TRYING Natures Cereal #shorts

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Alonzo Lerone

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first #shorts here on youtube so why not do it trying out a viral food
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Co Co
Co Co 3 kun oldin
Maybe you stay in such good shape & small because you don’t like 🗣 nothing 😂😂😂😂
Danny Carr
Danny Carr 4 kun oldin
🤣 this foo
Mimi Bradford
Mimi Bradford 5 kun oldin
That coconut water
Debbie Turner
Debbie Turner 6 kun oldin
That ain't coconut milk, braaa.
Lexie Bling23
Lexie Bling23 6 kun oldin
Blue berries and black berries are so bitter together😂
radiohead tv
radiohead tv 6 kun oldin
Love the gold spoon
The K&M Life
The K&M Life 9 kun oldin
He did not wash them off I’m dying laughing
tamaralikecamera 9 kun oldin
Actual coconut milk would make it worse in my opinion. It's so thick and bleck!
Elissa Fenty
Elissa Fenty 10 kun oldin
Can you try cornbread and apple juiceeee
p 11 kun oldin
What in the food waste...
Love4sale 12 kun oldin
Y’all help me up until you said coconut water blecch.
Ollie Explains it All
Ollie Explains it All 12 kun oldin
Blend that up and you have a nature smoothie 😐😑😐
christopher watson
christopher watson 13 kun oldin
That's a healthy cereal
Ms. Ender Mage
Ms. Ender Mage 19 kun oldin
Cay Jill
Cay Jill 20 kun oldin
It’s an smoothie before it’s blended lol. Ppl are definitely being dramatic like this is a miracle
Julie Izquierdo
Julie Izquierdo 20 kun oldin
That would tase good if it was blended
Neena Robinson
Neena Robinson 20 kun oldin
Shahana Fathah
Shahana Fathah 22 kun oldin
Lmaoo... Alonzo's reaction in the end is soo wholesome 🤣🤣🤣
belle cherie
belle cherie 23 kun oldin
This is just a fruit salad. The heck?
just bria
just bria 24 kun oldin
Question! Did you wash the fruit first?
Say Less
Say Less 26 kun oldin
His reaction afterwards had me ⚰⚰⚰⚰🤣🤣🤣🤣
Darcy J. Wolf
Darcy J. Wolf 26 kun oldin
I would just add drinking water instead of coconut, it’s not for everybody. The taste. I would also add some honey/agave maybe 🤔 Just thought of sparkling water too tho hmmm
Webby 26 kun oldin
That’s literally a fruit salad
Empowered & Free
Empowered & Free 29 kun oldin
Babe that’s coconut water . 🥴 what is going on with you lately 😩😂😂😂
maraa nicole
maraa nicole Oy oldin
ii wanna eat thaa ice .
FemmeFatale 18
FemmeFatale 18 Oy oldin
Bruh people really out here eating medium rare smoothies
Sara Oy oldin
Coconut water tastes like ass. Those people are lying
AliPop 97
AliPop 97 Oy oldin
Who gonna tell him it’s coconut water and not milk⁉️
life as Nevaeh
life as Nevaeh Oy oldin
You forgot the pomegranate seeds
Lauren The Moron
Lauren The Moron Oy oldin
I know the difference between coconut milk and coconut water. Try again, Alonzo.
LeKisha Hart
LeKisha Hart Oy oldin
Your supposed to use pomegranate arials
Joel A. V.
Joel A. V. Oy oldin
That was coconut water g
Candidly Candace
Candidly Candace Oy oldin
lol thank you! an honest reaction! coconut water is NASTY!
Michelle Love
Michelle Love Oy oldin
That’s is coconut water not milk 😂😂😂 I love u Alonzo but that ain’t milk
But Y?
But Y? Oy oldin
Did he really just call coconut water coconut milk....
F P Oy oldin
I hope he washed those raspberries and blueberries before he filmed...
Anisah Kersey
Anisah Kersey Oy oldin
It kinda makes me irritated how he doesn’t wash his fruit
Wonpil’s Piano
Wonpil’s Piano Oy oldin
I’m from a different country and was for real concerned about American coconut milk for a minute.
jesica N.
jesica N. Oy oldin
Hahaha best reaction ever
Porsche Renee
Porsche Renee Oy oldin
Buttttt you added water... probably still taste basic but you said milk yet added water
Tara Griffiths
Tara Griffiths Oy oldin
It would taste better with fresh coconut water. The canned coconut water has a weird taste.
britt watts
britt watts Oy oldin
Coconut water is nasty AF maybe thats why
Philadelphia King
Philadelphia King Oy oldin
Try almond milk
janelle douglas
janelle douglas Oy oldin
I knew it was trash lmao 😆
Deshanae Williams
Deshanae Williams Oy oldin
You put coconut water lol
Jay Smith
Jay Smith Oy oldin
Thank you for being completely honest and does not say mmm that’s so good on every vid
The Reptilian Brazilian
The Reptilian Brazilian Oy oldin
I can always count on Alonzo for an actual real reaction 👍
A Adams
A Adams Oy oldin
U forgot the pomegranate seeds 🤦🏽‍♂️
Little V
Little V Oy oldin
Mina Rezk
Mina Rezk Oy oldin
Did he even wash the fruits???🤣🤣
Jayde-Marie Crowell
Jayde-Marie Crowell Oy oldin
Wish you put mango in it
Fluffy Furball777
Fluffy Furball777 Oy oldin
That's still a ton of sugar lol just go for a small bowl of fruity pebbles and call it a day 💁
Virgo Babe
Virgo Babe Oy oldin
All you need is vanilla yogurt and some granola and you can make a parfait out of that just get rid of that crap in a can
Ashli Rankin
Ashli Rankin Oy oldin
Is he ok?? Coconut milk??
Magneto Mighty
Magneto Mighty Oy oldin
That’s not coconut milk.🤣😂THATS NOT COCONUT MILK!!!!!!Therre a dif
Tyler Bennett
Tyler Bennett Oy oldin
Not a fucking bit is that cerale
Orion Lopez
Orion Lopez Oy oldin
U forgot pomegranate seeds
Aaliyah Danae
Aaliyah Danae Oy oldin
So y’all don’t wash y’all fruit?😂 I love you Alonzo btw❤️
That’s the fruit cup the cafeteria lady will tell us to get before walking out 😂😂😂😂
Dalysse Smith
Dalysse Smith Oy oldin
What about the pomegranate seeds??
Adaisha Miranda
Adaisha Miranda Oy oldin
He used water instead of milk
Real Life Ciara
Real Life Ciara Oy oldin
That coconut water nasty 🤮
Katherine emma
Katherine emma Oy oldin
I feel like these people giving it so much hype are on a really raw diet.... so pretty much anything kinda sweet is x by 20 for them😂🤔
T Kace
T Kace Oy oldin
You put the wrong milk bro the ice freezes the milk on top of the fruit shit is bomb I did this shit before it was a trend
Serene Atkinson
Serene Atkinson Oy oldin
I ❤ you're chanel
꧁ Jennifer ꧂
꧁ Jennifer ꧂ Oy oldin
You waste so much food tho just for videos. I don't get it. _I know you make $ from YT for videos_ but, wasting it on food just to make them is crazy.
DarklordIra Oy oldin
That's just a moist fruit salad
Fvh Hh
Fvh Hh Oy oldin
Did he just say pour some coconut milk and poured coconut water 🤦🏽‍♂️
Lia The Purple Galactic Hybrid Gacha
Lia The Purple Galactic Hybrid Gacha Oy oldin
Me:... Where's the cereal ? All I'm seeing are unblended berries in a bowl covered in coconut water 😐. .... *with ice cubes for some reason*
Mickeya Moore
Mickeya Moore Oy oldin
Uhm his face was hilarious awe nah 🤢 😂 I hope he doesn’t waste all that unwashed fruit 🤔 👀
C. Wood78
C. Wood78 Oy oldin
Reasons I won't dare: 1. I'm allergic to coconut!! Just eat the damn fruit!!
Liz Crowley
Liz Crowley Oy oldin
Yeah, I thought coconut water would be good, too. Then I tried it. Nope. No, thank you. Not for me!
T.N.B Love
T.N.B Love Oy oldin
😕 coconut milk!? That's water
Destiny Read
Destiny Read Oy oldin
Coconut water if itself taste like drinking spit
Fred With Benefits
Fred With Benefits Oy oldin
You ever rinse the pesticides off of your fruits or do you just like the flavor?
Sara Riddle
Sara Riddle Oy oldin
Dude I need you to do another food combinations video....a plain cheese burger with peanut butter and jelly on it.😂😂
jinora Carter
jinora Carter Oy oldin
He's literary so honest😂😋😋😋
Cora LaValley
Cora LaValley Oy oldin
Lmao 🤣😆🤣
Lola Marley love
Lola Marley love Oy oldin
Damn this a trend I been doing this since I was young.
love hurts75
love hurts75 Oy oldin
please tell me you washed that fruit
Nana Aba Afriyie
Nana Aba Afriyie Oy oldin
Alonzo that's coconut water. Get a dictionary!!! 😂😂😂
Mocha Babii
Mocha Babii Oy oldin
Lmfaooo tic tok be dragging it
baybaykids Oy oldin
Thats....thats not coconut milk...chiiile you got it i aint even gonna say anything
Lady Knight Hawk
Lady Knight Hawk Oy oldin
It needs Whipcream on it instead Not Coconut water 😁💖
Julie Maggio
Julie Maggio Oy oldin
You added coconut water... 🙄 LOL 😂
sexyjessy2029 Oy oldin
You didn't wash your fruit sir!
Kahina Dunston 420
Kahina Dunston 420 Oy oldin
That’s not coconut milk Lolol
That looks like coconut water🤣 Imma stick to my Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes.
Chubby chubby
Chubby chubby Oy oldin
That's not coconut milk
MsSong2U Oy oldin
You said “🥥 milk” that’s “🥥 water” 🤦‍♀️
The praying kind
The praying kind Oy oldin
That’s not coconut milk it’s coconut water and you’re supposed to shake it before you open it silly
Certified Alienist
Certified Alienist Oy oldin
Canned coconut milk is horrible and you completely ruined it. I would have suggested Aloe water. Even with the aloe pulp, it delicious, natural, and absolutely healthy. BUT MY MAN BETTER BE WASHING OFF THOSE FRUITS 'CAUSE YOU KNOW THEY ARE NOT CLEAN AT THE STORE! Everybody has been walking around with their dirty facemasks and grubby, nasty fingers.... yet there you are eating unwashed fruit! 🤮
Keisha Lane
Keisha Lane Oy oldin
What happened to ur pomegranate seeds
Unknown Oy oldin
Vodka would be a great substitute for the coconut water
Eprahs Oy oldin
Elizabeth Redman
Elizabeth Redman Oy oldin
Add a picel
Elizabeth Redman
Elizabeth Redman Oy oldin
Beylan Wimsatt
Beylan Wimsatt Oy oldin
....coconut water on fruit? With ice? Huh?
BostonTricker Oy oldin
Coconut water taste nasty to me
A•N•T•H•O•N•Y Oy oldin
That aint milk
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