldin
Should use kids bowls just for the fun of it
Ellie Farmer
Ellie Farmer 8 kun oldin
Oat Milk is incredible in coffee!!
Shiny Sparkle
Shiny Sparkle 8 kun oldin
Now I wonder if Kash likes cereal. I know my dog likes Kix 🤔
Jefe JT
Jefe JT 8 kun oldin
I can't smell or ta... 😳
Christina Lincoln
Christina Lincoln 8 kun oldin
I will never understand why he puts so much cereal lol
Zoé Jackson
Zoé Jackson 8 kun oldin
why his spoon on house arrest HAHAHAHAAHA
TheGamingTubeHD 8 kun oldin
this man a drama queen 😂😂
Bre Bre
Bre Bre 9 kun oldin
Robux Kevin pro Games
Robux Kevin pro Games 9 kun oldin
Use normal spoons and platea man
sophie Cox
sophie Cox 9 kun oldin
You need to try Oreo cereal !!! 😂
Melissa franklin
Melissa franklin 9 kun oldin
You need to try the new Ghostbusters cereal
Alexis Cochran
Alexis Cochran 9 kun oldin
I died....i just knew he was thinking "I GOT THE RONA?!?!?!" I literally had to pause the video to recover before continuing. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Fire_ant_ 187x
Fire_ant_ 187x 9 kun oldin
See now you making me want to try that Flamin Hot Frosted Flakes concoction
Fire_ant_ 187x
Fire_ant_ 187x 9 kun oldin
Oh HELL TO THE NO! His reaction was priceless! When he started tripping out about he couldn't taste or smell anything I was thinking aren't those symptoms of covid-19
Daze Lyrics
Daze Lyrics 9 kun oldin
and half of the funfetti ended up on your floor 💔
Madalyn Novak
Madalyn Novak 9 kun oldin
Cotton candy captain crunch
che gaiter
che gaiter 10 kun oldin
Lmmfao bro thought he had covid-19 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Hannah Weddel
Hannah Weddel 10 kun oldin
Well there’s cinnamon basket ball cereal coming soon so there’s that
keebird7 10 kun oldin
You saw the video from Mythical Kitchen Flamin' Hot Frosted Flakes! You should have them to make you some. Maybe y'all can do a crossover!!!
genyce galvan
genyce galvan 10 kun oldin
😂🤣 this was too funny! I screamed when he said he can’t smell or taste and when he said he wished he lost his sense of taste because of the Keto cereal lol 😂
brittany dixson
brittany dixson 10 kun oldin
Awe snap we got a funfettie winner
brittany dixson
brittany dixson 10 kun oldin
Maybe its the milk
Caleb Parks The Storyteller
Caleb Parks The Storyteller 10 kun oldin
There are Mash Ups which are a combination of Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops
Jake Mcgee
Jake Mcgee 10 kun oldin
Try a Nutella and ham sandwich 🥪 🙌🏽🙌🏽
Millie 10 kun oldin
9:23 he poured the milk before the cereal !! I am offended
Jonathan Hand
Jonathan Hand 10 kun oldin
Seems mythical chef josh threw u for a loop lol
Kayla Taylor
Kayla Taylor 10 kun oldin
you got too many damn ads bruh
Nrg Kai
Nrg Kai 10 kun oldin
Infinity Gaming
Infinity Gaming 10 kun oldin
The same day he posted this video is was the same day I went to big lots and grabbed the last box of Peeps Marshmallow Cereal...... to me it smelled sickly sweet and disturbing but it tasted like Cheerios with tiny marshmallows in it 🤣🤣🤣 favorite part of the entire video though is google put their two cents in 😅🤭 so satisfying
Danielle Gresley
Danielle Gresley 10 kun oldin
chantay matos
chantay matos 10 kun oldin
He threw an entire bottle of oatmilk lol 😆😂
Im not sorry For simping
Im not sorry For simping 10 kun oldin
When he started cussing out goggle 🤣🤣🤣
Hilary D Adams
Hilary D Adams 10 kun oldin
Why are there pokemon flavor cereal and peeps becuase i have not tasted them
Crystal zastrocky
Crystal zastrocky 11 kun oldin
Best cereal ever they dont make anymore fruity pebbles rainbow sherbert
Crystal zastrocky
Crystal zastrocky 11 kun oldin
I needed a laugh freaken hilarious
Deborah Ecklund
Deborah Ecklund 11 kun oldin
i miss king vitamin cereal
Victoria Bruno
Victoria Bruno 11 kun oldin
He got ronna
Winter Love
Winter Love 11 kun oldin
The carr Family
The carr Family 11 kun oldin
The peeps or nasty I just throw the whole box away the worse I tasted
Elliot Valvas
Elliot Valvas 11 kun oldin
the way u dont care about keeping things clean makes my ocd and anxiety go through the roof
xginia100x 11 kun oldin
Oatmeal creame pie cereal is actually really good.
Janet M
Janet M 11 kun oldin
When he says I don't see limited time, but limited edition is big and bold on the front 🤣😂😂
M 11 kun oldin
Try cookie crisp, and Reese's Puffs. They taste good.
queentihesha 11 kun oldin
“in the middle of a Panini?”😭😭😭😭😂😂😂
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