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midniteshadow 6 soat oldin
used a type of fly killer that comes in a little blue pellets and mix it with apple cider vinegar or i could send you some bc in in nc to
Ashley Honore
Ashley Honore 6 soat oldin
Bowl of vinegar
Dakota RaeJae
Dakota RaeJae 7 soat oldin
My best friend works at an Arby's. I get free milkshakes every so often 😂😂😂😂
Dakota RaeJae
Dakota RaeJae 7 soat oldin
Lmao I was eating Wendy's while watching this!!!
Kaylyn Elizabeth
Kaylyn Elizabeth 7 soat oldin
For the fruit flies, get vinegar and put it in a container, wrap Saran Wrap where the lid would go and poke holes with a toothpick. Let it sit a few days, it should work
Briana B
Briana B 8 soat oldin
Get rid of fruit fly’s with apple cider vinegar traps and the raid fly strips. Drip some apple cider vinegar on it to attract them even more. Your house will smell for a week but you’ll never see another fly. They will all die!! Pour bleach down all your drains and close drain when not in use. The lil flies like to make babies in there. Kill them!
Jack V224
Jack V224 9 soat oldin
That was hilarious, but the Oreo comment was right tho 😂😂😂
Graceee Chan
Graceee Chan 10 soat oldin
To the ppl running the Wendy's twitter account, they must be that one savage friend 💀😂
Sarah Grafford
Sarah Grafford 10 soat oldin
Terro brand fruit fly traps are the best if you want to purchase and not make one. Use them every summer
Kathryne Matos
Kathryne Matos 14 soat oldin
Wendy’s should spend more time getting customer orders correct and on a corporate level taking care of their employees rather than roasting people. 🙄
Chibi Gengar
Chibi Gengar 15 soat oldin
Alonzo I had a fly problem a few years ago. I found the best and easiest way is to get a Venus Flytrap plant. They have sweet sap that will attract the flies to their mouth and they will eat them for you. Hope this helps
Bridgett McLellan
Bridgett McLellan 17 soat oldin
Use apple cider vinigar in a bowl with plastic wrap iver the top.
teamtrouble2003 18 soat oldin
For the fruit flies. Fill a cereal bowl half way with apple cider vinegar. Then add a little Dawn dish soap. They will land in the mixture and drown and be collected at the bottom of the bowl.
Addicted to Kpop
Addicted to Kpop 22 soat oldin
I just realized Alonzo threw his chair 😂
Frode Skibrek
Frode Skibrek Kun oldin
Put out a small bowl of 7 % vinegar. That kills fruit flies. And I never tip for service. It should be expected.
LatinaChef1986 Kun oldin
Jabroni, is a saying by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
InnannasRainbow Kun oldin
But remember, Coca Cola wants us to 'not be so white'.
PandaCitis Kun oldin
The thing with Reddit is that they have a Roast Me thread. It's hilarious!
Edwina Jones
Edwina Jones Kun oldin
Spicy nuggets has been back...Alonzo,where in the hell were you? 😂
Princess Mocha
Princess Mocha Kun oldin
Get a cup or something put apple cider vinegar in it, put a bag or something over it put little holes in it and they will come to it and die 😉😁
A Cup Of Tae
A Cup Of Tae Kun oldin
Whoever owns the Wendy’s Twitter account deserves the world bro-
Sad Truth
Sad Truth Kun oldin
How do you apply for the Wendy’s official roaster position?
lightskinflavoredjuulpod yuh
lightskinflavoredjuulpod yuh Kun oldin
Arby's still in business cause of them bomb ass curly fries😭
Manz like Janz
Manz like Janz Kun oldin
For fruit flies: 1. Get an old water bottle or jar and place in sweet fruits like orange slices and honey or syrup 2. Make sure the outside of the bottle/jar is clean 3. Create a funnel out of paper with the whole at the bottom being relatively small and place it in the bottle/jar 4. Leave it by where most of the flies are and over a couple of days, they should end up going into the bottle but will be too dumb to get out 5. When satisfied with the amount trapped, without taking out the funnel, fill the bottle with water 6. Also clean surfaces with boiling hot water and disinfectant regularly and they'll be more attracted to the trap
Oh Karla baby no
Leslie Hayden
Leslie Hayden Kun oldin
Fly strips
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Kun oldin
About the tipping. If it were six, they get 3. I always do 50% if it’s a great service
Subin and Niki luvr
Subin and Niki luvr Kun oldin
Alonzo when you do a combination again you should try mc Donald’s French fries and wimp cream it’s good you will love it
Arianna Hughes
Arianna Hughes Kun oldin
We don’t Stan papa John’s Over here for disgusting things they allow in their work place
Akilah Sims
Akilah Sims Kun oldin
For the Lionsgate tweet its referring to Armie Hammer who was fired when he was outed for being a cannibal.
Seth the gay tatertot
Seth the gay tatertot Kun oldin
I was seriously hoping they was gonna come for hot topics prices man, find better quality shit on wish
nialcc Kun oldin
I know exactly what the The Sun Maid one was. Raisins in cookies ruins them, it's NASTY.
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis Kun oldin
Whyyy do i know that ending song so well🤣
TickleMyTombstone Kun oldin
On the fruit flies, you're supposed to leave a jar of mainly apple cider vinegar, and a drop of dish soap. The flies come to the jar for the smell of the apple vinegar but can't stand on the surface from the soap, and end up drowning themselves
Catherine Brenckle
Catherine Brenckle Kun oldin
Instead of leaving out bowls of vinegar for your fruit fly problem....just keep all your fruit in the fridge. If they have no food source to go after they wont show up
Holly Brown
Holly Brown Kun oldin
To get rid of fruit flys, put maple syrup or corn syrup in a mason jar. When the fruit flies try to get it they will get stuck. Solved my issue lol
Featherstone Jewelry & Healing
Featherstone Jewelry & Healing Kun oldin
get rid of fruit flies using apple cider vinegar. put some in a jar by a warm window. use UZpost for ways to make traps using plastic bottles.
John Causby
John Causby Kun oldin
you need to try a pretzel mayo mustard peanut butter sandwich
Willow Sverge
Willow Sverge 2 kun oldin
Fruit fly trap - in a little bowl mix apple cider vinegar and dish washing liquid. They get attracted to the apple and when they get in there the dish soap coats their wings and they cant get out. Make sure you have at least 3/4 inch of liquid in there. Once they find it, youll be amazed how many bodies are on the bottom! I use yogurt or pudding cups so that i can just toss them afterwards.
Joe Lee D
Joe Lee D 2 kun oldin
Sunmaid makes raisins. I, for one, love oatmeal raisin cookies And Amazon sells fruit fly traps that work amazing. They look like apples
Average Looking Individual
Average Looking Individual 2 kun oldin
To this day, I still wonder if the History channel got roasted or not.
Brent Kozak
Brent Kozak 2 kun oldin
Apple cider vinegar, dish soap and a little hot water in a small bowl to treat the Flys
Cumorah Kowallis
Cumorah Kowallis 2 kun oldin
Okay, it is clear he doesn’t understand the sunmaid roast, who here actually gets it
Lyndsay 2 kun oldin
Fruit fly death trap- apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a cup covered by plastic wrap with holes poked in it. You’re welcome.
ashleylovesme91 2 kun oldin
Look on UZpost how to get rid of fruit flies 🙃
Deanie Harris
Deanie Harris 2 kun oldin
I love your videos
pancake airsoft
pancake airsoft 2 kun oldin
I work at Wendy’s
Angela M.
Angela M. 2 kun oldin
Someone run me through the process for getting this job 😂
Alejandra Gomez
Alejandra Gomez 2 kun oldin
To get rid of the fruit/sugar fly add a little bit of bleach to your drains in the kitchen and they should go away
Pheast Queen
Pheast Queen 2 kun oldin
Sun-Maid ruins cookies because no one but grandmas like oatmeal raisin cookies
denasdumbass 2 kun oldin
i love that all the verified brands participated because it gives them a face. 💀
Glorione Murray
Glorione Murray 2 kun oldin
That was a funny roast session. All the Superstars came to play. Wendy's do need to come a little harder with their next session.
Kimberly Thompson
Kimberly Thompson 2 kun oldin
Fruit flies this works - put a little bit of dawn dish soap mixed in apple cider vinegar. Mix together. Fill small bowls and cover with plastic wrap. Puncture 1 small hole in each. Place each bowl in each room. Every night before bed fill your sink and tub with little but of this formula as well. They'll be gone in 5 days
GABRIEL KASTEN 2 kun oldin
I can only bet one thing, though: is there more alonzo hasn't used yet?
Racing 101
Racing 101 2 kun oldin
Hey Alonzo! Just letting you know that you can get rid of fruit flies by making a sugar water trap. Put some sugar in a small dish but don’t over flow it! Just enough so you can tell there’s sugar, and they’ll be attracted to it. The trap will drown them so you’d have to dispose of the water and make a new dish. Another way is to get rid of any rotting fruit, even browning bananas are a beacon letting them know it’s time to eat. Once their source of food is gone, they’ll immediately go elsewhere to survive, considering they don’t live for very long. That’s how I got rid of mine, if you don’t want to hurt them. Hope this helps! Have an awesome day😊
Ken a
Ken a 2 kun oldin
Thetan is about scientology..lol It's aliens that live in your body that you have to expel before PAYING...oh i mean earning the next level which is about some stupid planet. Yes, i watched leah remini's docuseries.
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
Arby's we have the trots! Also can I just say that I'm 13years old and I can spell better than the people on the internet. These people on the internet are half of my age! Like bruh! 😑
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
Not even my older cousins or parents have heard of Hot Topic.
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
The Cats movie and the Sonic movie trailer must have directors and producers from the same state. * cough * alabama *cough *
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
My parents tip I don't have that kind of dough.
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
HOW TO GET RID OF THE FRUIT FLIES. 1 go to the airport. 2 book a flight to an island that is abandoned 3 search the island for the Lord of the Flies 4 why are you still reading this? You should be going to the airport!
Fuzzy Potato-muffin
Fuzzy Potato-muffin 2 kun oldin
That one man with the moustache uses his moustache to move the snow out of his driveway, it even works better than a snow plower. 😑
Michael Flury
Michael Flury 2 kun oldin
The roast for k(c)um&go about not touching the surface is referencing in the name might be all over the place
Katie Van Den Diepstraten
Katie Van Den Diepstraten 2 kun oldin
Don't kill the spiders in your house if you want to keep your fruit flies away! I have a tiny spider who made a web over my garbage can where the flies come from, and he eats the flies when they get stuck in his web. His name is Steven, and he is more useful than most people I know.
Danielle Rennie
Danielle Rennie 2 kun oldin
12:30 of course the customer service is fantastic, it's all canadians. Were just not allowed to tell you that 🤣🤣
Derek Prado
Derek Prado 2 kun oldin
11:50 Oh alonzo you innocent innocent boy. As you say Kum and go you got no clue what they got in their bathrooms 😭wish I had that purity still
AngelicVox 2 kun oldin
The best way, in my experience, to get rid of fruit flies is to pour apple cider vinegar into a cup, gently mix in dish soap (like dawn, and gently so you don’t make lots of bubbles), cover it tightly in plastic wrap (seal with a rubber band or tape all the way around if necessary), poke several small holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick, and leave it in the affected area. You may need to do this multiple times to get all of them. Hope this helps :)
Ana Kelly
Ana Kelly 2 kun oldin
Don't keep fruit out. When you're finished with any fruit, wrap it up tightly and toss it out. Bananas are their favorites, I think. I'll get a bunch of bananas and fruit flies magically appear in a day or 2. I just want to know how they get in my apartment. Everything's shut up tight. And, they must have super sniffers to smell bananas through a thick door.
Skaterpawz Games
Skaterpawz Games 2 kun oldin
fly tape usually works for fruit flies
Danielle Dotson
Danielle Dotson 2 kun oldin
The Lionsgate roast lmaoooo!!! Bruh they were talking about Armie Hammer 😂😂😭😭😭
The Dovahkiin
The Dovahkiin 2 kun oldin
Fruit fly fix: Take a cup or jar, put apple cider vinegar in there, plastic wrap over the top, secure on the container and poke holes in the wrap with a toothpick. Just leave it on your counter, they're attracted to the vinegar and then cant get out lol.
Allie Beau
Allie Beau 2 kun oldin
Get a praying mantis to eat the fruit flies. :)
*_*Rita*_* Mureithi
*_*Rita*_* Mureithi 2 kun oldin
Gerg Guy
Gerg Guy 2 kun oldin
You should tip as much as you can I usually tip $10 because DoorDash only pays and 3 to 2 dollars for each thing that they do so basically the money is coming from the tips and a lot of people don’t tip so just make up the difference if you have the money and since I make like 30 K a year anybody that’s making more than that should be fine with tipping $10 once a week
Gerg Guy
Gerg Guy 2 kun oldin
I know a good way to get rid of fruit flies… Get an iguana
Jess R
Jess R 2 kun oldin
Back-to-back Whoville and Packers roast had me going for like 5 minutes. I'm crying over here. 😆 🤣 😂
Barbi3_Q 2 kun oldin
Lol I thought I was the only one who drives by Arby's wondering how the hell are they still in business with no cars ever in the parking lot. 🤣
foamy vertex9
foamy vertex9 2 kun oldin
(FRUIT FLY/SUGAR FLY PROBLEM) Use a cheap wine for the fruit flies I find Wild Irish rose works best just put some in a jar or something open like a bowl or a dish would work too you don't want anything to big but put enough wine to cover the bottom of the container and use plastic wrap to cover it and make sure it is tight over the top and secure it with a rubber band with a toothpick or something small thin and pointed poke holes in the plastic wrap try to avoid to many holes to where you rip the plastic wrap but you want at least 25 away from the edges of the container if you can find wild Irish rose its usually $12 a gallon and that will last you a really long while every time you see the trap you made got bad just clean the container and reset it until fruit flies are gone
Metryingtolife 2 kun oldin
Apple cider vinegar and dish soap in a cup For the fruit flies
Michael Loftus
Michael Loftus 3 kun oldin
3:43 My hair tweeted that 😂
Silver Diamondfang
Silver Diamondfang 3 kun oldin
The Lionsgate roast was about Armie Hammer and an alleged cannibal kink he has, so easy to find you can even use Bing.
Jilly Bean
Jilly Bean 3 kun oldin
Sunmaid is raisins and people hate raisin cookies 😂
Tender Beauty
Tender Beauty 3 kun oldin
I’m late but apple cider vinegar sugar dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue kind) and hot water. Put plastic wrap on top and poke holes
Ginger Princess
Ginger Princess 3 kun oldin
Oh shit!!! I live in Clearwater, FL!!!!!!
Ginger Princess
Ginger Princess 3 kun oldin
AND the Tampa Bay Rays?!?!?
Yaddi Bear
Yaddi Bear 3 kun oldin
I keep forgetting the grinch wasn’t a serial killer 💀
Yaddi Bear
Yaddi Bear 3 kun oldin
The fact that they literally skipped the history channel to not make that history 💀
random stuff
random stuff 3 kun oldin
My Dad has an issue with fruit flyoids also. A glass with port wine at the bottom is an effective trap; sweet enough to attract them and the alcohol kills them. Take out trash, wash any dishes in the sink, generally make sure surfaces are clean and food is not out in the open. If you have a spray bottle, spraying isopropyl alcohol on them will kill them while also drying fast and not leaving a residue. According to a Google search, the driver gets only part of the delivery fee. Ubereats pockets the rest to cover expenses.
christoph Ghost
christoph Ghost 3 kun oldin
Easiest way to get rid of fruit flies I know is to mix Apple cider vinegar and dish soap and put it in an open container. They will flock to it and get stuck and die.
Joey Barnett
Joey Barnett 3 kun oldin
I eat at Arby’s
Tammy Buckley
Tammy Buckley 3 kun oldin
PLEASE READ: If you do another embarrassing things kids say or do, when I was in 1st grade we had to draw a picture of our mothers and the teacher hung them around the class room for ALL the parents to see when they came in for "parents night." My mother was standing in front of someone's picture of their mother laughing her ass off until she looked down and seen my name on it, apparently when I drew her, I made sure to scribble ( in black ) a big patch of hair....... Between her legs!!!!!
PerkythePro 3 kun oldin
Don't forget national talk like a pirate day
Bearded Positivity
Bearded Positivity 3 kun oldin
Apple Cider Vinegar and a few drops of dawn soap to make a fruit fly trap
MomBlk332CN 3 kun oldin
No you're not the only one. I work for Morgan and Morgan and even John Morgan asked the same damn question about Arby's.
chantay matos
chantay matos 3 kun oldin
I'm furious they didn't make it Wednesday 😤
Fortune cookie
Fortune cookie 3 kun oldin
You know you have nothing better to do then wait to get roasted by wendys like I live for it
Subrina Campbell
Subrina Campbell 3 kun oldin
Why when he was screaming at cash but cash just laying there it makes me remember when my mom cursing me and we just lying there not giving a damn
Neequa4ever 3 kun oldin
Try using balsamic vinegar. Put it in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and use a tooth pick to make small holes in the plastic wrap to attract the fruit flies to get trapped inside the bowl.
Trish Lanier
Trish Lanier 3 kun oldin
Clean your fruit with vinegar. By the way I love your videos!!
man am i bored
man am i bored 3 kun oldin
Wendy's got someone new running that account
LyraChelo 3 kun oldin
Yeah that WhoVille serial murder got me too! 😂🤣
Trinity Wheeler
Trinity Wheeler 3 kun oldin
For the flies.. Try putting apple cider vinegar in a small bowl.. It'll kill em
Magan Evans
Magan Evans 3 kun oldin
I can’t believe he threw the bar stool again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Dont Forget
Dont Forget 3 kun oldin
Fruit flies.......use apple cider vinegar in a jar with some sort of cover on the jar. The flies are attracted to the vinegar smell and cant fly out of the jar and die. Theres also a fruit fly trap that has a silver sticky tube that attracts the flies and the fly sticks to it and dies. The bottom of the tube has a bowl to add liquid. Red wine works well....hope this helps.
ImmortalKaicast 3 kun oldin
So unfortunately, people do not get paid a lot as delivery drivers. Some become homeless because not all customers tip
S3v3nLeafCl0v3r 88
S3v3nLeafCl0v3r 88 3 kun oldin
Need a funnel( small plastic bottle cut in half would work). Flip the top to make it into a funnel on top of the bottom- tape it. Add water, sugar and soap. Mix it all together. Might have to change the trap after a couple of weeks
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