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Alonzo Lerone

4 oy oldin

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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
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Mau’s Life!
Mau’s Life! Kun oldin
Uhh that’s a zucchini
Shivon Nevius
Shivon Nevius 3 kun oldin
You know what else they like to eat in the navy, crayons!😂 🖍
Eveannah Kuclo
Eveannah Kuclo 4 kun oldin
“Marconi and cheers”
Toya Faulkner
Toya Faulkner 5 kun oldin
Who’s gonna tell him that’s a zucchini and not a cucumber
monet dale
monet dale 5 kun oldin
I loved bug juice as a kid!!!
BornFree 5 kun oldin
Lived on a Navy ship 4 years and 2 deployments, Never seen any of this.
Dj Anderson
Dj Anderson 6 kun oldin
we all know what the store manager was doing 4:21
Natasha Wolf
Natasha Wolf 6 kun oldin
Try swiss cheese and medium salsa its hella fire
Crystal Harmony Production
Crystal Harmony Production 6 kun oldin
U did the pop tart wrong. Ya gotta toast it in the microwave
A Solitary Vampyre
A Solitary Vampyre 6 kun oldin
Oh No, MREs are in ALL Military branches.
Danielle Gresley
Danielle Gresley 6 kun oldin
Danielle Gresley
Danielle Gresley 6 kun oldin
also pringles and milk chocolate apparently equals chocolate milk
Jessica 7 kun oldin
Bug Juice was the poor kids drink, honestly. I remember putting it in my Grandma's potato soup one time.
Lucy-LouTheBeagle 7 kun oldin
How is big juice a black people thing. I just thought it was a west Virginia or southern thing 😂🤣💀☠ same thing with cornbread. People talking about it's a black people thing. I just thought cornbread was a southern thing not a race thing 😂🤣💀☠
Brianna bailey
Brianna bailey 7 kun oldin
Well, A cucumber cant be shaped like that if its actually a Zucchini
Olivia Decker
Olivia Decker 7 kun oldin
mans really mixed chocy milk an milk chocolate 😭
heavenly marie
heavenly marie 7 kun oldin
that chocolate milk is actually one of the best ones i’ve ever had in my life 😂😂😂
sydney Rowell
sydney Rowell 7 kun oldin
Army has MRE to
Parker McKenzie
Parker McKenzie 8 kun oldin
I'm the whitest white kid and I grew up drinking bug juice-
Em Loves to shop
Em Loves to shop 8 kun oldin
The bread and ice cream made me chuckle. In the uk we have an Arctic roll which is cake with Jam and ice cream lol is beaut!
Amber Hilliard
Amber Hilliard 9 kun oldin
I thought cream cheese and bell pepper was actually supposed to be good
Dynasti Carson
Dynasti Carson 9 kun oldin
That was a zucchini not a cucumber but they look a little similar on first glance so the confusuon is understandable. Btw I liked Bug Juice as a kid. They used to sell them all the time at 7 eleven. I think they still do in my city. I'm not from the hood tho. 🤣
Hope Rine
Hope Rine 9 kun oldin
I miss bug juice so much its not funny.
Jazmine Warling
Jazmine Warling 9 kun oldin
He got a zucchini...
Shaylynn Austin
Shaylynn Austin 10 kun oldin
I haven’t had bug juice in a long time!
Amber Stevens
Amber Stevens 10 kun oldin
That's a zucchini not a cucumber
Taylor Ramos
Taylor Ramos 10 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the cucumber was a zuccini
Greg Ritenour
Greg Ritenour 11 kun oldin
Bruh I haven't seen bug juice for bout 20 years. Also why Alonzo lerone voice sound like Martin Lawrence
Chou bao臭寶
Chou bao臭寶 11 kun oldin
When he finally puts things down instead of throwing em Phew
—Terryn —
—Terryn — 11 kun oldin
OG’s already knew about bug juice
Olivia Falardeau
Olivia Falardeau 11 kun oldin
Sweetie that’s a zucchini
XxCaramelichuxX 12 kun oldin
''yall heres a pandemic going on and im broke'' LMAO
XxCaramelichuxX 12 kun oldin
i swear to god,there pickles in every weird food combo,CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG.
Abbagail Osborne
Abbagail Osborne 13 kun oldin
Where did u find bug juice. I thought they were gone 😦
Rebekah dunning 1999
Rebekah dunning 1999 13 kun oldin
If you stabbed the top of the pickle jar with a sharp knife the pressure will release and it will open easy
Tyra Russell
Tyra Russell 14 kun oldin
Lol why does he throw everything on the floor 🤣😭
kylee todd
kylee todd 14 kun oldin
I loved bug juice as a kid, it was the best thing ever
Kayla Sherman
Kayla Sherman 14 kun oldin
You should use duct tape for the pickle jar lid lmao
Breeanna Bailey
Breeanna Bailey 14 kun oldin
I live in north Texas and we have big juice at almost every gas station 🙃
Jolisa Ramos
Jolisa Ramos 14 kun oldin
The cucumber tho. I think it’s a zucchini. 😳
111 Forever
111 Forever 15 kun oldin
"I never seen a cucumber look like is before." I'm rolling on the floor laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lucky fin Girl
Lucky fin Girl 15 kun oldin
Bug juice is my all time fav. It’d absolutely amazing. It’s my childhood in a bottle
super Humdinger
super Humdinger 16 kun oldin
i think they mean pringles with milk chocolate like as in hersheys bar not chocolate milk lol
Lillian Doelker
Lillian Doelker 16 kun oldin
I was poor growing up I know what bug juice is and it was my favorite drink growing up
Alyssa Brooke
Alyssa Brooke 16 kun oldin
Or grew up in the woods I always drank bug juice 😂
He needs to learn his vegetables 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
He always throwing shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
babydoll12351 17 kun oldin
2 things 1 it’s a zucchini and 2. Omg the way he put that thang in his mouth boy
Petrina Caime
Petrina Caime 17 kun oldin
I used to love big juice when I was little now all I see are tummy yummys everywhere.
misty lewis
misty lewis 17 kun oldin
The “I wouldn’t mind seeing Bella Thorne in her birthday suit” comment above the Red Bull and milk comment. 😂🤣💀
Zy Parsons
Zy Parsons 18 kun oldin
That person did him wrong with the milk and red bull😭
Tate Gardner
Tate Gardner 18 kun oldin
Do whipped cream on pickles
caleb_10 18 kun oldin
What is up peeps
Briana Loup
Briana Loup 19 kun oldin
syrup on hash browns, so good
Miraculous Jackson
Miraculous Jackson 19 kun oldin
And that was a zucchini not a cucumber you put the peanut butter on but why you had a slab in that thing and swirl that thing in your mouth like that I seen you do a pickle like that stun the s*** out of me
Mombie Trig
Mombie Trig 19 kun oldin
Black pepper in ketchup!
Rikairiify 19 kun oldin
This man just ate a raw courgette.
Makayla Field
Makayla Field 19 kun oldin
Literally laughing so hard at the chocolate milk instead of milk chocolate 😂
Marissa And Samantha
Marissa And Samantha 23 kun oldin
Popcorn and Louisiana hot sauce!!!
Hayley Nemechek
Hayley Nemechek 23 kun oldin
I’m the whitest of white and I had big juice when I was a kid and also pig juice
Sxlent Edxtor
Sxlent Edxtor 23 kun oldin
*Me: I drank bug juice ALL THE TIME as a kid*
Nathan Matias
Nathan Matias 24 kun oldin
You should try cream cheese and sourdough toast 😋
princess crystal chalice
princess crystal chalice 24 kun oldin
Has he never heard of pepper jack cheese? Which is jalapeño cheese!
Emily Cabrera
Emily Cabrera 24 kun oldin
thats a squash
King Kamicrazy
King Kamicrazy 26 kun oldin
When they say milk chocolate they mean not dark or white chocolate but the other one not chocolate milk
Trena Francis
Trena Francis 26 kun oldin
"Fried chocolate chip cookie 🐔😂"
Hannah White
Hannah White 27 kun oldin
I’m white but I lived in the projects 🤣🤣🤣
Angel Eyes831
Angel Eyes831 27 kun oldin
That’s zucchini.. lol 😂
Lenia Eestwaa
Lenia Eestwaa 28 kun oldin
0:55 mans said: 💆
Ja Nai
Ja Nai 29 kun oldin
Lol he look like a newborn baby when he was eating “ketchup & Twinkie “
Jacie Spore
Jacie Spore Oy oldin
peanut butter in yogurt with frozen bananas
Jacie Spore
Jacie Spore Oy oldin
mashed potatoes on bread
Hermes Santiago Jr
Hermes Santiago Jr Oy oldin
9:02 🤣🤣🤣
itsPerc Oy oldin
He sucked the dam zucchini
Sky Slayer
Sky Slayer Oy oldin
2:41 3:29 7:55 9:02
Cara Thacker
Cara Thacker Oy oldin
I used to love bug juice as a kid! It was my favorite
Haley Russell
Haley Russell Oy oldin
Here is mississippi bug juice is in every store almost and I grew up on it lol
adrianna Weaver
adrianna Weaver Oy oldin
We have bug juice at like every gas station in my town
McKenzie Kilgore
McKenzie Kilgore Oy oldin
Also is it just me or when you get a bug juice, you put the juice in the lid top and drink it from there?
McKenzie Kilgore
McKenzie Kilgore Oy oldin
I always felt the same way about Swiss cheese. I always say “I swear a mouse got up in there. “
nillyboy motley
nillyboy motley Oy oldin
That was a zucchini
Melly Green
Melly Green Oy oldin
Hmm maybe you would like my combo lol
Jordan Elise
Jordan Elise Oy oldin
This man really just bit into that cucumber like it was a turkey leg
Kathh Oy oldin
I’m not black but when I saw the bug juice it brought memories😂😂
KKopzu Oy oldin
Bug juice ahah my favorite childhood beverage 🥺
Denise Dill
Denise Dill Oy oldin
Try barbecue herrs chips w Oreos
Crystal Dawn
Crystal Dawn Oy oldin
Omg ..that was a zucchini!!! Not a cucumber.
Denise Ortiz
Denise Ortiz Oy oldin
in mexico when i was younger we would always drink/eat peanuts and coke
Rayshelle Keyes
Rayshelle Keyes Oy oldin
My grandma got me hooked on cheese and peanut butter sandwiches 🤣
Rayshelle Keyes
Rayshelle Keyes Oy oldin
Awe bug juice 🥺the nostalgia😩❤️
Ariel Marie
Ariel Marie Oy oldin
The struggle was real when Alonzo was opening that jar of pickles 😂😂😂😂
Maria Zinser
Maria Zinser Oy oldin
Plz try cream cheese and Pretzels
iz zy
iz zy Oy oldin
EJRapidd Oy oldin
he ate a serrano
Daniel collins
Daniel collins Oy oldin
Try breadsticks and Nutella
Kate Jacobs
Kate Jacobs Oy oldin
Everytime i wod travel as a child we would always get bug juice it was my favorite thing
Kat DeAnne
Kat DeAnne Oy oldin
Bug juice was my favorite growing up. I found a gas station that sells it after not seeing it for 10 years I bought a green one and blue one
Tiersha Royal
Tiersha Royal Oy oldin
I am a tictocker and that pepper and cream cheese is the bomb
cool person 22
cool person 22 2 oy oldin
Who else is eating green apple slices with peanut butter while watching this?
Tina Olagun
Tina Olagun 2 oy oldin
That's a zucchini you put mustard on, not a cucumber.
Kayla Lyles
Kayla Lyles 2 oy oldin
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