Trying Kombucha for the first time #Shorts

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Alonzo Lerone

19 kun oldin

I don’t even know how to spell koombucha but this is the most confusing taste I’ve ever experienced #shorts
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Purple Ocean
Purple Ocean 18 soat oldin
Is it weird that I'm from Oregon and hate kombucha?
Syl Dadyl
Syl Dadyl 4 kun oldin
Try making your own (with a kombucha mushroom). Its wonderfully & pleasantly sweet, ovi healthy and it produces an endless supply of shrooms...forever FREE🍄
Amber Jordan
Amber Jordan 4 kun oldin
That is a good brand they are good
lawrence flores
lawrence flores 4 kun oldin
Love kombucha
Riah 8 kun oldin
Not him drinking it with his pinky out😂
krystal Marie
krystal Marie 8 kun oldin
Brittany broski would be proud of this reaction
Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson 8 kun oldin
Put it in a glass over ice.
Chelsy Lynn
Chelsy Lynn 8 kun oldin
That's my sons favorite flavor. I'm my house we may not drink soda and juice but kombucha is where it's at. My son calls this soda. We also drink keifer water...and make that sparkling too.
Queen Goddess
Queen Goddess 9 kun oldin
Thank you so much for putting this online I never heard of it before in my life I have type 2 diabetes and I have bronchitis and I've been trying to get rid of this and I have high cholesterol I'm trying to cleanse my body where I'll be able to have children and I'll have a healthy body so thank you and I appreciate this and please give me some feedback on this stuff it what it could do for the human body.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Pouncy 94
Pouncy 94 9 kun oldin
Don’t stop there, try some different brands of Kombucha Alonzo 🥰🥰🥰
keebird7 10 kun oldin
I love Kombucha lol!
uts melasip
uts melasip 11 kun oldin
Lol Come botch uh. Get a dictionary!
Yoyo Blaze
Yoyo Blaze 11 kun oldin
Lmao. What got me is the face when you first tried it plus that pinky out 🤣
faith chaney
faith chaney 12 kun oldin
The faces you make are enough to click EACH and EVERY time i see ur face
Amoras Queen
Amoras Queen 12 kun oldin
the way he says Kombucha is so adorable to me. i like that he likes it & understands it purpose lmaoo
Kristian179 12 kun oldin
Kombucha is just fermented vinegar
catastrophe 13 kun oldin
he did the same face in the meme
christopher watson
christopher watson 13 kun oldin
I taste it before it is is very good for when have upset stomach
Vinalla Sweettooth
Vinalla Sweettooth 14 kun oldin
I don’t know what brand of kombucha he had, but the one I had. I didn’t want to try kombucha again.
whitedogsblackcats 14 kun oldin
GT's is a lot better! You should try it!
gwapo 7235
gwapo 7235 14 kun oldin
If you still do weird food combos, you should try toppers icing and cheese its
cancerianStargazer 14 kun oldin
its the "kumbocha" for me
Ebony Fields
Ebony Fields 14 kun oldin
Things that are so healthy always taste the worse
WilliamRay ShineJr
WilliamRay ShineJr 14 kun oldin
When he said "It doesn't have a distinctive taste but it feels like it's going to flush out all about things to my body" I lost it 🤭
Joshua Hiatt
Joshua Hiatt 14 kun oldin
First time commenter but long time lurker....your from Goldsboro right Alonzo?
Zalen Holden
Zalen Holden 14 kun oldin
it is a funny meme Alonzo
Beth Tidwell
Beth Tidwell 14 kun oldin
I've tried Kombucha.... it's effin nasty
vagrantmessiah 14 kun oldin
Why does he keep sipping it? lol
Victoria Montecillo
Victoria Montecillo 15 kun oldin
Hella good tho
Victoria Montecillo
Victoria Montecillo 15 kun oldin
This stuff makes me use that bathroom 😂
Amie Coconut
Amie Coconut 15 kun oldin
I don't know if you will see this comment BUT! I'd love to see you watch something scary or play a scary game. even tho I know you are not a gaming channel. Love you! Love your channel!
Kathy Moore
Kathy Moore 15 kun oldin
Are you still alive?
Jazz Baby Burke
Jazz Baby Burke 15 kun oldin
Try pizza and vanilla icing
S. Azcona
S. Azcona 15 kun oldin
Hey try peanut butter and cheese sandwich its good
PuppetOnStrings 15 kun oldin
Its the way he pronounces it for me
Jena Rodriguez
Jena Rodriguez 15 kun oldin
I love Kombucha, but it’s only because I’d drink one it cancels out the bad foodie in me that is ordering the most calorie carb item on the menu for dinner! Plus it makes me feel fancy; and justifies the vodka I’ll be consuming!!!!! Ay-Oh!!!!!!
nakia thomas
nakia thomas 15 kun oldin
HEALTH ADE the best! Great choice to start :)
Darkfire 15 kun oldin
Kom-botch-uh? I knew your reading has been negatively impacted by those twitter fails, but still.
itsjust katie
itsjust katie 15 kun oldin
The bottom looks like someone barfed 🤮 js we sell them at my work
Belle Michelle
Belle Michelle 16 kun oldin
I really thought you were going to spit it out. I dislike the taste.
Kinsey VanDyne
Kinsey VanDyne 16 kun oldin
How the hell do people enjoy drinking mostly vinegar? 🤢
Krysteena Hall
Krysteena Hall 16 kun oldin
Kombucha girl 2.0
Jules Chris
Jules Chris 16 kun oldin
For such a brief video, it sure was entertaining. I'm still not sure if you're sure how you feel about it.
skittles04ts 16 kun oldin
I was watching Judge Mathis and you guys literally sound like the same person
Christina Pastor
Christina Pastor 16 kun oldin
Try nacho cheese and ranch Doritos tleather
Danielle Lumpkin
Danielle Lumpkin 16 kun oldin
I need a friend like you in my life. OMFG!
Kristian179 16 kun oldin
Kombotcha, I think I know her
Zombie Rose
Zombie Rose 16 kun oldin
I started drinking it for the health benefits. I only like certain flavors.
Marcus Lahanis
Marcus Lahanis 16 kun oldin
It definitely grows on you
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 16 kun oldin
btw if you're ever constipated, this works better than laxitives and stuff that can mess up your insides. It's great for people who need help with regularity but it also doesn't like make you have to go more or anything like that, if you're healthy already.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 16 kun oldin
btw those old brown (and sometimes green) bottles are really cool, they actually keep light from diluting or aging the product inside. Now we always use clear bottles so everything spoils faster.
Jess Frey
Jess Frey 16 kun oldin
it's funny when people act like kombucha tastes so damn harsh but bet y'all can drink whiskey and brandy and hennessy like it's nothing.. I don't get it XD plus if you find the right flavor it's bomb, it's like a gentle cocktail that doesn't mess you up or make you sick.
Taylor 17 kun oldin
WILLIE JACK 17 kun oldin
Don’t know how to ask this But are you gay by chance because we never see a female are you married
Marc Clay
Marc Clay 17 kun oldin
Health aid has helped me through sick times. Mainly the cayenne and ginger versions
brittni arnold
brittni arnold 17 kun oldin
Love the video idea but I feel UZpost should be a place for more of an in-depth experience of whatever you’re filming. This belongs on tic tok no offense Alonzo. I hope this is constructive criticism.
Suabellaamante Idowu
Suabellaamante Idowu 17 kun oldin
Your drinking my fav flavour
WestWindReborn 17 kun oldin
If the bacteria shocks your system a little too hard try some probiotics like yogurt, first time I had kombucha my GI threw a fit for two days. I had the power greens instead of the bubbly rose, but my favorite is the maca+berry. The only one that i've tried and did not care for was the cayenne cleanse.
Kita Ookami
Kita Ookami 17 kun oldin
Hey, have you seen the Cinnamon toast shrimp Twitter thing? I was actually waiting for you to hop on that.
Korianders 17 kun oldin
Lol welcome to the wonderful world of kombucha
sassy prettybutt
sassy prettybutt 17 kun oldin
Tried it and it wasnt too bad tasted very healthy and soda '-ey I been thinking about it ever since very distinctive flavorful taste
A Billion Bears and me
A Billion Bears and me 17 kun oldin
His face. Humour 20/10.
Tab Enta
Tab Enta 17 kun oldin
there were like 50 potential reaction gifs contained in this one short. he's like that model who can strike 100 poses in 30 seconds but for reaction gifs
Adoredbyothers 17 kun oldin
HiredKiller08 17 kun oldin
Try all the flavors
DJ 17 kun oldin
It taste like a dirty sock
Demon Princess
Demon Princess 17 kun oldin
The peach flavoured one is good. So is the raspberry lemonade flavoured.
Chrystal Rhoades
Chrystal Rhoades 17 kun oldin
Drink your measles tonic!
Yung1nn 17 kun oldin
Alonzo try Donut Sticks and Goldfish!!!
Deandrew Powell
Deandrew Powell 17 kun oldin
Bro do this . get a cold Hershey and put it between two toasted poptarts it's good
Jen S
Jen S 17 kun oldin
Not gonna lie. Had to look up what that stuff was. Sounds gross lol. You do you though!
Daniel Zainal
Daniel Zainal 17 kun oldin
I finally got coMbaAHtcha
Ainsley Houston
Ainsley Houston 17 kun oldin
The good kombucha is GT brand and it’s pronounced Come-buk-ah
Playwright 82
Playwright 82 17 kun oldin
I love kombucha. I hated it the first time I tried it. Then I tried a fruit flavored one. I have been drinking it religiously for months.
Jaye Lo
Jaye Lo 17 kun oldin
Those faces get me every time!! He went from all h*ll naw to wait, hold on in 3
Tyra Okray
Tyra Okray 17 kun oldin
Come-boo-cha. Kombucha
Jacob2Israel 17 kun oldin
At least try a better brand or make it yourself
Asheanere Graham
Asheanere Graham 17 kun oldin
I can see the meme being born right now
Dustin Sylvester
Dustin Sylvester 17 kun oldin
That face though "NO." "Wait... maybe?" "No, NO." "Well... maybe."
The A&A Sisters
The A&A Sisters 17 kun oldin
Just a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down... (i know it's not medicine and sugar probably will make it taste weird.)
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie 17 kun oldin
Kombucha is nasty yet delicious & I will never understand 🧐😋
Alyshia Jackson
Alyshia Jackson 17 kun oldin
T Hana Winn
T Hana Winn 17 kun oldin
Royal Guard
Royal Guard 17 kun oldin
That's the most normal reaction to kombucha ive ever seen
OvO IrV 17 kun oldin
The faces he makes in these shorts are priceless!😂
Half Baked Cat
Half Baked Cat 17 kun oldin
Kombucha is fermented sweet tea. Which sounds good to me. I don’t like kombucha.
Dd Gfddbbb
Dd Gfddbbb 17 kun oldin
That’s actually fermented fungus just an FYI
Dat Girl Cici
Dat Girl Cici 17 kun oldin
u got yourself a new subscriber *squeek* u put a smile on my face 🥰😊
Hernan Ayala
Hernan Ayala 17 kun oldin
It’s tastes nasty but at the same time it doesn’t is the simple way to put it
Erica Spearman
Erica Spearman 17 kun oldin
Poor Alonzo u and ur words kombucha u said kombacha it’s boo-cha tht sound is at the end lol 😂
Heather Pederson
Heather Pederson 17 kun oldin
It’s a taste that grows on you! A couple sips a day by the end of the week it tastes good
The Deep
The Deep 17 kun oldin
It will not be like the covenant I made with their ancestors when I took them by the hand to lead them out of Egypt, because they did not remain faithful to my covenant, and I turned away from them, declares the Lord. John 3:16 "for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believed in him shall not perish but have everlasting life".Have you always wondered why we Christians say Jesus loves u. Because he does , he took the blame or crime and sin ,and he died for u so you couldlive , and be with him in heaven. He took your punishment because he couldn't bare the thought of living without you 💔.
Andrew Glomb
Andrew Glomb 18 kun oldin
That shit taste like liquid tv static with a dash of anthrax.
Aidylasia Fyrestar
Aidylasia Fyrestar 18 kun oldin
Pronounced com-boo-tcha. It's actually a fungus that is made into a tea. A good friend of mine cultivated and drank it regularly.
Heal With Bri
Heal With Bri 18 kun oldin
I love your pronunciation 😅 ( it’s KAHM - BOO - CHAH ❤️)
Sweet Ambitions
Sweet Ambitions 18 kun oldin
Anything that advertises itself as a “Health” drink but isn’t meds, is a sham.
black girl
black girl 18 kun oldin
Kumboocha Alonzo boo
nvelet koslin
nvelet koslin 18 kun oldin
yeah...,, nasty is what it is💀🤚
Valarie Gilbert
Valarie Gilbert 18 kun oldin
I didn't care for it when I first tried it lol You get used to the flavor after a couple tries
irunusa 18 kun oldin
No, it looks like a new updated bottle of peroxide.
Tierra Michelle
Tierra Michelle 18 kun oldin
My mom calls it “Embalming fluid” after having her taste some🤣😂
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