when that $1400 direct deposit hits | 40 FUNNY TWEETS | Alonzo Lerone

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Alonzo Lerone

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These stimulus memes are too funny!!
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Welcome to the official UZpost channel of comedian/entertainer Alonzo Lerone. Looking for comedy, or just a good laugh? You’re in luck! On this channel, you’ll find a variety of fail compilations showcasing the internet’s funniest and dumbest fails curated by Alonzo Lerone from Twitter, Facebook, advertisements, and much more.
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Duaa Tariq
Duaa Tariq 7 soat oldin
i would eat my fave foods with it
Riley Minnich
Riley Minnich Kun oldin
I wish I could be funny, but all I did with my stimmy was put $500 into repaying student loans and then put the rest in the bank
marvinder singh
marvinder singh 2 kun oldin
Why does US never hve ice cream? Where i’m at , there’s always 90% chance of getting ice cream 🤔
Ayanda Nyembe
Ayanda Nyembe 3 kun oldin
Even in Pretoria, the ice cream machine is broken😶😶
Schneewittchen3663 4 kun oldin
Kellogg's didn't have anything in the yard, they just want Tony the Tiger, lol. He's grrrrrrreat! Lol.
Schneewittchen3663 4 kun oldin
The dinosaur is there because fossil fuel maybe? Lol.
Daniel Cochran
Daniel Cochran 6 kun oldin
Tbh our stimulas went straight to our animals 🤣 same as our checks
Jasmine Avery
Jasmine Avery 6 kun oldin
For the DAIRY QUEEN one: the person want a blizzard... you know how they flip them upside down? Lol
Abigail Gossett
Abigail Gossett 8 kun oldin
Puerto Rico is a US territory. Every once in a while, statehood and independence are discussed.
Grace Rasor
Grace Rasor 9 kun oldin
reason behind dairy queen one: when they give you blizzards, they hand them to you upside down. so, the person is asking for dairy queen basically.
Fire_ant_ 187x
Fire_ant_ 187x 9 kun oldin
These are FUNNY AS HELL! By the way that was a mammoth and not a elephant. It has hair and it's small with no tusks. Must be baby mammoth
Jena Rodriguez
Jena Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
I’m worried about you Alonzo!! Twice you called a Cheetah a 🦩🦩!! So do you think flamingos are cats or cheetahs are birds!!
Rob Moorefield
Rob Moorefield 10 kun oldin
This dude said flamingos lol
Brooke Hamilton
Brooke Hamilton 10 kun oldin
I thought I miss heard him at first and so I came down to the comments
Babyface Weeb
Babyface Weeb 12 kun oldin
A dude did a video on why their ice cream machine is down. It self cleans so it melts all the ice cream.
Purple Slug
Purple Slug 12 kun oldin
ThATs nOt a ChEeTaH yes we know the past 1000 comments said that
Antonia Poindexter
Antonia Poindexter 13 kun oldin
Cvs stands for Consumer Value Store 😂😂😂
Tino Milan
Tino Milan 13 kun oldin
i went to the comments for the "flamingo"-☠️
Brianna Watson
Brianna Watson 13 kun oldin
Government: Adults will get a $1400 stimulus check. Me, thinking: I'm gonna save it for going to Universal Studios at the end of the year! Direct Deposit: +$1400 Me: I'm gonna get me a Razer microphone, Razer keyboard, HP All-In-One PC, a 27" Samsung monitor and a computer stand. *Later* Bank Account: $24 Me: Well, shit...
Nakia Samuels
Nakia Samuels 14 kun oldin
"It's March, why is it cold?" I forgot he was in NC 🤣 cold is normal in NYC for March
Saylor Higgins
Saylor Higgins 14 kun oldin
Direct deposit: $1400 Me at disney world: let me speak to the mouse
Spectahman 2.0
Spectahman 2.0 15 kun oldin
The Dairy Queen being upside down is a reference to the fact that their Blizzards are often shown to people with the cups upside down, which they do as a guarantee they won't fall down when upside down.
Missa Miller
Missa Miller 15 kun oldin
I totally didn’t expect to see a tweet from my cousin here 😂
joey Piet
joey Piet 15 kun oldin
is the only fans x rated lol
Dolly Millie
Dolly Millie 15 kun oldin
The e in chuckle e. Cheese starts for entertainment.
Ellie MacMillan
Ellie MacMillan 16 kun oldin
Dinosaurs have a lot to do with gas stations my dude 😂😂
Jack Frost
Jack Frost 16 kun oldin
Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States
Furry Mike
Furry Mike 16 kun oldin
The Dairy Queen was upsidedown because of the DQ blizzard. When they present it to you they have to flip it upsidedown.
Stephanie Leiker
Stephanie Leiker 17 kun oldin
The red balls at target are to keep people from driving up onto the curb....🙄
K h a o z ___
K h a o z ___ 17 kun oldin
my man puerto rico is barely free $10 is barely enough for only half a gallon of milk and possibly half a pound of bread depending which store you go to or at least it was like that when I used to live there
Hannah Grace
Hannah Grace 17 kun oldin
The “E” in Chuck E. Cheese stands for entertainment so it’s full name Chuck Entertainment Cheese
Bootleg_Dankie 18 kun oldin
i'm ognna buy a gun and shoot myself (in minecraft !! )
Laura Eisenstein
Laura Eisenstein 18 kun oldin
Buy you a dictionary with pictures so you can look up flamingo. 🦩
Miss Raquel
Miss Raquel 18 kun oldin
The E stands for Entertainment
Selkirk Outdoors
Selkirk Outdoors 19 kun oldin
The 4 target balls are there to protect pedestrians from cars.
Tanaja Sanford
Tanaja Sanford 19 kun oldin
He was going ...beyond 😂
Adoredbyothers 20 kun oldin
Thank goodness here in Korea McDonald’s ice cream machine ain’t never broke! Ice cream Anytime all the time.
Troi Nabers
Troi Nabers 20 kun oldin
A flamingo ??????
briannamlm 21 kun oldin
Flamingo? It was a cheetah 🤣
M- Dee and Jay
M- Dee and Jay 21 kun oldin
Honestly I’d get either a car or an apartment
Bijahn Prox
Bijahn Prox 22 kun oldin
I worked at McDonald’s for like six months. The ice cream machine really was always broken, it would always explode when we tried to make cones etc. sometimes it worked other times it didn’t 🤷🏽‍♀️
Carressa Of peace and love
Carressa Of peace and love 22 kun oldin
Where’s cash?
Hutch Stevenson
Hutch Stevenson 22 kun oldin
Actually makes perfect sense because they don't call in fossil fuels for any other reason LOL
AJ 22 kun oldin
The E in Chuck E. Cheese stands for entertainment. ✌🏻
Brittany Daggett
Brittany Daggett 22 kun oldin
Victoria's secret is that he's really a cross dressing male named victor😏
Jessica Easton
Jessica Easton 22 kun oldin
There is a Sinclair in my town also, we have a big green dino! I want to get a pic with me on it's back. I believe their fuel is considered dinocair or dino something lol
Camsplay Time
Camsplay Time 23 kun oldin
2:43 lol I work at McDonald’s we just don’t wanna make ice cream like they work just don’t fell like make ice cream come back in like 30 min tho you’ll get one then
Donna BlsdlikeTHAT Fuller
Donna BlsdlikeTHAT Fuller 23 kun oldin
CVS= Consumer Value Store
Slycooper14 23 kun oldin
"After the $1,400 is gone them kids still gon' be there" i don't have kids, but that took me out! 😂
Munch Boogie
Munch Boogie 23 kun oldin
FYI.........You wanted to know about the dinosaur in from of the gas station, Sinclair Oil began using an Apatosaurus (then called a Brontosaurus) in its advertising, sales promotions and product labels in 1930. Children loved it. The first Sinclair “Brontosaurus” trademark made its debut in Chicago as an exhibit during the 1933-1934 “Century of Progress” World's Fair.
Cășuneanu-Bandl Gertrude-Iohanna
Cășuneanu-Bandl Gertrude-Iohanna 23 kun oldin
Audemars piglet watch is a line from Beyoncé’s song upgrade you 😂😂
Catherine Poirier
Catherine Poirier 23 kun oldin
If it makes you feel any better, we got 6 inches of snow yesterday 🇨🇦
Kylee Marie
Kylee Marie 23 kun oldin
The dino outside of smokecity is in Jacksonville, Fl and it was from a mini golf place that shut down, they kept it up for history
Chelsy Lynn
Chelsy Lynn 23 kun oldin
I know damn well macdonalds doesnt clean their machine. One time I ate a damn mcflurry and right after I had a horrible coughing attack like mold had hit my throat. It was itchy and burning. Btw I've had mcflurrys everywhere else and I'm not allergic to anything....except that fucking mold.
Ebony Davis
Ebony Davis 24 kun oldin
Dimples in your necktie tweet was from upgrade you by Beyoncé p
Antesea Hendricks
Antesea Hendricks 24 kun oldin
the E in Chuck E. Cheese stands for Entertainment...
Antesea Hendricks
Antesea Hendricks 24 kun oldin
CVS stands for Consumer Value Store...
MysticalMew 24 kun oldin
As a McDonald's employee, for two years, I can really say that most of the time the machine is broken. I work at a small store that the owners don't really care about us, so our machines are broken at least 90-95% of the time. Sometimes it's not though. Sometimes it's stuck in a cleaning cycle, and we don't want to serve you spoiled ice cream.
Malin Johansson
Malin Johansson 24 kun oldin
😂😂😂😂flamingo! maybe alfonzo should do a dumbest fails on his own videos 😂
ashley wilson
ashley wilson 24 kun oldin
Dude that was a cheetah not a flamingo
Nikki P
Nikki P 24 kun oldin
*Direct Deposit: + $1400* Me at TJ Max: Give me the Maxx
Savanna Jones
Savanna Jones 24 kun oldin
I read somewhere that the balls in front of target are to stop cars from getting too close or coming in
James Rathmann
James Rathmann 24 kun oldin
The dinosaur out in front of sinclair is to represent fossil fuels. Lol love the video Alonzo. Keep it up with making us laugh. 👻
Unicorn Attack
Unicorn Attack 25 kun oldin
Ummm. Oil is made from dead dinosaurs. Hence the dinosaurs mascot
HollyOxenfree 25 kun oldin
He did not just call a cheeta a flamingo.... multiple times 💀
Vanessa Ladybug
Vanessa Ladybug 25 kun oldin
I would spend it building a huge waterslide going through my house
Aline Peed
Aline Peed 25 kun oldin
$1,400 Fed stimulus + New Mexico state refund + $600 state stimulus= a trip to Colorado. Puff, puff, pass y'all. Side note: Haven't received my federal refund yet, but when I do that'll be more green for the green. 😁
Letisia Castellon
Letisia Castellon 25 kun oldin
Spent the stimmy on getting my kids a swing set, bikes, art supplies, a sand box, new clothes, shoes and new beds. I didn't spend it all, I saved half of it.
James B
James B 25 kun oldin
Has anyone ever got a McDonald's icecream? if so, is it worse then store bought?
Adrianne 25 kun oldin
Sense my eldest female chihuahua died recently I’m using some of my stimulus check to get a female bulldog puppy. RIP Gypsy you were such a great dog and could always calm me down when my anxiety came up. I miss you so much.
Vibe With Aleigha
Vibe With Aleigha 25 kun oldin
apparently the E stands for entertainment
thefallenorder96 25 kun oldin
CVS stands for consumer value store
thefallenorder96 25 kun oldin
Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory
Niki Baker
Niki Baker 25 kun oldin
I didn’t get it either
Abbie Cobb
Abbie Cobb 25 kun oldin
We don't get stimulus your taxes and if we do with very little money but if I had the I would finally get an inground pool
Mia Ott
Mia Ott 25 kun oldin
the red balls outside target are to prevent cars from driving into the building
STEVEN PERKINS 25 kun oldin
My $1,400 is paying for my service dogs surgery
Arcana zero Studios
Arcana zero Studios 26 kun oldin
Re-om-ma Ryoma
Stephanie Mellor
Stephanie Mellor 26 kun oldin
Are those red balls in front of the shop front. Might be to stop ramraids.
RJH #Nohatepls
RJH #Nohatepls 26 kun oldin
1400 stimy: Where my top up go
Duane Mitchell
Duane Mitchell 26 kun oldin
The dino outside of gas station is from thier logo. Sinclair 🦕 Oil Company. Yes, it's a deep meaning.
Caleb Tyler
Caleb Tyler 26 kun oldin
Alonzo *calls people dumb for misspelling a word* Also Alonzo “why’s he have a flamingo”
BeccaLife 26 kun oldin
Buy 1 college textbook
Tropical Emperor
Tropical Emperor 26 kun oldin
Do funny kids test answers
Blue H
Blue H 26 kun oldin
Chuck E Cheese’s full name is Charles Entertainment Cheese
KOLEKKAZ 26 kun oldin
Damn he got me with a flamingo... I was really looking for a minute
Kellie D Halladay
Kellie D Halladay 26 kun oldin
3:46 “Well, it’s the second letter in ‘death’ and the third in ‘die’!” ~ Bull E.
Aidylasia Fyrestar
Aidylasia Fyrestar 26 kun oldin
...Um, sir, that's a Cheetah, not a Flamingo? The dinosaur in front of Sinclairs symbolizes what gasoline is made from. It's called fossil fuels, after all. ...Agreed, why does everything have to have an animal? Ryoma is a character in one of Nintendo's games. What would I do? What I did do: paid down some debt, only to have my credit score drop by EIGHTY FRICKEN POINTS! Grrrrr......
Webby 26 kun oldin
I got the stimulus this time, but my mom kept most of it and gave me $100 of it. I don’t blame her, I don’t really need the money.
Lee the boss
Lee the boss 26 kun oldin
I need a few more thousands so I can pay 4 my inventions (FACTS)
Lee the boss
Lee the boss 26 kun oldin
B a gigolo loan the girl the money 2 pay me 2 go 2 bed $1400 😂😂😂
Lee the boss
Lee the boss 26 kun oldin
2:24 I cood b Rong I think it's the name of the dinosaur from the show the baby dino say (not the mama)
Avanda Firebreeze
Avanda Firebreeze 27 kun oldin
High Batting Average = How many "$1,400 Direct Deposit" Tweets are "Hits"
Drakeee 27 kun oldin
Why yes, I DID go straight to the comments after he called a cheetah a flamingo :)
Global Drama
Global Drama 27 kun oldin
Those big red balls outside Target stores are for your safety. Plopped unceremoniously in front of many Target locations are giant concrete balls called bollards. While they do complement the store's red aesthetic, they also serve a functional purpose: to keep cars from driving into the door.
Goddess8 official
Goddess8 official 28 kun oldin
For your next FOOD COMBOS😉 do Strawberry PB&J with HOT Cheetos.
Melanie Crisamore
Melanie Crisamore 28 kun oldin
Shrimp toast crunch next!
Nick Shepley
Nick Shepley 28 kun oldin
I’d save it for the next pandemic
Jewell Michael
Jewell Michael 28 kun oldin
Is there a sound bite that can be downloaded of "Get a dictionary"? I would like to have that as a text notification.
PrestonTales 28 kun oldin
The E in Chuck-E-Cheese is so you smile when you say it
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